Preparing Your Brand for the Holiday Rush

By IssuuNovember 8, 2018Last updated on July 1, 2019Business, Content Marketing, Social Media, Tips

Holiday 2018 Marketing Tips for Brands

The 2018 holidays are fast approaching. Is your brand prepared for the holiday rush? We’ve prepared some holiday 2018 marketing tips for your brand to leverage its audience. It’s time for a successful season.

Design your content calendar

Plan out your content calendar ahead of time to stay on top of the holiday rush. You’re going to be up to your ears in business, so why not get ahead of it all? Prepare yourself with a well-organized content calendar, so you can keep your holiday 2018 marketing on track. Think seasonally and think topically to take advantage of the festive cheer.

Prepare quality brand photography

Arm your brand with high quality photography. Whether you’re shooting in-house or hiring a photographer, make sure to prepare with fresh, attractive imagery to get the most attention during the season. Every other brand is bringing their A-game to the table. Keep your brand on that level with good imagery.

Create a digital holiday catalog

Get your catalog in front of a wider audience with digital publishing. Use it to your advantage to create an easily customizable embed for your site, and an easily shareable marketing tool overall. Behind on your catalog design? Start with our easy to use catalog templates for Adobe InDesignPlus, publishing your catalog digitally with Issuu gives you the advantage of seamless embedded video, shopping links and Stories to organize and target your catalog sharing efforts.

Find your sweet spot with social media

Get on your social media game! Tune into what your audience is responsive to and use it to inform your strategy. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest can be important to your audience, but each has a specific voice you need to tailor to. New to social media marketing? Try our beginner’s guide.

Leverage influencer marketing

Leverage the power of social media influencer marketing. Research, reach out, repeat. Find the right voices to collaborate with your brand, and allow them to work with you on your holiday marketing campaign. The right niche and the right voice can lead to a whole lot of business.

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When it comes to your holiday marketing, Issuu is ready to serve up success. Give us a try for your holiday marketing content and let us know any tips we’re missing in the comments below!