Awareness Ties on Connecting Through Digital Content

By Stephanie WarnerMay 22, 2020Last updated on November 15, 2022Publisher Spotlight

The power of storytelling has always been a strong force behind the social impact platform Awareness Ties™. Awareness Ties, the ‘Official Symbol of Support for Causes’ raises awareness for causes— including Homelessness, Suicide, Domestic Violence, Cancer and much more— while providing resources for the general public and funding for nonprofits. Awareness Ties uses digital content and storytelling as valuable resources and conversation pieces in addition to their Awareness Tie™ product, a ‘one tie fits all’ zipper tie in a variety of colors to wear and physically show your support for your chosen cause. 

We are excited to share how Awareness Ties is connecting people and causes in meaningful ways driven by content in today’s digital world.

Build a foundation of content to grow connections

The small Awareness Ties team, led by Co-Founders Jack & Allié McGuire and joined by their list of 15 Ambassadors (and growing!) develop, create and distribute an Awareness Guide for each cause they champion. The Awareness Guides are the first category of content that Awareness Ties produce when building out campaigns for each individual cause. To date, over 20 Awareness Guides have been published. 

The goal of the guide is to encourage giving to the cause and also as a resource to get help for those tied to the cause. The guides are well respected for including trusted and reliable information about each cause. In addition, the guides provide actionable ways to support or donate to a variety of credible non-profit organizations. 

The team at Awareness Ties appreciate the ease of publishing the guides on Issuu. Each Awareness Guide continuously evolves with updated statistics and new resources, so unlimited and almost instantaneous uploads on Issuu keeps the process quick and seamless. “Revision is key’ Allié McGuire divulges, but more importantly, the functionality of Issuu “allows us to be efficient and super effective” with our messaging and guides.

As the Awareness Ties brand has grown and developed a larger following since 2017, the guides have become the foundation for building connections. Each Awareness Guide validates and demonstrates their mission— to give to the cause and to support those who are in need.

Content to drive the conversation

Recently, Awareness Ties identified another category of content— a digital magazine— that would allow them to start and keep the conversation about the causes going. The team was also looking for a way to produce even more dynamic content as a force and catalyst for change. In January 2020, they launched a monthly magazine AwareNow distributed right on Issuu. AwareNow builds on the need to create awareness for each cause and expands the storytelling with in-depth interviews, features, art, interactive content and more. After only a few issues, AwareNow has seen their readership grow to over 16 million, using Issuu Stories on social media to reach a new audience and with the exposure on Issuu’s expansive discovery platform.

Leveraging the powerful features on Issuu, Awareness Ties creates and distributes an engaging magazine including embedded videos, interactive links, captivating images delivered in the sleek fullscreen reader and optimized for every screen and device.

What’s next for Awareness Ties digital content?

The local and global economy has dramatically changed in only a few months and to continue to support the important causes and non-profit work through funding, the Awareness Ties team is already looking for the next opportunity. They know first hand the power of digital content to fuel their organization and mission. Be on the lookout for new digital projects, including Selfies to Support, along with upcoming issues of AwareNow including “The Hero Edition -Volume One” celebrating everyday Heroes making a difference during today’s Coronavirus pandemic. Of course “The Hero Edition” of AwareNow and all of the digital content from Awareness Ties can be found on