4 #GirlBoss Publishers That Inspire Us

By IssuuSeptember 15, 2017Last updated on November 1, 2018Editorial

Female Editors 

Our publishers constantly amaze us with the work they produce. Today we want to spotlight some of the fiercest female editors on Issuu. These powerhouses are building next-level media brands, leveraging the power of all the technology each of us now have at our fingertips. With October’s Generators Summit in San Francisco bringing together thriving creators like Morgan DeBaun of Blavity, Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom and Lauren Redding of Rookie Magazine –– among others –– how could we not be inspired?


Catherine Powell from NKD Magazine

NKD is a monthly online music and entertainment magazine based in New York City. Featuring celebrities like Jake Miller, Candice Patton, Val Chmerkovsky and more, this whole magazine is founded and photographed by power editor Catherine Powell.

Mindy Abovitz from Tom Tom Magazine

Tom Tom Magazine is the ultimate go-to guide for the latest info on female and female-identified drummers, beatmakers and producers. As creator and publisher of the magazine, Mindy Abovitz is set out to see the world become a better place filled with more compassion and understanding and believes that can be done, in part, through better representation of people in the media. Hear more from Mindy at our Generators Summit on October 5th.

Nicole Gavrilles from ONE Magazine

ONE Magazine is a bi-annual womenswear fashion magazine, focused on exposing talented and world-renowned photographers. ONE Magazine has interviewed fashion designers such as Yoshiyuki Miyamae for Issey Miyake, Claudia Li, Pola Thomson. The magazine’s content is curated by founder and overall creative director, Nicole Gavrilles, who founded the magazine in 2010.

Giselle Melendres from Mad Sounds Magazine

Founded by California-based Giselle Melendres, Mad Sounds Magazine is a bi-monthly digital and print-on-demand publication for creative souls, dedicated to the young and daring. Giselle designs and edits the magazine and its web content, having featured such talents as Devon Carlson, The Heirs, Jenn Im and more.

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