5 Reasons Why Google’s New Magazine ‘Think Quarterly’ Rocks the Charts

By IssuuJanuary 26, 2014Editorial

As a surprise to many, Google has entered the business of creating content with a new magazine-like book called Think Quarterly. It’s a bold move, yes, but also executed in a very clever way. Here’s why:

graphical user interface

Yesterday, the press and blogosphere were rushing to cover this new creation by Google. Fortune/CNNMashableForbesComputerworld, and Guardian to name a few. It quickly rose to be the most read publication on Issuu and it’s still rocking the charts today.

It’s quite possible the most effective book launch we’ve seen. Despite the exciting tidbit that Google is actually creating content instead of just indexing it, they also did a number of things right in adopting a digital publishing strategy. You wouldn’t expect less from the search giant, but for the rest of us here are five pointers to take away:

1. Design. Just look at it. It’s beautiful! Google, with help from their creative friends in Church of London, showed us exactly what publishing is about: The best mix of thought-provoking articles, stunning photos and unique design that creates that special reading experience only made possible by great publications.


2. Print edition. The print edition is not for sale. True story. Instead, it will be “hand-delivered as a gift to a select list of recipients”. Would you feel special to get this delivery from Google? We certainly would. No matter how clever digital reading devices may be, there’s still something to be said about the smell of fresh print in the morning. You can’t really wrap and hand-deliver a digital edition, can you?

3. Digital edition. For anyone not so lucky the digital edition is up on Issuu, usingour Pro service with added features. From here it’s being circulated and shared through our community and onto Facebook, Twitter and more. Why not let the web work for you?

4. WebsiteThe website is exemplary, featuring an Issuu embed with the obvious centerpiece, the book, and a more down-to-earth article view. It’s the best of both worlds and caters to different kinds of reading experiences and audiences.

5. Mobile. Google was serious when they said ‘Mobile first’. Even the launch version of thinkquarterly.co.uk has a dedicated mobile version. Impressive.

Think Quarterly may not be something Google is looking to make direct revenue from. But still we think their five-pronged strategy could inspire anyone looking to do more with their publishing efforts.

It’s been said that the Internet is ‘not the end of print, but the end of out of print’. Think Quarterly testifies to this.