4 Publications That Will Satisfy Your Biggest Cravings

By Issuu OpsJuly 21, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

Today is the cheat day of all cheat days — National Junk Food Day! Set aside your greens and make way for all the delicious delicacies you can handle. 

Whether you opt for a serving of chicken and waffles or a classic burger, enjoy your meals guilt-free. We’ve selected four publications packed with treats that are sure to make your mouth water.

1. The Foodie Magazine

The Foodie Magazine’s junk food issue contains everything from ice cream to shwarma. This issue also features verdicts on popular products at iconic American fast food chains. Along with recipes for healthier alternatives to traditional junk food, The Foodie is a perfect read for a variety of diets to reverse the effects of Junk Food Day.

2. Feast Magazine

Exploring the culinary scene of the Midwest, Feast Magazine scouts out the finest burgers, brews, and ice cream in the region. This issue of Feast is packed with recipes for interesting and unconventional burgers, as well as chefs’ tips for preparation.

3. Baked Magazine

Baked Magazine is Syracuse University’s student-run food publication. Each issue is filled with simple recipes and tips — from easy homemade ice cream and festival treats to features on local eateries. Along with more indulgent recipes, Baked also includes a selection of light and fresh dishes to make at home.

4. So6ix

The latest issue of So6ix throws the spotlight on the offerings of food trucks in Oklahoma City. From gourmet doughnuts to New England-style lobster rolls, the surplus of delectable food photography in this publication will have you seeking out your local diner.

In honor of National Junk Food Day, treat yo’ self. For even more #foodspiration, take a look at our junk food board on Pinterest.