Perfect “Pub”lications for International Beer Day

By IssuuAugust 3, 2017Last updated on November 13, 2018Editorial

Beer Magazines

Let’s be honest — no drink screams summer more than an ice-cold beer. On August 4th, we’ll be knocking a few back on International Beer Day, a global celebration of all things beer. Visit your local pub or brewery, or crack open a cold one in your backyard as you flip through these bubbly beer magazines we’ve served up just for you.

1. Sauce Magazine

Behind every beer is a brewer, and this edition of Sauce Magazine features Jeff Hardesty, the one-man show behind Narrow Gauge Brewing Company. On top of that, this magazine reveals where brewers go to drink beer and introduces some of the most elusive beers on the market.



From drinking etiquette to the feminist beer movement, POUR Magazine has it all. Want a fun International Beer Day activity? Create your own drink display with a DIY Beer Bar spread, or take things to the next level and follow POUR’s step-by-step guide to brewing your own beer.

3. Hop & Barley

Craft beer has amassed its own fan base over the years, and Hop & Barley Magazine explores this growing movement with features on some of the UK’s finest beer producers. With artful shots of the beer-brewing process and detailed tasting notes, there are many exciting discoveries to be made within the pages of Hop & Barley.

4. Froth

For beer lovers who want to understand the science behind what they’re drinking, Froth Craft Beer Magazine is for you. With articles on topics ranging from the history of yeast to the chemistry behind flavors, you’ll definitely be a more knowledgeable beer consumer after this read.

5. Thirst Magazine

From Belgium to Malaysia, Thirst Magazine brings readers on a beer-filled journey across the globe. Learn about the best food pairings to accompany your favorite brew, or discover beer-related books and movies to enjoy as you sip your favorite suds.

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