Ideas for August 2021 Content Calendars

By Talius ChickeringJuly 14, 2021Last updated on July 14, 2021Content Marketing

Ideas for August 2021 Content Calendars

For content creators, the search to continuously deliver engaging and relevant content is a substantial task, and it can be extremely beneficial to start your planning early, so that you never have to scramble to create your social schedule. For the month of August we recommend creating social content that revolves around the theme of “summer”.

At first glance this may seem simplistic and...well, obvious. However, fully embracing summer as a theme can allow you to play off the natural feelings and experiences that your audience is actively engaged in this time of year. This allows you to produce hyper-relevant content that is easy for your audience to relate to and engage with. The theme of summer has the potential to impact all aspects of your social strategy during the month of August, including visual identity, tone, post frequency and timing, and content copy. 

Lets dig into this a little deeper...

Visual Identity

As you most likely know, visual cohesion and identity is extremely important for an effective social media presence, especially on visual-oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. 

During the month of August, focus on these words when choosing images and designing graphics:






Your August summer related visual content should revolve around images that evoke these feelings. For example, you do not want to be posting content that contains overly dark or dramatic imagery, the photos and videos you post should all work to produce a bright summery feeling through the visual imagery and colors used. The following images are extremely successful examples of color palettes you can use to inspire your visual content for August. Bright and vibrant yellows, pinks, and blue’s are used in abundance, which are then contrasted with calming tones of tan, green, and brown. If you want to create contrast, use a neutral background with a central focus of bright color used in a smaller quantity. You can also fully lean into the idea of sun-soaked summer imagery, and use photos that are filled to the brim with bright, fun, colors. Enjoy the process of discovering a color scheme that works for you and your brand, but make sure the end product screams “summer”!

Three images side-by-side that include bright summery shades of yellow, pink, and blue. From left to right: a triple layer cake, a scoop of purple ice cream in an ice cream scoop on a table, a blue and white tropical apartment with balcony and some sunflowers.


Just as the visual identity for August should revolve around the theme of “summer”, so should the tone of your copy. When writing copy, it is important that your unique brand voice is the first thing you consider. With that said, you can tweak and alter the tone within an acceptable range to effectively communicate the summer theme. Social media copy can be edited to include a more positive and encouraging tone that speaks to the inspirational and creative nature of your brand in relation to the summer months. You can also tweak social media copy with fun summer related emoji’s, even if the use of this stylistic element isn't within your normal repertoire: 


Remember, maintaining your brand voice while simultaneously tweaking copy to promote a summery tone is key!

Content Ideas

Now that visual identity and tone are locked and loaded, what do you actually post during August? Summer can be divided into a variety of themes that should work to highlight various aspects of summer living that elicit positive feelings of summer activities, nostalgia, and fun! Various ideas include: barbecues with family and friends, vacations to exotic locations, exploring the outdoors, the beach, sunlit woods, farmers markets, summer nightlife (patios, outdoor concerts), flowers, etc. Once you get going, the list of summer content themes can go on and on!

You now have all the tools to quickly generate engaging content for your social media audience during the month of August. When exploring the theme of “summer”, let your imagination run wild and discover new unique ways you can connect your specific brand and content to this theme. If you already have amazing summer content, simply upload your content to Issuu and share it on social media for a seamless experience.

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