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By Issuu OpsApril 28, 2017Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

Last weekend across the nation, thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C., New York and our very own San Francisco to take a stand for science.

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Some of the issuu team made it to the protest and got to stand with tons of other science minded people from the city and hear speakers like Adam Savage from Mythbusters.

a crowd of people at a protest

If you didn’t make it to the march, or just want to know what all of this is about check out On the site is a week long plan of ways you can educate yourself on the issues and get involved.

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In case you’re not convinced, we’ve gathered some scientific publications for you to peruse and get updated on all the amazing work scientists, researchers and educators are doing, and exactly how that work is going to affect you. #Sciencedoesnttakesides

1. NuSci: The Revolution Issue.

One of the biggest issues the March for Science has taken on is the depoliticizing of scientific research. NuSci discusses how politics are pushing us into a second scientific revolution- and whether or not thats a good thing.

2. I, Science: The Taboo Issue

I, Science comes to us from the Imperial College in London. While the March for Science originated in the US, people all over the world marched including London.

3. Spaceport Magazine

The official publication from NASA, this magazine talks about blank. NASA is a nationally funded organization and without that funding, all of the research and findings in this publication will be stopped.

4. Think Magazine

Think Magazine from the minds at the University of Malta does it all. This issue talks the political climate that lead to trump right alongside supermassive telescopes.

5. Rocketstem

For the young ones (or the young at heart) Rocketstem is aimed at connecting the next generation with cool science from the start.

Can’t get enough science? Check out this stack of science publications. And be sure to share your fav science publication with us @issuu on Twitter.

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