How to Format Interviews on Issuu Stories

By IssuuSeptember 10, 2019Last updated on September 10, 2019Content Marketing, Editorial

How to Format Interviews on Issuu Stories

We all love a good interview. Few things are better than getting a story directly from your idol themselves. Issuu is the ideal workspace for creating Stories from your interview content. There are two ways Issuu elevates this classic publication feature: Visual and Article Stories.

Formatting Interviews on the Issuu Story Cloud

The Visual Story format gives a feeling of back and forth conversation between panels. Take full advantage of the interactivity of this media format and always pair text with photos. Early observations of Issuu Visual Story performance shows that people lose interest in plain text panels. It also seems that overstimulating your audience is a big no. Stick to 5-6 panels of content curated from up to 10 pages in your publication. To the left is an example of a succesful interview Story.

Start off by introducing your person of interest. Then, choose at least two quotes, but don’t bother including the interviewer’s questions. Be strategic in what will capture your audience’s attention. People don’t care about the interviewer, but what they do care about is that cool person you’re speaking with.

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Advantages of Story Interviews

Use the Visual Stories as a draw into your social media network and larger publication. The Issuu Story Cloud’s automatic AMP links immediately increase discoverability. Plus, stories in Visual AMP format have high chances of ranking in search engines on competitive keywords. Another way of showcasing your valuable interviews is with Article Stories. Use this format for streamlining long form content for any screen. Use our sub-header options and bold the interviewer’s questions. This creates a natural flow between questions and answers.

Both formats are shareable across the entire mobile and social web. Tag your contributors! Not only does this thank your interviewee’s for their time, but also taps into their network. Increase your reach and theirs. Readers love exclusive content– and a conversation with an inspiring role model or one of their favorite celebrities is about as exclusive as it gets.

Start creating interview Stories now on the Issuu Story Cloud!