Four Art Magazines to Honor the Amazing Frida Kahlo

By Issuu OpsJuly 6, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

 Today is Frida Kahlo’s birthday! She would have turned 109 years old on this day and although she died over six decades ago, her legacy as one Mexico’s best painters lives on. She is remembered as a feminist, a master of self-portraits and an artistic pioneer. She walked in the same circles as famous artists like Pablo Picasso, André Breton and Diego Rivera (whom she married), and through her work rightfully took her place as one of them.

Frida Kahlo with a crown and a cat on her head

Like so many artists she became most famous after her death, reminding us not to discount the artists of this age who have not yet made a name for themselves. Luckily, on issuu, countless creatives are sharing their work with the world. We’ve chosen four publications that embody the spirit of Frida Kahlo to honor her on her birthday. These publications are bold, spirited and are challenging the status quo.

1. Frida Obsession

Frida Obsession, as the name suggests, is a direct tribute to Frida Kahlo. It includes other artists’ portraits of Frida and words from each about how she has inspired them. This is a short but sweet way to better understand Frida, her life and the way she influenced the world.

2. Frrresh Magazine

Frrresh Magazine includes what seems like every possible way to create a portrait — suiting since Frida painted a lot of those. She made 55 self-portraits over the course of her life so she had to get creative just like Frrresh Magazine’s artists did. This magazine’s artwork is innovative, spunky and easy to get lost in.

3. Hoop Doop Magazine

Hoop Doop Magazine showcases art that is spirited and complex. The first series of work explores the human figure and its relationship with nature in a way that’s evocative of Frida’s paintings. This issue includes features on four artistic pioneers with a beautiful display by each.

4. Yucca Magazine

Yucca Magazine’s whimsical pages will brighten your day. This publication is quirky, adventurous and a platform for some fabulous digital art. In a word, it’s inspiring.

Dig in and appreciate some fabulous art today, and if these four publications aren’t enough find more in this issuu stack! Go ahead and explore. It would make Frida proud.