Create an Engaging Digital Presence with Video Embeds on Issuu

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Create an Engaging Digital Presence with Video Embeds on Issuu

Multimedia content gets more attention than flat text, plain and simple. Telling people what they want never works, which is why Issuu gives users the power of Youtube and Vimeo video embeds. Bring new life to your publication with video embeds.

There are many success stories celebrating mixed media content. One of the strongest examples comes from Tropicana’s social media outreach. They added video, text, and interactive elements to their Snapchat Stories and enjoyed an 18 point lift in ad recall and a measurable increase in purchase intent [1].

However, throwing all the gifs, videos, images, and blurbs in your archive at your audience at once is not the answer. Consumers are already overstimulated. Research finds that a majority of clicks on ads are accidental.  Especially if the ad is a video. Which is why autoplay is the primary target of adblocking technology these days. A staggering 79% of people view autoplay video extremely to somewhat negatively[2].

So, why does the research appear to contradict itself? The key is in the types of video that are intruding on our lives. People don’t like being rudely interrupted in conversation, so don’t do it online either. Native content is king–make it look like a part of the article. And, curate engagement-based or informational videos, not sales pitches.

How to use video embeds on Issuu

With the subtleties of multimedia communication out of the way, here are some more examples of how people are using video embeds on Issuu for better engaging their audience.

Video Marketing for Creatives

Creatives use video embeds for behind the scenes looks at photo shoots and interviews. People enjoy the sense they’re receiving exclusive content. Reward your fans with an inside look at your creative process. Co-founder of Guap magazine tells Issuu that video “allows us to still be innovative in such a crowded landscape.” Or, like Thailand-based Video Editor Orapas Sirirat who includes video in her embeddable portfolio. This makes it easier for clients to see her most recent work.

Video Embeds for Educators

Educators also benefit. They include how-tos directly in their publications so students do not have to leave teaching material to watch lectures. HR professionals enjoy sending onboarding information as one packet in a format that captures attention more than a plain pdf. Companies like Olsson, a respected design firm, include video in their welcome booklet. UC Merced’s new employee handbook also features a multimedia welcome.

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Using Video Content for Travel Marketing

Travel and hospitality content is well suited for video because you want to inspire feelings of being there. Christian Milbo, Chief Editor, saw a 400% increase in viewers when they included video. Or, walk people through your property, like Sotheby’s catalog.

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