Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Voices with Issuu

By Angela RuthJune 2, 2021Publisher Spotlight, Featured

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LGBTQ+ Pride is commemorated every year in the month of June, and each year we at Issuu look forward to celebrating these voices. It is a time to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, to recognize the continued work that is done within the LGBTQ+ community, and to celebrate one’s true identity. Issuu is proud to be home to a variety of pride publications who are building a voice and creating communities for a group of people who have faced, and still do face, inequality and resistance. Check out these fabulous publishers who are embracing who they are and shouting for all to hear that love is love.

LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Project

Looking for a handy dandy flag reference guide for all your Pride festivities? El Camino College has put together a useful guide of local and national resources for the LGBTQ+ community. There are flag references, local and national resources, LGBTQIA+ friendly college campus lists, scholarship opportunities, and more for struggling teens and young adults in the LGBTQIA+ communities across the United States.


Audre Lorde had it right when they said, “There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single issue lives.” Spectrum began as an auxiliary magazine to boost the club’s presence, but has since evolved, re-invigorating itself to help bridge the gap between LGBTQ+ issues and real life experiences of the Lawrenceville POC queer community. Welcome to the inaugural issue of Spectrum: Black Power, Queer Pride. A publication by students, for students. Power to you, Kings and Queens.

OUT FRONT Colorado

Founded in 1976, OUT FRONT is one of the oldest and largest independently owned queer media outlets in the nation. OUT FRONT is dedicated to providing both Colorado and the world with the latest in gay news, events and culture. Through the years, they’ve documented the AIDS crisis, same-gender marriage legalization, wisdom of our trans brothers and sisters and queer people of color who are fighting for rights that are deserved. Each page is filled with stunning photography, inspiring editorials and full features that radiate pride, resilience, fierce femmes, and a look towards a more inclusive future.

ACC Art Books - Queer London

A guide to London’s queer past, present and future, with all of the people, politics, places and pride that the city has to offer. By no means an exhaustive list, the author has compiled a fantastic guide of interspersed LGBTQ+ haunts throughout London. Explore the higglety-pigglety streets of Soho, indulge in the trendiest gay dive bars of the past, the allure of the clubs and saunas in Central and East London, and enjoy being part of the community at all of the no fixed abode nights out.

Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights

In 1969 being gay in the United States was a criminal offense. Being gay meant a life in the closet, or a life on the fringes of society. Those caught went to jail, lost their job, and were disowned by their own families. All for being themselves. Doctors considered homosexuality to be a mental illness, priests considered it to be a sin. There were few safe havens. But the Stonewall Inn, a dingy Mafia-run and over-priced bar, located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, was one of those havens. Learn about the night a police raid turned into a riot, a riot that became the catalyst for the explosive demand for gay rights.

“Greenwich Village, 1969: Home to the homeless. Destination for dropouts. Refuge for the kicked out...That door where people pause and enter? That’s the Stonewall. Stonewall Inn. Pay attention. History walks through that door.”

Lavender Magazine

A retrospective timeline of the GLBT rights movement. A history of firsts and important moments in the movement. From the first human rights group in 1924, the first publicly known recipient of sexual reassignment surgery in America, Eisenhower barring employment of homosexuals, Illinois decriminalizing consensual same-sex activity, Stonewall Riots, banning same-sex marriage, homosexuality being removed from the American Psychiatry Association’s DSM as a mental disorder, the rainbow flag, Harvey Milk’s assassination, AIDS, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, first openly gay celebrities, first openly gay bishop, same-sex marriage legalization, first openly gay senator, openly trans actress on the cover of Time, and so much more. Each individual step gets us closer to equality, we must journey onward together.


A student run zine out of Colorado, its writers compiled analysis, ideas and histories of trans and queer BIPOC visionaries dreams of a better future for all. They describe movements towards futurism, the rise of trans liberation within popular media, how LGBTQIA+ folks exist within society, how they are used by it, decolonizing your mind, disability justice, various manifestations of pleasure, de-stigmatizing the body, mutual aid and the shortcomings of non-profit organizations, a building of community, mutual respect, and solidarity. Together we can build a foundation of a better tomorrow, where love is love, all are equal, all deserve respect, and where mutual aid is normalized. We stand in solidarity with people of all races, colors, creeds, genders, and orientations.

Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for LGBTQ Americans. The HRC represents a force of more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide, all committed to making the HRC vision a reality. They envision a world where LGBTQ community members are embraced as full members of society in every aspect of life. On Issuu, the HRC puts out Equality Magazine, and several reports with updated information on coming out, LGBTQ youth trends, and more.

Issuu has always been a platform to elevate voices from the LGBTQIA+ community, and we promise to continue to do so. Storytelling like these awesome publications introduces new perspectives, encourages dialogue and contributes to driving change in the world. Join these storytellers and add your own voice this Pride month.

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