Issuu Elite

The Issuu platform is home to an incredibly wide variety of publishers: online retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, corporations, family businesses, individual designers, artists, magazines, students, schools…the list is almost endless!

Here at Issuu we have always been extremely proud of the broad range and diversity of our publishing community and the content that they produce. Our platform is constantly being elevated to new levels through the creativity and ingenuity of these publishers, and we have always valued our connection to this expansive group of businesses, organizations, and individuals who choose to publish their content on Issuu.

It is through this connection that the Issuu Elite program was born! 

The Elite program is a formalized, but non-binding, relationship between Issuu and a small segment of Issuu customers. Issuu Elite consists of customers who produce outstanding content, have been a user for a significant period of time, and/or work very closely with the Issuu team. These customers receive free promotion and special attention that helps optimize their content on Issuu and in return provide feedback and insights that help shape the Issuu platform according to their business needs. 

Ultimately, the Elite program allows members to grow their own brand, while also creating content that can serve as a “shining light” for all Issuu users. The outstanding content produced by the members of Issuu Elite helps demonstrate to all other Issuu customers what is truly possible when using the Issuu platform.

There are four primary parts of the Issuu Elite program: product improvement, promotion, support, and feature usage. Each segment is formatted to provide the maximum benefit to both the customer and Issuu, without being overly time intensive. In total, the Elite program will only take around one hour of time each month!

To help get you inspired, here are a few of the publications Elite members have already produced. These publications balance immersive images and articles with effective use of Issuu features to create a wide array of content that truly stands out and grabs your attention.

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

Kid’s Wear Magazine

Downtown City Maps and Guides

Join Issuu Elite

The Elite program is designed to support the Issuu community, and we are always looking for new customers to join the program. You don’t need to publish editorial content; we are looking for any kind of content, including catalogues, guides, yearbooks, fliers, reports, lookbooks and portfolios. If you want to take a shot at becoming a member of Issuu Elite, apply today!