Issuu Recommends: Songs to Work To
By Ale RamirezFebruary 8, 2021Inside Issuu, Tips

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Working at home or in an office? Looking for recommendations to shake up the work life? It can be easy to slip into a repetitive slump, but never fear, "Issuu Recommends" has got you covered. Every other week, we ask a question in our company Slack and compile the answers to bring you the best recommendations straight from Issuu employees across the globe. We're going to be covering music, movies, games, desk decorations, advice, and anything else relevant to people who work at offices. So join us, as we ask this week...

What's your favorite music to work to?

Picking the right song to work to is key! No matter the task, intensive or menial, all can be improved by the right track. There's a balance to it, choosing music that pumps your brain up without fully pulling you away from the task at hand can be tricky. So we asked the office, what music do you listen to while you work, and we got a huge spectrum of music for different moods! Browse around and I'm sure you'll find that song that you're going to be humming for days to come.

Issuu Recommends: Songs to Work to

Meghan Kay-Yun Cole - Marketing Manager

"Favorite album to work to is Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again (Official Video). I have no reason as to why, it's just a bop."

Dragos Cojocaru - Business Intelligence Analyst

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin - because its a timeless album and very ahead of its time in my view, really cool sound design. Jazzmatazz Vol. I by Guru - because its a very smooth blend between classic boom-bap hiphop with jazz. I've kinda been sinking in these lately, which makes it easy to get a working flow on

Tina Nguyen - Client Relation Specialist

"My 2020 favorite album and continuing into 2021 is DUA LIPA - FUTURE NOSTALGIA (FULL ALBUM HD). Every song on there is a bop."

Dua Lipa

Nicolai Gylling - Engineering Manager

"Nick Warren takes me to another place so I can focus"

Kelsey Montzka - QA

"Phase one: prying my sleep-glued eyeballs open and coaxing a spark out of the neurons

Bonobo - Migration (silicon valley “world” downtepo, you’ve probably heard a track from this at a yoga class)

Phase two: getting pumped and chipper (with a dash of drama)

Spotify Global Groove Playlist (funky jazzy dancey)

Phase three: post lunch digestion and moodiness recovery

Sylvan Esso - Die Young (poppy 2013-hipster electric folk? folky electronica? idk, but I first learned about pour over coffee the same summer I got into Sylvan Esso )

Phase four EOD gentle vibes: Lianne La Havas , (ethereal high romance R&B)

General: For clawing my scattered brain pieces back into one box and general mood

Bicep (can’t-wait-to-dance-with-people-we’ll-never-see-again moody housey electronic)"


Francesco Zanitti

"For working, to me nothings beats TRON: legacy"

Tani Wong - Marketing Web Designer

"Current favorite is Rhye’s new album, Home. Chill vibes, helps me focus, and I’m a sucker for a good falsetto"

Angela Ruth - Content Marketing Manager

"I'm one of those where attention can be easily lost, so I have trouble listening to music with lyrics (eventually I find myself singing along and paying more attention to learning the song!) so I listen to instrumental music. Currently loving a Focus@Will subscription, and I've had the best results with their alpha chill playlist. I also LOVE Youtuber My Analog Journal's coffee break sessions - mixing vinyls of smooth jazz."