Introducing Print On Demand For Issuu Publishers

By IssuuDecember 2, 2013Last updated on February 2, 2018Product Updates

Nothing beats the romance of the fragrance, the look and the feel of your work in high-quality print. It’s unforgettable.

With more than 80 million monthly readers turning 7.5 billion pages across 15 million publications, Issuu is the world’s largest digital newsstand. Every day we work to re-imagine digital publishing and content discovery for passionate publishers and readers. Innovation based on customer feedback is the cornerstone of how we continually improve on our award-winning publishing platform. Continuing that trend, today we are pleased to bring you another “most-requested” innovation — Print on Demand for Publishers.

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Digital publishing has never been easier but because our world today is a global village, we’re no longer limited to just one medium of expression. Just like you, we also believe that your publication deserves to be available in any format, including print.

Digital editions are the future — but for many publishers, nothing beats the romance of the fragrance, the look and the feel of their work in high-quality print. It’s unforgettable.

Many of you have asked for the ability to have your publications professionally printed and so today we’re pleased to introduce Publisher Print on Demand and we have partnered with Peecho, one of WIRED’s choice for “Europe’s 100 hottest startup’s”, to bring your digital publications to life.

How does it work?You now have a simple way to take your digital content from pixel to print, right from your Issuu account. Simply upload a new document, or select one in your library, to begin the ordering process. The Issuu-Peecho integrated system will automatically take into account your publication size (physical dimensions as well as page-count) and show the cost to print (taxes and shipping are extra). You can order your publications as high quality hardcovers, softcover books or magazines. All products are printed by the best print facilities in the industry.

Peecho’s global network of printers brings you the best quality in the print industry so all you need to worry about is the number of copies you want and where you want them shipped (shipping costs vary by location). The service automatically aims for production closest to the intended recipient. This not only reduces your shipping cost, it also minimizes the environmental footprint. All European Union orders over €100 are sent via trackable courier and US orders are sent via FedEx.

Additional FAQs on this feature can be found on our help center.