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September 2014

Letter Press

With fewer and fewer companies offering letter press services, this class is a must-attend! The technique of relief printing using a printing press has been around since the mid 15th century and though it is difficult to get your hands on a letter press, we still see many cards and books being made using the technique. With it’s exquisite finishing, it is no surprise that the demand for letter press stationery is still on the rise. Let us show you the ropes and help you create your own personalized letter press stationery. Visit for more class details.

Coming soon

Gift Wrapping

We have a huge line up of classes you should look out for, so check out our website and social media platforms for more updates!

With the present giving season just around the corner, the Bloesem Team will be organizing a 4-part gift wrapping series. We will be teaching 16 of our favourite gift wrapping techniques over 4 weeks. Join us and make


your gift wrapping as covetable as the gifts themselves, making them even more exciting to receive! Warning:

With the success of our previous calligraphy classes and an

Some recipients might not even bare to open the

overwhelming demand for us to bring back the class, we are

beautifully wrapped presents. You’ll just have to take it as

finally putting down a concrete date for more calligraphy fun!

a compliment. Intrigued? has all the details

If you think that your handwriting is terrible or are worried that

you’ll need about this class.

you have no previous experience with Calligraphy, we want you to remember one saying “ If you never try, you’ll never know.” Sign up for class at

Food Styling Marketing for Makers

One of the most highly-requested classes has

Want to turn your potential into a professional

obviously it does not come as a shock to us

and profitable business? Plug into the energy

being in Singapore, constantly surrounded by

of other like-minded creators and watch your

its great food culture. It has long surpassed

business accelerate in this unique Bloesem

the need for food to just taste good but to be

Class. You will learn how to define and refine a

both presentable and even photogenic. Learn

marketing strategy that you can put into action

the ways of an industry expert, little tricks to

right away. We are firm believers in quality over

make food look enticing whether it’s for your

quantity, so you will walk away with loads of key

business or just making everyone jealous

concepts and action steps on PR, online and

of your food adventures. Book your spot at

visual storytelling, SEO, pricing guidelines and before its all sold out!

got to be Food Styling and Photography, and

work sheets – all wrapped in a nifty handbook. After this class the marketing of your brand will be just as much fun as the creative process. If you mean business as well, visit

Screen Printing If you like creating your own patterns, you will love screen printing. Learning

Tassel Making If




the basics of screen printing on seen


everywhere, we are here to tell you again, tassels are making a huge come back. We see them on dresses, necklaces, keychains, even earrings. They are a great statement piece to jazz up any outfit. Learn to make your own tassels in all kinds of advanced designs and bright colours (choose neon for a real pop!). You’ll be amazed at the number of different tassels you will be able to create, because we are too. Head over to to grab a spot in class.

fabric is just the first step to creating products with your own signature pattern.




baby clothes to personalized tote bags, t-shirts and tea towels. The possibilities are endless! Find out more at

Bloesem gazette volume 2  
Bloesem gazette volume 2