5 Magazines for Parents on National Parents’ Day

By Issuu OpsJuly 25, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

Being a parent isn’t easy — luckily, issuu has your solution. In celebration of National Parents’ Day, we’re sharing a magazine collection designed to help with the precarious journey of parenthood. From toddlers to teenagers, these five publications will help inform and encourage all the proud, hard-working parents out there (as well as anyone else interested in what it’s like to be responsible for young humans).

1. Kiwiparent

Kiwiparent: This undeniably-cute magazine explains the ins and outs of raising infants and toddlers. This publication can help any parent seeking guidance or sympathy as they experience both the difficulty and joy of caring for a child.

2. Mini Magazine

Focused on fashion and home decor as well as strollers, Mini Magazine is for all the hip moms out there. This is a fun read, with great effort put into photography and fashion.

3. Kids on the Coast Magazine

This edition of Kids on the Coast Magazine explores science-themed project ideas, outings and views on schooling. Applicable to parenting kids of all ages, this magazine offers a little bit of everything.

4. The Holistic Parent

From features on surrogacy to screen time to sex-ed, The Holistic Parent sure is all-encompassing. This is a magazine for parenting in the modern age.

5. Parenting Ideas Magazine

Parenting Ideas Magazine advises those who have the difficult task of raising teenagers. This issue — which features the death of handwriting, handling the transition to high school and teaching social media skills — is engaging, wise and relevant.

We hope these publications inspire you to become a better parent. Luckily, the advice and wisdom doesn’t have to stop after these five magazines. We have a whole parenting stack for you to explore, so check it out and take advantage of the abundance of free parenting information on issuu.  

But also, take a minute and pat yourself on the back. What you’re doing isn’t easy, but you’re doing great.