Feature: Visual Stories

By IssuuSeptember 2, 2020Last updated on September 6, 2020Editorial

It has been found that 65% of sighted people are visual learners. What this means is that most people process visual or graphic information better than just text alone. Adding images or visual information can produce 180% more engagement than text alone because “colored visuals increase people’s desire to read by 80%”.

Visual information paired with movement increases this number further as “people are 85% more likely to buy your product after watching a video about it.”

Here is an infographic with all the statistics you need to know to improve your marketing game:


new way to tell your story

This graphic alone increases the likelihood of the information just provided in text to be remembered. If 85% are more likely to buy a product, imagine how many more clicks are reads that translates to. 

How does all this information impact marketing and publishing using Issuu? Well, let us introduce you to our exciting feature: Visual Stories.

With visual stories, Issuu takes different visuals and text detected by the AI from publications and turns them into video experiences. These videos are fully customizable from image selections to the font to keep things on brand.

Learn more about visual stories here.

Still not convinced?

In 2019, mobile users spent an average of 203 minutes a day on their devices. Visual stories are automatically optimized for consumption on mobile devices- meaning you create it once and can share it on every platform accessible by mobile devices.

With Story Cloud content creators can “create once and share everywhere.” This saves a lot of time, and it is well known that time is the most precious resource of any industry.


Have you used visual stories? How has it impacted your marketing strategy?

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