How to Grow Your Brand Nationally While Staying True to Your Local Roots

By IssuuMarch 21, 2018Last updated on July 1, 2019Business, Featured, Publisher Spotlight

A guest post by our Publisher of the Month, Rocky Mountain Bride.

We, here at Rocky Mountain Bride, are so very fortunate to be able to focus on a specific region. It allows us to actually be able to think local while working to give our clients national reach and grow our brand nationally. 

The owners of Rocky Mountain Bride jumped in with both feet when they purchased the company in 2014 and chose to take a Colorado based publication with our Colorado dedicated state issue to what we are today; five dedicated state publications for Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming and our all encompassing regional issue which is now headed into its 4th volume along with our final expansion into our last remaining state, Utah, as well as our upcoming Canadian Rockies issue.


The growth of Rocky Mountain Bride was always looked in big picture. We knew we wanted dedicated magazines for each location, along with a larger, destination bride-minded publication that would be our national tool. This was our plan even when it was just the two of us starting out. Today we are fortunate to have a team of nine ladies who share the same passion for the brand as we do. We all share one ultimate goal – to inspire and beautifully showcase each territory in our region and connect the amazing vendors there with awesome clients. Our path has been for the most part a straight line, we continue to put our heads down and accomplish the smaller tasks that lead to achieving our ultimate goals, but with all things there have been a few swerves in the road – don’t get caught up in the little things just adjust the plan accordingly. Still today, we escape our office and take the time to go and refresh our plan.

Stay True to Who You Want to Be As a Brand

Trying to grow nationally should never compromise who you are as a brand. Be confident in your content and what you cover and never feel pressure to do what others are doing. RMB is located in the Rockies, we all live in the rockies, our hearts lie here. The vendors we support in our publications are connected to the rockies and without fail everyone who works here and everyone we work with love all things wedding! Our brand is who we are, and that is just fine with us.

We feel that brides feel the authenticity in our work because its a clear and focused vision of what we are passionate about. By keeping our brand consistent and growing in it’s depth and beauty, we are able to maintain a clear and focused mission statement as a company, making growth decisions that much easier to make. If it does not compliment or align with Rocky Mountain Bride and who we are, then we simply say no and find a new path more suited to us.

Choose Projects and Collaborations Wisely

We are so very lucky to be living and working in such an amazing place filled with incredibly talented and wonderful business owners who we are a pleasure to collaborate and work with. Yet, every now and then something just doesn’t click and time and energy are sucked away. We are such a small group, that if this happened often we would not be able to achieve our goals. By being able to step back and learn from past decisions and the time vs. return on it, we are able to maximize our small team on all the projects we have going on! When deciding if a collaboration or partnership is right for you, make sure to keep your brand mission in focus, stay picky and deliberate with the outcome. You want to align with other creatives who have the same drive, determination and above all style to ensure a perfect fit and to get most out of the project together!

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Understand It Will Take Time

Things do not happen overnight and in the end that silly saying is true; if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right… and doing things right is time consuming! Even when you feel like you are taking 2 steps back and 1 step forward, keep going and determination will get you there – growing a business is no easy task! Turn each setback into a learning experience, take time to look at the outcome and how to better grow from it. Keep all situations positive, this will help you stay strong and not be defeated by each setback. There is not a perfect plan nor a roadmap to running a business, so don’t be afraid to admit that and take the time necessary to develop your brand the right way. In the end it will stand the test of time in this ever-changing media world we live in!

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Never Stop Trying

Wake up every day and and try. Try to get through your to do’s, your email, and your day. Even if you feel like you failed, never use that word and find the positive out of each day spent working on your business. Make sure you get clear feedback and never say no to criticism, no matter how tough it is. It will allow you to see your business as a whole and how others view you vs. your perception. Always try to keep learning, whether your media is online-based or print, keep exploring the new innovations and what is trending up. Never let small setbacks stop you from trying either! At times it will feel like the world decided to gang up on you, but push back and find the silver lining. That will be your motivation to get up and do it all again tomorrow. If you love what you do and you have a clear brand and plan, believe in it and the rest has a way of coming together!

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