Issuu Spotlight: Kolor Magazine

By IssuuJuly 20, 2019Last updated on July 24, 2020Publisher Spotlight

Issuu is spotlighting Kolor Magazine, a bi-annual high-fashion magazine for black and brown men. “

Kolor Magazine is a continuation of two projects published by founder Nigel Isiah in 2017, The 25 Most Stylish Black Men in Fashion and The 25 Most Stylish Black Women in Fashion

After struggles landing a job in mainstream media, Nigel turned to Issuu to start his very own menswear magazine. “I didn’t want to let my skill go to waste,” he says.

”Issuu has great built-in features to help maximize Kolor’s potential, the biggest help being the Issuu App. As soon as I tell someone about Kolor the first thing I’m asked is, “Where can I buy a copy?“ I’m able to point right to their phone, they can download the app, and pull up the latest issue of Kolor Magazine currently for free in minutes."

-Nigel Isaiah, Founder, Kolor Magazine

With the Issuu Story Cloud, firstly, Nigel was able to transform an idea into a stunning publication. But most importantly, he is able to reach more people and Kolor has become effortlessly engaging with today’s digital publishing tools.

Shopping and Web Links

Kolor Magazine creates click-to-buy editorials with Shopping and Web Link Embeds.  For instance, Shopping links can turn any content on the Issuu Story Cloud into a revenue channel. Most importantly, Publishers can earn money. By directing their readers to their own online market place or e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy or Ebay. Part of a preferred affiliate link program? Those work on Issuu, too!

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Shareable Full-Screen Reader

Kolor Magazine creates on Issuu and shares their publication anywhere with the Shareable Full-Screen Reader embed. Issuu’s flipbook style reader on Issuu Embed is optimized for all screens on any website or social channel. Therefore, when published on Issuu, not only can one’s content be discovered via their own social channels, blog, or website. In addition, the content is also on and the Issuu App — home to millions of monthly readers.[nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”small_modern” color=”Default” quote=”I’d like to tell our stories from the heart and experiences. I believe when I tap into those two things, magic happens. It allows me to create what I’m passionate about while still being able to connect to our audience in a way that can’t be duplicated. “][vc_zigzag][vc_zigzag]What’s next for menswear magazine, Kolor Magazine? Here’s what Nigel has to say: “Since rebranding to a menswear magazine for black and brown men, moving forward my biggest goal is to create a masculine space that is still welcoming and accpeting of all black and brown men. Masculinity has this toxel label attached to it but in my experiences figuring out who I am as a black man, coming out to my friends and family as bisexual I have recieved nothing but love and support from the men around me. I want Kolor Magazine to be a reflection of that, a community that loves and repects black and brown men no matter how they choose to identify from cisgender to straight men to trans-black men. We are all brother and Kolor Magazine is our space to unapologetically fellowship with each other.Want to start publishing digitally? Learn more here: