Evangelism is your friend

By Issuu OpsMarch 17, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

To make your introduction into digital publishing as seamless as possible, we’ve created a toolkit with everything you need to find #issuusuccess. You can read through the whole toolkit anytime, but for now we’re sharing these tips for success in bite-sized chunks on our blog. Check in every Tuesday for a new post.

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Growing your audience and engaging with them on social media

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Whatever platform you choose, study its user stats to identify where your audience is, who they are demographically and what interests them. This helps you target readers. For example, if the majority of your followers live in Britain, schedule posts to go out when Brits are most active. If you learn the majority of your followers are 18 to 25, talk in a way that appeals to them (i.e., lots of emojis).

Your voice

Whether professional and businesslike or casual with emojis, find your social-media voice and stick with it. While that may differ slightly for Pinterest and Linkedin, say, readers should still be able to hear your voice no matter where you post. Also keep it natural. Trying to be someone you’re not is guaranteed to drive readers away.

Tag influencers

Does one of your photographers have 1 million Twitter followers? Tag them! Do you have an article about Lady Gaga? Tag her! Identify online influencers in your sphere and make sure they’re seeing and sharing your content.


Come up with a hashtag that can be as simple as the name of your publication, or something that’s a little more creative. Whatever it is, make sure readers see it, know what it stands for and can use it to follow the conversation about your publication.


Make readers feel as important as they are. Your publication can’t be successful without a devoted audience, so make sure they know they are appreciated. Like every tweet you’re tagged in. Reblog posts from readers using your hashtag. And try to reply to every user post or comment, even if it’s just with a smiley face.


Don’t wait until you publish — start hyping your content as soon as possible. Share tidbits from production, sneak peeks of your final pages and use whatever else you can to create excitement leading up to your publication’s release.


Make the sharing process as painless as possible by using issuu Clip to spread the word about your publication. With direct integration to the top social-media platforms, Clip makes sharing content easy for you and your readers.

We hope this installment of the Digital Toolkit has gotten you and your readers engaged and reading. Let us know if it helped or just where you are on your road to #issuusuccess by tweeting us @issuu or emailing success@issuu.com. Come back next week to go even more in depth into strategies for specific social media platforms.