Color Your Heart Out With issuu

By Issuu OpsAugust 2, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

Pick up your pencils and get to work, because it’s National Coloring Book Day! This is your excuse to take time aside from your busy life and create a colorful masterpiece. Isn’t coloring for children, you ask? Luckily, adult coloring is the latest trend.

a person drawing on a paper

Adult coloring books have flourished over the last couple of years, turning into a multimillion dollar industry. Be it a chance to unleash your inner kid, a way to relax or a first endeavor into artistry, coloring has undeniable appeal. What’s even cooler is that issuu has a whole collection of coloring books for you to explore and enjoy. These five books will mesmerize you with their detail and beauty.

1. Edible Paradise

Enjoy these lovely and complex gardenscapes.

2. Oceana

Oceana includes beautiful ocean themed designs, and even has a download option. Click on the share button below the publication, then on “download”. Then print and color as you please!

3. Beautiful Flowers

Get lost in Beautiful Flowers’ stunningly detailed designs, and enjoy the fact that you can download and print this publication as well.

4. Botanical Wonderland

Appreciate the creative plant-inspired designs in Botanical Wonderland. Though short, this publication may bring out your inner creative.

5. Venice

Explore the wonders of Venice by recreating the city with your own color schemes and imagination. This publication also has a download option.

Use this day as an excuse to take a break and relax. Get out those long-neglected colored pencils and pens, and go to town. Feel free to download and print the publications with the download feature, and use the rest for inspiration. You can also explore our coloring book stack and Pinterest board. Good luck, and happy coloring!