7 Effortless Ideas for Your July 2022 Content Calendar

By Sara Napier BurkhardJune 23, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

July content calendar. Photo credit: Gam1983

July is an exciting month where longer days, much-needed vacation time, and warm weather activities help us reset for the latter half of the year. With the strain of recent challenges globally, we all could use some levity. Plan out a content calendar that’s just as lighthearted as your audience’s plans. From reading lists to holiday celebrations, there’s plenty of time and opportunity to build out a July 2022 calendar that reflects the season’s joys. 

Holidays for July 2022

  • Canada Day - July 1

  • U.S. Independence Day - July 4

  • Eid al-Adha - July 9-10

  • Bastille Day - July 14

  • Khao Phansa - July 14

  • Cousins Day - July 24

  • Parents Day - July 26

  • World Nature Conservation Day - July 28

  • International Day of Friendship - July 30

National Day Celebrations 

From Canada Day to Bastille Day, several countries around the world celebrate their national day this month. If you’re in retail or the restaurant industry, you’re likely already running a promotion like a summer flash sale to help offload overstock inventory ahead of the fall season. Capitalize on the extra eyes on your pages and keep fresh content running for the days around the sale. 

One thing you can always count on for holidays of this scale is how much user-generated content you can find from your audience. These days are celebrated nationwide, which means there will be plenty of beautiful photos and videos to source from. Reach out to users who tag and mention you on your social channels and ask to re-post their content to your page. 

National Clean Beauty Day

The beauty community never misses an opportunity to share gorgeous content. This is especially true when the content aligns with their audience’s values. Sustainability and natural ingredients have been at the forefront of conversations in the cosmetic industry for years, so if your company has made a sustainability pledge, don’t miss the opportunity to create content around these commitments. If you’re a creator in the beauty space who shares what different brands are doing, a video with a curated list of clean beauty brands could be a high-performing piece of content for your social channels.  

World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day aims to raise awareness around environmental or wildlife conservation efforts every year at the end of July. Whether you’re a nonprofit working towards a cause like fighting deforestation or a tourism provider pledged to reduce your tours’ carbon footprint, this is a perfect opportunity to share more about your vision. It’s also worth noting that with the extreme weather forecast for summer 2022, this year’s Nature Conservation Day content could hone in on climate change and how we could be more mindful in our lifestyle choices.

Giving and Sharing

July 15 is Give Something Away Day, a fun holiday created to help bring the spirit of giving into the summertime. If you work in retail or another consumer-based industry, the goal is to always try to sell more items and get people interested in taking your products home, so on Give Something Away Day, there’s an extra opportunity to invite customers to buy gifts for others.

Another angle to focus on is the act of giving things away. Home organizing professionals who practice the KonMari method, food banks seeking donations for their pantry, and shelters starting to stock up on winter items all have an opportunity to promote themselves. Using the hashtags and trending conversations that day are great ways to get out there and connect with a new audience. 

Summer Picnic Foods

Everyone has a favorite summer food, and July makes it easy to capitalize on that. July 17 gives us both National Ice Cream Day and National Hot Dog Day, while July 20 is National Lollipop Day. Ice cream parlors, food stands, and candy stores can easily bring traffic their way with a special discount code paired with playful videos on Instagram or TikTok. No matter your approach, just remember to keep the content light and fun, taking the lead from your favorite summer snacks and giving your audience a treat. 

Summer Reading & Film Lists

July is a great time to tap into those unexplored hobbies you might have put off in busier months of the year. Expanded sunlight hours make it easier to prioritize leisure activities like reading or watching favorite films, and of course, there’s always a soundtrack for the summer. Educators can share insightful summer reading lists or a list of some of the books to look forward to in the school year ahead. Bookstores and libraries can also share their summer lists on their channels, even opting for a new recommendation each day of the month or every Monday for the remainder of the summer. Looking for a place to kick off your own summer reading list? Check out some of our staff picks in our curated Stack

Film aficionados can also share movie lists to enjoy during the warmer weeks ahead. Several film festivals take place throughout the summer months, and July boasts some classics like the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. There’s no shortage of new films in 2022 to look forward to, so start listing out some must-sees for your followers and subscribers. 

Outdoor Fun & Fitness

Let’s face it, some of us don’t spend as much time outside as we’d like, but with the extra hours of sunlight, there’s more time for outdoor activities. Your audience can enjoy their summer on the lake or soak up the sun by the nearest pool. Celebrate the activities that are only possible in the summer months. Don’t forget that video content is a huge driver of engagement. Activities like boating, rafting, waterskiing, and rollerskating always make for great active content, while hiking, camping, and stargazing work nicely for a more laid-back summer crowd. 

Make July 2022 a great month for your audience. As always, focus on meeting them where they are and giving them the space they need to find your content, delight in it, and ultimately choose your services. 

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