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August 5th, 2008

Kvetha Fricaya. Greetings Friends. A few days ago, I returned from a trip to New York City. I was there to do a series of interviews with my editor, Michelle Frey, and others, and also to meet with Gerard Doyle, who was in the middle of recording the audiobook version of Brisingr. The interview with Michelle will be included with the audiobook as a special feature. We had a great time discussing the Inheritance cycle, specifically the process of writing Brisingr and how the characters and world have developed over the course of the series. If you get the audiobook, I recommend you listen to the interview after you listen to Brisingr, since our discussion contains numerous spoilers. As always, spending time with Gerard Doyle was a blast; he's a very entertaining person, and he has a fantastic voice. I only wish we had more time to talk and compare notes. I also got to meet Taro Meyer again; she directs Gerard's performances. And I was introduced to Orli Moscowitz, the new producer of the audiobook. All were delightful. I next visited the Random House headquarters, a chocolate shop, and a custom knife and sword store. Who could ask for a better trip? Friends, chocolate, and edged weapons. Some of you may have read this online, but I thought I would mention it anyway, since it's so interesting. Random House Australia is, as part of their promotion for Brisingr, placing stickers on all their copies of Eragon and Eldest. The stickers will let readers know how they can apply to win a one-of-a-kind solid gold medallion engraved with the likeness of Glaedr from the cover of Brisingr. Also, the back of the medallion will be engraved with both my signature and John Jude Palencar's, as well as a saying in the ancient language. Very cool. Since I finished Brisingr, I've been doing this and that, just trying to recover from the process of writing and editing such a large book. In the past few days, however, I've found myself getting anxious and restless. I've been writing long enough to recognize that there's only one cure for those symptoms: beginning the next book. So, as soon as I finish this newsletter, I'm going to start refining the outline of Book Four. And probably a day or two after that, I'm going to immerse myself within the land of AlagaĂŤsia once more. After all, there's a wonderful chapter about werecats I want to write. SĂŠ onr sverdar sitja hvass. Christopher

News letter from CP_5th of august 2008  
News letter from CP_5th of august 2008  

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