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In today’s newsletter we’ll discuss the topic of nutrition from the prospective of the yoga lifestyle. What does it mean a ‘Yogic Diet’? Well, the first principle of yoga is non-violence. In Sanskrit this is called Ahimsa and it is also an essential pillar of Buddhism. This principle is of important priority in the dietary choices of a yogi. What this means in simple words is a raw, plant-based diet. Of course a yogi can eat meat, but yoga combined with vegetarianism forms a powerful combination. A plant based diet not only goes hand in hand with the spiritual aspect of yoga but also has many health benefits to human beings. Including:  Healthier cardiovascular systems – Vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and generally better cardio functioning.  Lower risk of cancer – Researches have showed that vegetarians are less likely to get develop cancer. Many books were written by individuals who have adopted rigorous vegetarian diet once receiving a cancer diagnosis and have significantly increased their survival chances.  Positive effect on preventing many others diseases – such as metabolic syndrome (diabetes), osteoporosis, PMS, menopause symptoms, arthritis and all kind of dementias.  Healthier joints and bones – meat consumption is known to hurt joint health, it triggers a slight but persistent inflammation in the joints and thus limiting flexibility and increases arthritis risk.


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