Grow Your Instagram Following with Issuu Stories

By IssuuAugust 22, 2019Last updated on August 4, 2020Editorial

How to grow your Instagram following with Issuu Stories

Many social marketers are wondering the same thing. How do you grow your Instagram following with Stories? Issuu has created a solution for social media marketers to help reach their audience. Help grow your Instagram following with these tips from Issuu.

Create more consistent content to grow your Instagram following

Create more consistent content using Issuu Stories. Design Visual Story assets in minutes from your brand-approved content. Create them in batches to schedule them out on social media in the intervals of your choice. That way, you can have consistent branded Story content. One publication can become so many unique Stories. With two design-forward Story templates and more to come, Issuu Stories will create consistent Story assets from your content.

Show off well-designed brand assets

Not only will Issuu Stories create consistency in your brand, but show off solid design as well. If you’re a small brand or a one-person publisher, this can elevate your brand to the big leagues. If you’re a larger publisher, use Issuu Stories to create visually appealing assets you can trust in.

Share more often, with less effort
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Easily creating Story assets with Issuu means easily sharing more often. Put less work into your social media content creation with Issuu Stories. Focus on what matters most: the heart of the content. Don’t spend all of your energy perfecting a handmade design for your Instagram Story. Focus that work into creating hearty content that can be reshared with Issuu Stories. Grow your Instagram following with more content and less energy.

Keep them engaged with your content

Use Issuu Stories to keep your audience engaged. Instagram Story analytics will show you exactly what’s working and what’s not. Which Stories are people dropping off from? Which ones are they swiping up on? Keep tabs on how your content is doing. Tailor your content to your audience’s interests and reactions. This will help you grow your Instagram following with engaged, likeminded users.

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