How to Unplug for the Holidays

By IssuuDecember 11, 2019Last updated on January 27, 2020Tips

Holiday Unplug

Heading into those holidays? Not only are the holidays meant to be a time for family, friends, and festivities, they’re also meant to be a time to unplug from work and recharge. For many, it’s difficult to fully cut the cord. Luckily, we have a few helpful tips to ensure you make the most of your holidays, work free. Keep reading for tips on how to unplug.

Schedule and Work Ahead 

First, to ensure you’re unplugging for the holidays, get ahead. It’s simple, prioritize the hot items and work to get them done. By getting ahead of your duties, you’ll safeguard yourself from having those lingering work thoughts over the holiday break. Additionally, if you’re a marketing manager for your brand or business, leverage social scheduling tools. Whether it be Tailwind, Hootsuite, MailChimp or more — you can make sure your social media voice stays active without having to do the work throughout the festive time of year.

Looking to get ahead on your marketing game this holiday season? Check out these helpful resources for more: 

Set an Out-Of-Office Message 

The second step to ensure you’re unplugged this holiday season is to set an Out-Of-Office message. An Out-Of-Office, or OOO automatic reply, is a simple yet extremely effective way to let others know you’re unavailable.

Limit Your Electronic Use

Out of sight, out of might, right?! Another extremely helpful tip unplug this holiday season is to literally unplug from your electronics, social media, email, and more. Not only will limiting your electronic use keep you away from the temptation to check those work emails, but you’ll also have a much-needed break from the digital world in general.

Be Present 

Make the most of your holiday unplug by being present and in the moment. Take the holiday season and the end of 2019 to reflect on the past year. Think about your accomplishments, both work and non-work related, reflect on what you’re grateful for, and set goals for 2020. By being present during the holidays you’ll ensure you make the most of your time off and also get that necessary recharge to hit the ground running when the hustle starts back up.

Try Something New 

Think all that time off will make you anxious? Try something new this holiday season to keep your mind off work! Not sure where to start? Be inspired by the millions of travel, food, and lifestyle publications on Issuu.