Content Marketing Ideas for Your Photography Business

By IssuuSeptember 26, 2019Business, Content Marketing

How to Market Your Photography Business with Issuu

Photography business owners wear a lot of hats. Not only are you shooting photos, but it’s likely that you’re in many other roles. From editor, to marketer, to customer service–– you’ve got a lot on your plate. In terms of content marketing, photographers have a lot to work with. Issuu can help your photography business boost its revenue with these easy content marketing strategies for photographers.

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Boost Your Photography Business SEO by Publishing with Issuu

Photography is a competitive industry. Marketing a photography business can be difficult when you have a lot of competitors in your area. Your SEO contributes to your ranking and where your business stands online amongst your competitors. When you publish on Issuu, you’re on track to boost your business’ SEO. Many people discover Issuu content through searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Increase your visibility with Issuu SEO. As a Starter, Premium or Optimum user on Issuu, your publication text is extracted and exposed for search engines. That way, the link to your content can be displayed more often in search results.

With more than 30 million uploads and 100 million monthly uniques, Issuu is the world’s largest digital publishing and discovery platform. Content uploaded to Issuu gets an SEO boost by just being on Issuu. Plus, suggested content to the side and below your content helps to get more exposure from search engines. It also tells search engines your content and its related content are relevant to each other, which improves the chances of ranking.

Use Issuu to Share Rate Packages for Your Photography Business

Share rate packages for your photography business with Issuu. Instead of sending a plain PDF, send your clients directly to a page that meets their needs. The beautiful reading experience that Issuu provides will reflect well on your photography brand. Your clients might be requesting rates from multiple photographers. Instead of doing the same thing as everyone else, stand out with beautiful digital flipbooks to share what you have to offer. This also allows you to create a more photography business-centric experience. Instead of sending a boring email with rates, liven things up with a true offering of your work. Allow them to flip through a highly visual package experience. Invest them in your work while they choose to make their financial investment with you.

Keep Online Photography Portfolios on Issuu

If you’re a consumer photographer, it’s likely that you have multiple facets of your business. Perhaps you do wedding photography, family sessions, boudoir, and newborns. You don’t want all of those to be in the same portfolio! Create beautiful flip-through portfolios for your clients. Allow clients to browse your work as if you had placed a book in front of them. You can even embed Issuu publications on your site. Match your brand experience with color and size customizations for your photography business.

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Use Issuu Visual Stories to Create Social Assets

Convert your photography portfolios, packages, special offers and more into social assets with Issuu Visual Stories. The assets you make with Issuu Visual Stories can be shared across your social platforms like Instagram, Snap, Facebook and more. Entice your audience into learning more with a quick tap-through Story on social. Visual Stories pulls the text and images from your PDF document. It then converts them into social media ready assets. Issuu Visual Stories are design-forward assets that allow you to share your ready-made content everywhere.

Embed portfolios on your photography site

Embed your portfolios onto your photography site. They’re a great addition or replacement of the typical slide-through gallery you see on every other photographer’s site. Customize your embeds with different colors and sizes to match your photography business’ branding. It gives a more tangible feeling than just looking at a standard portfolio site. It’s all about standing out when it comes to your client experience. Give clients a design-forward experience with your photography business. You can even include autoplaying embedded video in your flipbook!

Stand out amongst the crowd with your photography business with Issuu

Try the Issuu Story Cloud today to get started with content marketing for your photography business. Issuu will help your photography brand rise above the crowd. Stand out amongst your competitors with a client-forward, well-designed experience. Get started with Issuu today.