Back to School: 4 Publishers’ Guides to Learning in COVID-19

By October GunawanSeptember 14, 2020Last updated on September 15, 2020Editorial

2020 has been unlike any other year and the school year looks to be a continuation of this. What is a family to do when learning goes on along with a global pandemic? It’s a comfort to know that parents and kids alike are not alone in their experiences, however. In this blog post, Issuu spotlights four publications tackling remote learning and parenting in COVID-19 times.

Absolutely Mama

Absolutely Mama is a publication always on the roll with the times. Specifically, this editorial tackles being a mother during this pandemic and focusing on self-care and personal well-being. After all, one must put the oxygen mask on themselves before putting it on someone else.

Atlanta Parent

Meanwhile, at Atlanta Parent, writers give a rundown of what helps when homeschooling children. For some parents, these tips may be a given, but for parents more used to traditional schooling, they can be lifesavers! The most striking message sent in this listicle is: “Don’t try to be perfect.”

Giggle Magazine

Schools aren’t just hubs of information and education- they are places of social learning and help develop social and emotional aptitude. Giggle Magazine lends out a helping hand to parents who want to provide their kids with a well-rounded learning experience and environment, even at home.

From books to read to preparing kids for the internet, this piece is another facet of remote learning that parents can look forward to work on at home.

Roanoke Valley Family Magazine

Roanoke Valley Family Magazine has impressed Issuu with how dedicated they are to discuss parenting, health, and learning during COVID-19. This entire publication is full of great advice, tips, and food for thought.

Create a conducive learning environment at home? Check. Homework help? Check. How about taking care of kids’ eyesight when they rely on so much screen time to get work done? Check!

While social distancing is a must, parents don’t have to feel isolated in their experiences and struggles. Thankfully, publications like these remind readers that they are not alone. Yes, things are tough, but we can and will get through them.

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