Issuu for Students and Recent Graduates

By Ale RamirezNovember 25, 2020Editorial

How do you set yourself apart from the bunch? For students and recent graduates looking for their first summer internship or full-time post-grad position, this question is incredibly pertinent, and often incredibly stressful. For many years, having a succinct resume and polished LinkedIn profile was all you really needed when applying to your first position. However, in recent years the vast number of people who have extremely similar portfolios demonstrating their prior experience has cluttered the job market and made it harder and harder for young job seekers to differentiate themselves from their peers. In today’s globally connected world, the road to that first position has become increasingly elusive, and it has become vital to find unique ways to set yourself apart from other applicants.

Optimize Your Application Using Issuu

Issuu presents a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates to improve their professional online presence both visually and functionally. Presenting your blog, cv, resume, portfolio, or thesis via the Issuu platform allows you to take advantage of features that increase the visual quality of your content and provide increased opportunities for user interaction. 

Add Links and Videos

Adding links and videos to the content you publish on Issuu can dramatically increase the degree to which your content is interactive and engaging. Adding links to a class presentation or a personal blog published on Issuu allows you to streamline your content and create a well-rounded experience for the viewer. 

Embed Format

As seen in the example above, Issuu’s embed feature allows you to seamlessly embed your publication on a personal website, cv, or in this case, blog. This feature increases the functionality of your professional materials and can allow you to connect content in various formats. 

Fullscreen Sharing

The fullscreen sharing link allows you to share your content so that the reader is automatically directed to a clutter-free fullscreen environment when viewing your publication. This creates a greater visual impact when a company is reviewing your application materials and can provide you with an aesthetic edge over other applicants.

Interested in learning more about how students and recent graduates can use Issuu to stand out from the crowd? This comprehensive tutorial walks you through exactly how you can take advantage of the tools Issuu has to offer in order to optimize your next application.