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September 2014

Sweet! Never actually realized there are five (or six, if you’re Asian) basic tastes. Perhaps you already knew this but I thought it was quite interesting to find out that similar to what primary colours are for the eyes, our taste buds like the basics of sourness, saltiness, bitterness, savory, spiciness and, last but not least, sweetness! But let’s face it, except for the hard core spice lovers (there might be some of those amongst us perhaps), if you had to make a choice of only one taste (for the rest of your earthly life) surely it would have to be sweetness. Apart from all the pleasures associated with a sweet taste, the word has such a positive connotation (ignoring for a moment the negative rep sugar has these days) it is hard to think of any better word to describe all things beautiful in life. Right? Sweetie, my sweet baby, sweet tooth…should I go on? Well, at Bloesem we agree with you. We like sweetness in all its pleasurable dimensions and sensations, most importantly of course we crave design that is sweet on the eyes. Sweetness in all the things we do at Bloesem, something to nurture and treasure from within. Much like the embryonic lifestyle and fashion that will shape a new era according to the prophecy of trend watchers, we intend to relish in the new softness of the all-encompassing sweetness that surrounds our world of design. New ideas and initiatives that will evolve into innovative models for our industry. Sweet is the new slow. Where the slow movement is asking us to slow down and pause, taking in the world around us in all its sweetness, we want you to use your new found time to connect with you, your true passions and talents. So more down to earth, you guessed it right, we are going sweet this quarter. While munching away on all sorts of sweets in our studio, we decided to have one simple objective for this issue of the Bloesem Gazette. After browsing through our new quarterly, we want you to scream and shout: Sweet! We’ll take you on a sweet tour, with stopovers in Amsterdam, a dive deep into the world of vintage ceramics, pastel colors and floral patterns, gift ideas, recipes and DIYs. Oh my sweetness… Irene xoxo

B.instAgood We could not have gone through doing up another Bloesem Gazette without leaving space to feature our favourite form of social media. Instagram is mostly fun and games Follow Bloesem on Instagram

(you will know that if you join our Be Insta Good! class taught by Jelito de Leon), but it’s


also a great way to catch up with everything Bloesem-related, for us and you both! For us, instagram let’s us do a little innocent stalking of our students to see how they got on in class and how they continued with their crafts back home. Thank goodness for hashtags right? Follow the 3 Bloesem hashtags below for everything Bloesem related. Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the Bloesem word through their beautiful snaps. ps. learn how to make beautiful pics for your instagram then come to our class! #bloesemshop

Images by @zaaras - 2,3,5


@meikwee - 1



Contributors Founder // Irene Hoofs

Ernica Ding Managing Editor // Zara Salahuddin

Contributor // Anouk van der EL

Contributor // Chong Mei Kwee

Irene is a long way

Zara stumbled upon

Mei Kwee Chong is

Anouk is the designer

from home but she


the newest member


definitely isn’t lost. The



mastermind behind

globe trotter and her

world of Instagram,




family have cozied up

decided to jump the

from NUS Division


to sunny Singapore and



of Communications


the result: The Bloesem

ship and has never

and New Media, she

Time Capsules and

Creative Space in Tiong

looked back. She

lives and breathes

most recently, the

Bahru. The energetic

spends her days in

social media both

Little Quote Jar. She

mom of 2 also founded

the Bloesem studio

in and out of school.

is the voice of reason

Bloesem Class, the school you go to be inspired

writing, styling and creating content for the

Apart from managing Bloesem’s social media

and source of comedy in the Bloesem studio,

by the who’s who in the world of design and

Bloesem blogs. After spending too much time in

platforms, she helps out in the organization of

always ready to serve up some useful advice

creativity. This crafty lady also makes her own

university on Youtube and blogs, she found her

creative classes and maintenance of Bloesem’s

or constructive criticism for anything Bloesem

products, from dainty necklaces to hand woven

true passion in social media. Luckily for Zara, her

online shop. She also has a passion in layout

related. Thank you Anouk, you make us smile!

cushions, and shares her love for hand made

day job allows her to dabble in everything from

design and spends her free time scrap-booking

goodness on both of her blogs, Bloesem Living

photography to DIY craft projects.

and cafe-hopping. - insta @zaaras

insta @meikwee

through wonderous



marketing Make of

and Bloesem Kids. - - insta @bloesemblogs - insta @makehistoryco

History products,



Bloesem gazette volume 2  
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