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Once you have decided you want to pay more attention to your nutrition, it is important to get enough information that will allow you to enjoy healthy meals while making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs. How to start eating like a yogi – As a first step, it’s a good idea to avoid consumption of sugar, rich in dairy or processed kinds of food. You might have noticed that the above mentioned foods makes you feel tired and uncomfortable if consumed before a yoga practice, this is a good indication; if it affects you before a practice then it probably affects your general health. Most important kinds of food to avoid Sugar – it has no nutritional value and it creates toxic byproducts. This includes all refined white sugars, brown sugar, raw sugar and any sugars contained in foods such as fructose, glucose, maltose, etc. Even dried fruits should be kept to a minimum level of consumption since they are converted to sugar in the body and also contain a lot of Sulpher Dioxide. Especially important to avoid are artificial sweeteners, numerous studies have proven these substances to be poisonous.  Alcohol – according to yogis, alcohol lowers the vibrations of the body (the opposite of the desired effect of yoga) and also has an adverse effect on the central nervous system and the brain. Modern science supports this claim proving alcohol first stimulates then quickly depresses the central nervous system. 

Once you have eliminated most of the unhealthy foods it time to look on what food is beneficial and is preferable to consume. What kinds of food should we focus on Vegetables and fruits – they need to be as fresh as possible to be able to enjoy from their nutrients. Especially beneficial are leafy greens as they contain iron and other vital vitamins and minerals.  Raw food – According to the yogis the majority of our food should be consumed raw. For example fruits, nuts and sprouted grains. Canned food needs to be reheated which can cause a loss of vitamins.  Temperature of food – The food should be neither too hot nor too cold since very hot or cold drinks harm the tissue of the throat by irritating it.  Eating slowly – yogis emphasize the importance of eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly. This helps the food to become more alkaline and digest more easily. By eating fast, we risk poor digestion and don’t reach a full extraction of the nutrients. 


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