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September 2014

Coveting ceramics

// words and pictures by Irene Hoofs

I have always been attracted to vintage ceramics.

grail. Ignoring raised eyebrows and funny looks while

It combines all the things I like about design: prints,

turning and examining every piece of ceramics, hoping

colours, illustrations and functionality. Not that I

to spot that cherished mark or logo!

know much about the technique used in producing tableware, porcelain or ceramics in general. My only criteria is whether I think a particular piece is beautiful!

Once you start searching


The variety in vintage ceramics is overwhelming, and

for ceramics it is easy to

Figgjo was founded in 1941, and is located in

name ‘ceramics’ for all items made out of clay (or similar

Figgjo, near Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. Figgjo’s delicately illustrated ceramics are characterized by the stories they tell. Collections have names as Saga, Viking, Lotte, Daisy and Corsica. When you put Figgjo on the dinner table your guests will never lacking in conversation and the illustrations really fire up the imagination. The colorful designs just put me in a good mood, thinking of a spring picnic or summer garden party.

the jargon can be confusing. I simply use the generic materials, if that is even possible). My own collection of

get lost, it is a collectors’ heaven for sure.

vintage ceramics started out rather modest, consisting only of a few pieces I found at flea markets and garage sales on trips back to the Netherlands. But over the

Scandinavian and Dutch pieces are my true passion,

past few years, these humble beginnings are indeed

so naturally my focus has been on designs from these

a thing of the past and I am proud to say that I have

regions. And the images you see in this Gazette are

managed to collect (or amass one might say) some

from my Nordic collection. Vintage ceramics are great

great pieces.

pieces to add to your home to give the decor a personal and unique touch, creating your own personal

Some of my new vintage finds from the Netherlands

museum. One iconic piece mixed in with some more

(including the ones shown here) are on sale in Bloesem

modern pieces can make a world of difference. Use

Shop, if I can tempt you to drop by and have a look!

beautifully illustrated ceramics as centerpieces for

Truth be told, collecting genuine vintage ceramics

your table, to give a little life and character to the

requires quite a bit of luck and persistence, in addition

space. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes

to a skilful eye. A collector-to-be must have a knack for

to the world of ceramics. There are so many beautiful

patiently and relentlessly browsing

designs out there I just know you will have a great time

through thrift stores in search of the holy (ceramic)

looking out for the perfect ones!

Bloesem gazette volume 2  
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