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HEALTH & BEAUTY Keeping ones body and skin fit and healthy requires vigilance and discipline. Arm yourself with skin protection when engaging in your favorite sport.


FOOD & HEALTH Safe and healthy eating tips for the rainy season. Be aware of the simple do’s and dont’s in this time of illness


GEAR GEEK PF team shares ideas on different indoor sports you can engage in during the season Contributor Fran Ramon invites you to unleash the Sufferlandian in you


FITNESS Keep out of the Rain and stay fit: Hot Hula, Zumba, Yoga and other indoor activities you can enjoy


CELEBRITY Courtside reporter and radio DJ, Sel Guevara is an epitome of a lady on the road to success. Multi-talented singer actress Karylle brings her passion from the arts to fitness





Indoor Climbing invites you to join their community and share a common passion for health and fitness

Iron Man 70.3 Cebu Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2013 Pinoy Fitness Sub 1 10K Petron Run 2013 Adidas King of the Road

COVER STORY Volley BELLE! Michele Gumabao graces our pages in one of her magazine appearances after graduating from College and leaving her team, the Lady Spikers of DLSU.


The current poster girl of Philippine Volleyball Michele Gumabao - Two time Best Blocker for the UAAP season 73 & 74 and Most Valuable Player Pl yer ffo forr U UAAP AAP S Seaso Season ason 7 75 5 fi ffinals. inalls. STYLING Shahani Gania HAIR & MAKE-UP Krisha Kasil PHOTOGRAPHY Wilson Benedict Carriaga and Jon Paredes Shot on location in AVANT at the Fort All clothes featured on the cover are by THRIV Natural Performance. Shoes from Kangaroo available in Toby’s Sports





We love running, but when the rain starts to pour and we don’t have access to a treadmill, we sometimes find ourselves feeling stuck and immobilized by the weather. In this issue, we’re going to explore sports and fitness activities that are not affected by the weather. We compiled a short list of gyms and clubs you can try when the rain starts pouring in (page 13). We also want you to meet Michele Gumabao, 2013 UAAP Volleyball MVP who shares how she keeps herself fit and healthy through playing volleyball (page 15). Get up close and personal with the Power Up wall climbing crew and get some tips on how this sport can give you a total body workout (page 22). Can’t bike-out because of the rain? Then Sufferfest might just be the solution for you (page 9).













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BARELY THERE? Think again. Sun rays can harm your skin even on cool and cloudy days. The weeks in August and into September had us stuck indoors most of the time because of endless rains. Now that the weather is becoming more relaxed and steady, don’t be too quick to rush outdoors without protecting your skin thinking the sun is barely out anyway. Case in point. My friends and I decided to go on a morning run towards the rally venue in Luneta on that August Saturday. We headed out at eight in the morning on a cloudy day. There was some drizzle then it stopped completely leaving a cool temperature the entire day. Comforted with this idea, I didn’t bother to bring sunscreen. Neither did I worry the entire time since the sun was no where in sight blocked by huge mounds of clouds and we felt comfortable in the open space up to mid day. The following day, I woke up to find a huge patch of redness and burning sensation on my neck, shoulder and face. Two of my friends suffered the same fate which we all had to endure for days. I also managed to develop a sore throat all of a sudden.

cause skin cancer. Other possible problems caused by too much sun exposure are eye diseases, premature wrinkling and ageing of the skin. It also weakens the body’s ability to fight off illnesses leaving you with lower body resistance. Here are some simple tips when taking that short run in the neighboorhood on a not so sunny day Set your perimeter. Know how far you’d like to go that day. Make sure to calculate distance home just in case it pours heavily. Put on sunscreen. Don’t calculate whether the sun will be out or not. Just do it. When choosing your product, look for “broad spectrum” sunscreen which protects your skin from both UVB and UVA. But the best substitute to this is staying under the shade. Best to select areas to pass by that have trees to cover you from direct exposure to sunlight.

If you have sensitive skin, wear propective clothing. This way, you’ll need less application of sunscreen . Protective covers like hats and clothing that It’s a lesson learned the hard way and cover your arms and legs are also an option. something I vouch to impart to as many people as possibly can. Remember, these are Hats cover your face and scalp; the latter is most commonly neglected area of the body information we already know but for some that may get sunburn too. reason tend to overlook from time to time. Sunburn is caused by UV radiation not temperature. While I was not sweating nor feeling uneasy, my skin was receiving the impact of the sun rays. Apparently, even on cloudy days, the UV level can be intense because it can penetrate the clouds. The sun’s rays consist of two types of harmful ultraviolet radiation:UVB and UVA. The former is the main cause of sunburn and skin cancer while the latter which penetrates deeper into the skin, is responsible for the sun’s aging effects and contributes to skin cancer too. UVB is the reason why I got sun burned on an overcast day because it is only partially blocked by clouds. On the otherhand, UVA is always present during the day. So even if my face didn’t end up looking all flushed as it did, I still got sun rays and therefore, skin damage. The key is to practice sun safety all the time. Especially if you love being outdoors. Skin damage add up over time. Our cells can repair itself but if damage is severe it can



When caught with a drizzle while outdoors, you may need to re-apply your sunscreen. Not only does it go away with time, sunscreens are also not waterproof. They get washed away with water. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on your pocket. Bacteria thrive in damp surfaces and when you touch things while outdoors, the chances of you getting sick is high. Sanitize your hand before opening a water bottle. Avoid touching your eyes and mouth especially when you have held things outdoors during the course of your exercise. Don’t forget to drink water! Even if you don’t sweat as intensely as during a hot summer day run, it doesnt mean that your body does not need water. You are likely to get more dehydrated while exercising on a cloudy day because the air temperature is not up which is our normal indication that the body needs to hydrate. PF

RECOMMENDED! ISkin Ultimate Sunshield SPF40 In the past, it was believed that the best way to enjoy the outdoors safely is to wear a sunscreen that has sun protection factor (SPF). SPF tells us the comparison between the amount of time it takes for UVB rays to redden our skin when wearing a sunscreen and when exposed to the sun naked. However, since the discovery of the harmful effects of UVA, some experts suggest that SPF protection may not be enough. This is why dermatologists advise that, when looking for a sunscreen, people should opt for products that not only have an SPF of 15 or higher but also contain the phrases ‘broad spectrum protection’ or ‘UVA/UVB protection,’ like ISKIN’s Ultimate Sunshield SPF 40. Using advanced micronized zinc oxide formulation to increase the skin’s tolerance to environmental factors, ISKIN’s Ultimate Sunshield SPF 40 prevents sun damage by forming a thin barrier that prevents UVB and UVA rays from penetrating our skin. The advanced technology this product employs greatly reduces the possibility of nasty skin conditions like melasma, premature aging and cancers. Specially formulated for Asian skin, its light and easy-toabsorb consistency makes it ideal for people who are always engaged in physical activities. ISKIN New York is exclusively distributed by Flawless.

Mesoestetic Moisturizing Sun Protection SPF 50 Heavy-duty but light weight sunscreen that also maintains the optimum moisture of the skin-- Mesoestetic Moisturizing Sun Protection SPF 50. The cutting-edge technology employed by this product-which is the flagship sunscreen of one of the world’s leading providers of premium cosmeceutical products, Mesoestetic Spain-creates several types of sun filters to provide high levels of barriers against both UVB and UVA rays. Due to its moisturizing and antioxidant properties, the product is perfect for men and women who want to stay fresh and young-looking despite constant sun exposure.



The rain is almost always pouring outside and all you could think of is a cup of coffee, cheese and pandesal, chips or chicharon to get you through the day. What better way to enjoy this kind of weather than eat, right? But should you stuff yourself with just about any food your heart desires? Here are some tips on healthy eating during this rainy season.

“Everybody loves the combination of food and the rainy weather. But since it is also a time for illnesses, it's best to know what to eat and what to avoid. Building resistance is a top priority during this season. Keeping an eye on the food that you eat in order to boost your immunity is best so you can begin to enjoy the season without having to worry about catching an illness�

HOT SOUP - It does not only keep your body warm and away from flu but it also helps you from feeling tired and worn out. Add spices such as ginger, garlic and pepper which boosts immunity. WARM FOOD - Make sure to cook your food properly and eat while warm. Damp weather plus humidity allows fungal and bacterial infections like Dengue. Best to cover food when set aside and hands clean before eating.

DON'T FORGET TO DRINK 8 TO 10 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY. Even though the sun is not out and water is pouring outside, your body could still be dehydrated.

might be at risk from indigestion and food poisoning. Try to include veggies in your diet. They contain nutirents that help you build resistance. Before eating, make sure to thoroughly wash them.

EAT LIGHT and take the right proportions of fat and carbohydrates. As humidity has the tendency to irritate the skin, avoid oily and deep fried food. At this time your body's capacity to digest slows down so you are more prone to indigestion if you don't watch your food intake.

DO NOT EXPOSE FOOD TO OPEN AIR and avoid pre-cut and pre-peeled fruits. The damp surroundings make it an easy breeding ground for fungi and bacteria so it is best to pay closer attention to the food you are buying at the groceries. PF

AVOID STREET FOOD at this time as it is easily contaminated. As well as seafoods unless they are fresh. Otherwise you

we love soup on rainy days We think these 3 kinds of soup are not only a stand out in nutrition and taste but are also easy to prepare. All can be made within less than 20 minutes with not much preparations and of maximum 5 ingredients only.

TOMATO SOUP Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is an effective antioxidant.

CHICKEN SOUP The aroma of ginger and chicken remind us of mom's home made cooking. Ginger is a good immune booster ingredient.

CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP Perhaps one with the most richness and flavor, this comfort food is easy to prepare.





indoor fitness The PF team shares what they’re up to during this season in order to stay fit. Jeff Lo Editor-in-Chief

Tq Antiqueno Creative Director

“Circuit Training! Like 360 Fitness. It’s short, only 30mins but provides a total body workout! I would recommend it to friends especially the busy ones. It’s ideal since its concise but nonetheless complete”

“Wall climbing because aside from the intense work out, it also gives me a thrill climbing up and a sense of success and relief when I’m back down”

Emma Amores Publisher

Faye Evangelista Creative Director

“Definitely dancing! Like hiphop or zumba. Because rainy weather makes me just want to cuddle in bed, I need something encouraging enough to make me want to jump out of bed on weekends. The fun part is having a dance partner too. Exercising on my own bores me so bad, dancing would be a perfect great idea.”

I choose boxing! It develops strength, endurance, speed and agility, plus it’s a good venue to learn self defense.

Geoff Galang Marketing Head Type of indoor sport: FUTSAL I was always a fan of soccer and have been playing the sport since High School in Don Bosco Makati. But i always complained about how big the playing field was and the number of players a side. When I was introduced to futsal in college, it was more exciting, tiring, and thrilling because of the small playing ground and the pain I get after each and every game from elbows, trips, and shoulder hits. I think it brings out the skill of ball handling better than when I played in an actual soccer field.

Dave Banez Operations Head “Basketball. Great way to get the boys together afterwork once a week. Most are really into the sport so regardless of weather condition, for as long as you have the venue set and everyone informed of the game.”



what’s your favorite outdoor sports or fitness activity? Share with us your thoughts and be part of the next issue! We are also on the look out for one lucky winner of an iSkin beauty set from Flawless.

Words: Franc Ramon

Illustration: Tq Antiqueno

Sufferfest Videos: Runners and multi sport athletes love to hit the outdoors whether taking the trusty running shoes or the ever-reliable bike for a run or a ride over a scenic and challenging terrain. Shoes, bikes and outdoors seem like a perfect formula for training until the rain sets in or the roads become too congested. Don’t fret; you can still go places like the mountain terrains of France or Switzerland or even sprint to the finish in the cobblestone paths of Champs Elysee in Paris. Sufferfest Cycling Videos simulates different race situations and brings you at the helm of the big race events like Tour de France, Tour de Suisse and several legs of the UCI World Championships. Each video focuses on a different aspect of cycling from speed to climbing to endurance to time trial and race situations with techno and rock music as background and some motivational pointers and occasional taunts in between.

Aside from an excellent indoor workout alternative, Sufferfest helps build cadence speed, power and endurance as you can focus purely on the cycling part of the workout. The workouts provide shifts in speed, cadence, intensity and gear combination depending on the workout goals. The videos bring you to Sufferlandia and expose you to different training and racing situations as well as the mental attitude of a Sufferlandian. Here’s a breakdown of the several Sufferfest videos: Revolver Revolver is a short 45 minutes workout. It’s a short but tough one as after warming up for about 10 minutes, you have to do one minute of all-out intensity and one minute recovery intervals not just once but 15 times, oh make that 16 times because of those girls who took the extra lap. (Focus: Speed and Recovery Time).

Unleashing the Sufferlandian in You There is No Try There is no try is about 55 minutes and gives you a pyramid workout with each interval having 4 sets at increasing intensity starting with 15 seconds sets followed by 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 1:30 minutes and 2 minutes before you do the intervals again at decreasing times. (Focus: Speed) Downward Spiral Downward spiral is an hour workout featuring 2 sets of maximum intensity / recovery interval starting from two minutes interval gradually decreasing in duration until it reaches to 15 seconds for the finish. There is a recovery of 5 minutes each set. (Focus: Speed, Repeated Maximum Intensity)




A Very Dark Place A very dark place brings you to five different dark places in a race situation in 55 minutes from a solo breakaway, small pack breakaway, strong challenger, elite competitors and finally, the climb with each dark places packed in 4-minute challenges with 3 minutes rest in between. (Focus: Speed, Consistency and Mental Toughness) Angels Angels offers an hour worth of climbing featuring three climbs with different characteristics and terrain worth 8 minutes each with 4 minutes rest per climb. Angels warms you up with an over/under workout to familiarize the rider in changing gears. (Focus: Changing Tempo and Climbing) Hunted Hunted Individual brings you to the Tour De Suisse for an hour starting with a solo breakaway before managing the lead over the pack in 20 minutes worth of climbing before the descent and finally, a series of sprints in 10 minutes to be the Tour Champion. (Focus: Climbing, Mental Toughness, Attacking) Hell Hath No Fury Hell Hath No Fury features the Tour of Sufferlandia lasting 75 minutes with you as the top bet to win the tour. The tour consists of a flat stage and two 20 minutes efforts on an uphill terrain before you go all out to win the cup in a 3:30 team time trial. (Focus: Endurance and Consistency) Fight Club Fight Club takes you to an hour’s worth of situations in the UCI World Championships Time Trail and Road Race. It starts with a 6-minutes tempo ride followed by 4 laps of a combination of time trial effort, climbing and recovery over a 9:30-minute period. (Focus: Speed Transitions and Managing Attacks) Local Hero Local Hero makes you Sufferlandia’s bet in the World Championships in 85 minutes worth of cycling with three 6-minutes pyramids, five laps of 3 minutes road racing and one 2 minutes sprint to the finish for the win. As an added bonus, you also get to test your mettle in several 2 minutes sprints with the cycling greats. (Focus: Speed, Endurance and Sprints) When the outdoors is unavailable, the Sufferlandian in you will rise to take up the challenging Sufferfest videos. The videos also build character through inspiring quotes, real-life cycling events and occasional taunts. Sufferfest promotes the work hard, train hard philosophy with their tag line being “I Will Beat my Ass Today to Kick Yours Tomorrow (IWBMATTKYT).” Sufferlandia videos are available at

running companion

accessories Yurbuds Pete Jacobs Signature Series

Here’s a new line-up of gears to match your game plan on race day.

shoes Brooks rooks Ghost 6

Feels els as good as it looks. Brooks Ghost 6 has taken the transition from silky to ridiculously smooth by removing the midfoot shank and creating full ground contact from heel to toe. The underfoot gets even more love with a horseshoe Caterpillar Crash Pad that wraps the heel from medial to lateral sides and articulates the laydown. The shoe perfectly rolls from heel-strike to toe-off. Running under the rain? Choose the Ghost GTX with GORE-TEX® membrane protection. Get the same amazing, awardwinning features as the new Ghost 5 with the added comfort of breathable, waterproof protection.

time Suunto Ambit2 S

The GPS watch for athletes The new Ambit2 S is a light and sleek GPS watch for multisport athletes that packs all the features needed for cycling, running, swimming and multisport training. The GPS provides accurate pace, route navigation and tracking, while the heart rate monitor lets you train within your ideal zone. Soleus GPS Tour

Aside from the brand’s “never fall out” trademark for all its earphone styles, the Signature Series ITE-100 sports uniquely reflective, tangleresistant Kevlar cords, premium sound quality and a 1-button microphone system with track and call control. A multipurpose dry mic/remote allows for easy, hands-free control of any iPhone®, AndroidTM and Blackberry® device. It is also sweat and water-resistant, allows ambient noise, and features FlexSoftTM comfort fit and TwistLockTM Technology. Yurbuds is popular not only among athletes of all types, but anyone looking for quality earphones that provide superior sound and stay put through all the twists, turns and sweat that come with vigorous activity. Fuelbelt Ironman Series

New Balance 1260v3

Souleus techonology has gone even further

Stay close to the ground without sacrificing cushy stability. Made from lightweight materials using FantomFit technology, he 1260v3 provides exceptional heel cushioning. Air mesh and the synthetic and TPU upper combine to bring breathability, and with the ABZORB® Crash Pad you’ll still feel the road, track or trail while lessening harmful impact. N2 low-to-the-ground cushioning technology is a responsive, durable, sustainable cushioning system in a low profile execution.

Introducing the new Soleus GPS Tour watch - for runners going the extra long distance. Backed-up with a 16-HOUR battery charge, a perfect running companion for ultra marathons. Whether for road running, trail blazing, trekking or mountain climbing, the Soleus Tour is packed with features that will allow you to do much, much more! PRODUCT FEATURES: Heart Rate Speed, Distance, Pace by GPS Vibration Alerts Altimeter Interval Timers 100 Lap Memory Automatic Lap Splits 1/100th Chronograph

16-Hour Battery Charge Calorie Counter World Time EL Backlight with Night Setting 30m Water Resistant USB Rechargeable Battery & Cable

SRP P16,450 Will be available in retail by end October.

The perfect accessory for triathletes and runners who need to bring their own personal fluids on Race Day and in long training sessions. It has a strap-on belt with holsters for ergonomically shaped flasks elegantly designed as well as ideal weight distribution properties. Today, FuelBelt is the leader in hydration belts and accessories, with dozens of products to cater to the needs of serious athletes. The FuelBelt Ironman Collection will be exclusively available at all RUNNR stores and select Toby’s Sports outlets. The FuelBelt Ironman Collection features exclusive color styles and discreet “M-dot” badging across a line of 2- and 3-bottle hydration belts and 1-bottle “Sprint” Palm Holders.



BLUES These are days when we are prompted to reroute our fitness destination plans from outdoors to somewhere away from the rain and the heavy pollution that comes with it. You probably have a workout routine which you can do at home. But when the sight of your bed nearby and what’s cooking in the kitchen becomes too distracting and hard to resist, we have a few suggestions on where you can go instead. FEMALE POWER! Group exercises work well to those who like to be motivated together with other people. For those who get bored with the prospect of doing exercise routines by yourself or dread one-on-one training, there are places you can go to be among others who share the same goal as yours. Curves is about fitness, health, and moving away from disease; gaining strength and losing weight; reaching your goals in a community of support and encouragement; and Strengthening Women. With its scientifically proven exercise and diet programs, Curves is a “one-stop shop” where women can lose weight, gain muscle strength and aerobic capacity, and raise metabolism for good. The gym’s 30-minute fitness concept – which works every major muscle group -- combines strength training and sustains cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. Curves also has a revolutionary diet program that’s based in science and has been proven in numerous and ongoing university research studies to raise metabolism and end the need for perpetual dieting. Visit them at the 2/F of Serendra, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City (fronting Market! Market!) in Taguig, Metro Manila and at the 4F Cinema Level, Eastwood CityWalk 2, Eastwood City, Quezon City. Contact No.s 584-9841, 0917-737-7835, 0921209-3322. Facebook page at https://www. or www.



ALL BOXED UP Looking to increase your stamina and punching power, eye and hand coordination and improve your footwork and speed? Boxing lessons lets you train one-on-one with a professional coach. Having a coach to guide and teach you all through out ensures your proper skill development and rids you of acquiring bad form and habits. You can also try aerobics exercises that uses a fusion of boxing and kick boxing. It’s a good way to burn extra calories while building overall endurance, proper form and stance. Try these boxing gyms: Red Corner Fitness & Boxing Club 5th Floor, World Center 330 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila Phone: (02) 867-8059 5/F Holiday Inn Galleria Manila, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Metro Manila, Philippines Phone:(02)6349943 Elorde Boxing Gym

Punchout Boxing Club

3rd Floor A&W Bldg, 1 Juno Street Makati Ave, Makati City Phone: 0906 276 0447 Edsa Corner Libertad Street Domingo M. Guevara, Mandaluyong City Phone: (02) 535 1002

5th Flr., World Centre Building HV Dela Costa St., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines Phone: (02) 891-4808 Cell Number: +63 917 344 9611 Email: inquiries@punchoutboxingclub.

Bring in the summer vibe

the whole year round! Introducing HOT HULA fitness® in the Philippines

HOT HULA fitness® is a fun, new and exciting dance workout. It provides a “total body workout” in 60 minutes. HOT HULA fitness® isolates your larger muscle groups, increasing strength and definition to your core with specific emphasis on the abs, glutes, quads and arms. The foundation of HHf is built upon its emphasis on core training and strengthening of the muscles which are at the “heart” of one’s core! Throughout the sessions, movements involving the muscles of the legs and hips are corefocused. Essentially, what you have is a 60-minute standing abdominal exercise session! Completely low impact, continuous movement at the moderate physical level provides a perfect cardiovascular workout for all levels and ages, regardless of previous dance experience. Beginners can burn 500 to 600 calories during the one-hour session; advanced students may knock off up to 900. Improved balance, endurance, coordination, and weight loss are other benefits of the routine. Each HHf session is divided into 5 segments: the Warm-up, the Breakdown of the Siva (dance), the Siva, Ab & Leg workout, and Cooldown.

THE 5 BASIC MOVES Tamau (Side-to-Side) – side to side hip movement Ami (Circle) – hip rotation, drawing a big “O” with your hips

It is a total body workout inspired by dances of the Pacific Islands set to the sounds of Polynesian drum beats fused with funky Reggae, Hip Hop, pop/dance music.

Afata (Box) – hitting four corners of a box with your hips

HOT HULA fitness® focuses on blending the basic dance moves with body position, isolation of muscles and on having fun South Pacific style! It’s a fresh way to get active and burn calories.

Ope (Hook) – drawing a hook or a letter “U” (inverted) with your hips

Varu (Figure 8) – drawing the figure 8 or infinity sign with your hips

Handpainted tribal sarong from


Urban Classics Red tank Top from

In order to complete the experience, you must come to class with the following accessories. Dressing up for a Hot Hula class can be so much fun! Heavy on culture and light on equipment, all one needs is a lava-lava or sarong, bare feet and hips that want to move. The lavalava helps accentuate your hip action during the various dance movements. Then, too, the island-style attire just adds to the atmosphere. Put a flower on your hair if you may for that Polynesian feel.

Hawaian hibiscus flower as hair accessory

It’s a HOT HULA Party!

Gemstone Hula Bracelet from


Hawaian Flowers Blue Keiki Girls short sarong from

Is the room HOT? No! Just the participants! Do I need a hoola hoop? No hoola hoops here! Just hips that want to move! Do I wear shoes? Bare feet work best!!! What should I wear? Workout or tank top/shorts. Dance pants work great too! Tie a sarong or “lava-lava” around your hips to help you “feel” the movements. Put a flower on your hair if you may for that Polynesian feel! Wait! I’ve never danced hula! That’s alright! Each class layers the basic moves to give you a fun and enjoyable fitness experience.

For classes, contact Vikki Santos through: and Facebook Page Vikki is the only certified and approved HOT HULA fitness® Instructor in Manila.



the volleyball sweetheart

words | abby aranza mendez Photos| Wilson Benedict Carriaga Jon Paredes styling | Shahani gania hair & make-up | Krisha kasil All sports apparel from Toby's Sports Dress stylist's own Shot on location at Vista Residences' AVANT at the Fort.




For UAAP women’s volleyball spectators, it’s impossible to not have noticed her. She stands out in her five-foot-nine frame, with a charming smile and pretty face. But as her games unfold, it becomes apparent that Michele Gumabao has something else that catches the eye—athletic prowess. In her four years of playing for De La Salle Lady Spikers, she is believed to have been a big contributor to DLSU’s three-time championship in seasons 73 to 75. She was named Best Blocker in UAAP’s 73rd and 74th seasons, and Most Valuable Player in UAAP Season 75 Finals, bringing herself even further into the limelight. Suddenly, everyone following the UAAP volleyball competition was talking about the Gumabao girl, and even those out of the sports loop caught wind of her. Michele, the daughter of former actorpolitician and now Christian pastor Dennis Roldan, has made a name for herself— without banking on anything but her athletic skills. Today her fame extends from the UAAP scene and on to the world of celebrity spotlight. At the PF cover shoot, Michele proves that behind her athletic façade and current position in the sports world, she is the same cheery, professional, and God-fearing gal that she was before her stardom. She’s a darling through and through. She wore a bright smile that lit up the room, and there’s lightness that emanated from her that was totally divorced from her ferociousness in the court.



“If I have the opportunity

to share the joys of being into the sport, that would be something I would like to do.”

Blue men’s jacket from Berghaus available in Toby’s




THE MAKING OF THE VOLLEYBALL SWEETHEART Michele started her volleyball career from the ground up. She had to try out for the DLSU volleyball team, unlike some of her teammates who were recruited from their high schools. She was bent on performing well every game to show her value to the team, and it took a lot of discipline on her part. Although she used to play volleyball during her high school years at the School of the Holy Spirit in Quezon City, she soon discovered that training for her collegiate team was a whole different thing. So she devoted one hundred percent of herself to the sport, even deciding to leave the partying lifestyle common to a teenager like her. Her efforts paid off eventually when she was made the team’s utility spiker. Since then, there was no stopping Michele. People



took note of her promise, and she figured prominently as one of the forces that helped her team toward three championships. But even as people recognized her contribution, she won’t be caught taking the credit. She believes it’s the collective effort of the team that led to their victories. Today she has become a sports celebrity in her own right, gaining all attention that was in years past focused on his actorpolitician dad. Now that it is her that people are looking at and talking about, Michele can only hope to use the attention properly, and she hopes to do that by inspiring more people. Just recently, a rather daring and powerful photo of her spiking a ball and seemingly nude made rounds on the internet. It was part of an endorsement for a popular sporting goods store. Michele, in an interview with Yahoo! explained that she believes the image brings a strong symbolism, saying that “I may have looked

nude in the pictures, but when I first looked at them, what registered in my mind was the very essence of why I love the sports because these pictures show women empowerment and strength.” She added, “This sense of nakedness is like me starting from nothing, humbling myself before God and explaining how I love playing even beyond fame, popularity, and it’s much more than just my school, last name or jersey number. It’s about raw passion that keeps me going.”

GOOD-BYE FOR NOW But all good things come to an end. At the height of her success as a Lady Spiker, Michele announced it’s time to say goodbye to her collegiate volleyball career. She graduates this October with a degree in Marketing Management and hopes to do other things. “I would probably try hosting,” she discloses. “Sports is close to my heart.

“...IT’s Much more than just my school, last name or jersey number.

it’s about raw passion that keeps me going.” PINOY FITNESS MAGAZINE




It’s where I’m most comfortable in. So I definitely would still be in the sports realm.” She has recently tried her hand at sports TV broadcasting as an analyst for Shakey’s V-League. Not seeing Michele play is sad news for people who love seeing her in the court. But she’s not leaving volleyball entirely. “I want to be able to play a role in bringing volleyball closer to people. So they can appreciate it better—the kids, for instance,” she says. “If I have the opportunity to share the joys of being into the sport, that would be something I would like to do.” Michele continues to support her team saying that with or without her, the potential is there and her teammates have what it takes to bag their fourth straight championship. “I am confident and excited.”

IT GOES ON Life only begins for Michele. What comes after depends on what she chooses to do next. By the looks of it, the future looks very bright and promising for this young girl and we are most likely to see more of her. Wherever life will lead her, we can trust that she will bring the discipline and values her coach, Ramil De Jesus, and the sport itself instilled in her. Michele playful before the camera. “Time to get Serious” Pinoy Fitness dri-fit shirt from the 2013 collection



But there’s something we have to thank her for—and all her co-athletes in the recent seasons of UAAP women’s volleyball: that they made the competition ringing with excitement, giving all of us something to discuss and look forward to in the world of sports. PF

tomboyChic Not everyone can wear figurehugging lace top and short shorts to a hosting gig and get away with it. Unless you are Sel Guevara. She’s part oozing sexy with lots of attitude. Whether it’s for a music or sports hosting gig, Sel wins you over with her bubbly demeanor and a great sense of professionalism. One to come to work always prepared, she could easily hook on to the script and whip up an opening that automatically captures the audience. Her tomboy character makes it easy for her to make a connection. Comfortable in her own skin, she admits each ensemble for work or party is of whatever suits her mood. Sel often sports a pixie hair which compliments her svelte frame quite perfectly. Currently a


courtside reporter at PBA and a radio DJ, Sel looks forward to exciting new projects coming her way very soon. Keeping a work-life balance is a practice one must do even at a young age according to her. Allowing the body to rest is key to staying healthy. “It will always seem like there’s no time. But make time. It takes discipline”, Sel shares about choosing the right exercise for you. Adding that the fun part is you can subscribe to one that suits your mood or lifestyle at the moment then shift to another when you feel the need to. And as in everything else, whether it is for your career or staying fit-- one must work hard and commit to making it happen in order to achieve success. Nothing beats the feeling that comes with reaping the fruits of your labor.

Being on the limelight puts a lot of pressure on looking good. Sure they may have the right genes but that doesnt stand alone all the time. You gota work yourself up in order to achieve an ideal figure girls are envious about and boys drool over. With busy schedules and multiple engagements, these gals do keep a regimen to heart in order to stay fit. Photo courtesy of BandaFest

Girlnextdoor Singer-songwriter, actress, host, entreprenuer and runner, Karylle--is undoubtly multi-talented. Not only is she able to do all these- she does them well with flying colors! A proof of her stellar multifaceted life is in her resume: Valedictorian in secondary and Dean’s Lister in College at the Ateneo, successful singer turned songwriter turned producer. Then she became an entrepreneur having been a co-owner of a few establishments in Quezon City all the while broadening her acting roles from soap operas to the Kitchen Musical. These days she is a mainstay on our tv screens either hosting or guesting on shows. As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate, she has also become active in the fitness scene. Who knows what she will be into next? There’s no stopping this energypacked girl next door. PF Photo courtesy of Fruitas






Working out

down and


Words: Abby P. Aranza Mendez Photos: Jeff Lo



Coach Brian Villas was looking up, tugging at the rope in his hands, giving instructions to a girl climbing up the wall. He was telling her where to land her next step, to spread her legs apart, to keep going. “You’re doing good, sweetie,” he would say, the encouraging tone of a father evident in his voice. The girl was no more than four years old. Her male cousin had just finished his own climb, and here she was tackling a forty feet-high wall. She got tired somewhere in the climb, but she finished it anyway. That girl, fearless. If she keeps doing this, and if her parents let her, she would probably end up like Jo Jalandoni, who has been climbing since she was twelve and knows what wall climbing does to the body. “I think there’s no muscle that is not exercised. That’s the great part,” she says. Jo has been training for a year now under Coach Brian of Power Up Center for Climbing and Fitness. “He makes us climb this wall several times a day. It really helps your endurance and stamina.” Wall climbing caught on in the Philippines around 1998 to 1999. Back then there was no harness or climbing shoes to speak of. Coach Brian and his climber friends used abaca for a harness and ninja shoes for climbing. But wall climbing silently stepped back from the public’s attention when badminton became the next fad sport. Only recently is it making a comeback and is going straight into the consciousness of adventurous fitness-minded people who are looking at the sport as more than just a recreational activity but as an alternative fitness program. Since it works all parts of the body, it’s progressed to become a total body workout. “A lot of my students here really lose weight and really tone down,” Coach Brian shares, adding that depending on the program, you can lose 900 calories after 30 minutes

of nonstop climbing. “All of your target muscles are working, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers, especially the hard-to-target areas of your body like your inner thigh, butt, back, chest.” Of course, you can add to the list core and arm muscles. All this makes wall climbing a good cross-training program too. Although he believes that going on a diet can help, Coach Brian doesn’t subject his students to a strict diet. “Eat anything you want. As long as you’re here, you’re gonna burn a lot of calories.” He remembers a student who weighed 350 pounds and was committed to a thrice-a-week training and his regular diet. “We had a program for a year and a half,” Coach Brian recalls. “For one year, he weighed from 350 down to 220.

After six months, from 220 down to 150.” But it does more than exercising the body. It works out the mind too. The amount of physical effort you put is the same amount of mental effort you need to plan your way, read the route, and decide where to put your hands and feet. Brawn is good, but not without brain. It being a non-discriminating physical activity is also one reason wall climbing has become a popular fitness regimen. It welcomes any type of body, any level of physical ability, and any age. In fact, Coach Brian has students as young as 3 ½ years old and as old as 75. Even those who have fear of heights have nothing to worry. Coach Brian believes that

Wall climbing is always a battle between you and the wall, and the only person to keep you from going up is yourself. wall climbing is a good therapy for them. As in the case of other fitness programs, training is done gradually. “First, we’re gonna do it only for thirty minutes. After that, every time we do our practice at least three times a week, their stamina and endurance improve,” informs Coach Brian. Beginners normally can do three to five climbs in the first try, and with lots of rests in between, he adds. But practicing twice or thrice a week, with loads of patience, is a recipe for a better performance. “Nobody regresses in this sport. Everybody progresses,” he says. Many progress to the point that they do actual rock climbing after several indoor sessions. “Indoor is to prep you up for outdoor,” says Coach Brian. “I have students who were first-timers in

my program. And then I took them out to Quezon province. They did it.” The only requirement to indoor climbing? Not shoes, not harness. You could buy your own if you decide you and the sport are a match made in heaven. All you need is patience, persistence, and “a happy face.” Wall climbing is always a battle between you and the wall, and the only person to keep you from going up is yourself. “If you get frustrated with the wall, that’s the end. You should always be happy here. This is what we always tell our clients, if you weren’t able to do it today, that’s okay. It means there’s something you can always go back for.” Ready to challenge yourself? Climb a wall at Power Up-R.O.X, Bonifacio Global City.




RUN 2013 Runners once again converged last June 16, 2013 at Ortigas Center, Pasig City to support Petron Run for Safety. Proceeds of this event was for the benefit of Sagip Alalay and Project NOAH. Photo Credit: Puyat Tuason





KING OF THE ROAD More than 8,000 runners went ALL IN and hit the roads on BGC last July 7, 2013 to support the adidas King of the Road Philippines. The race features a challenging 10K and a unique 16.8K course around BGC where runners are greeted by cheering squads from the running community. Photo Credits: adidas Philippines, and Pinoy Fitness






CLEAN- UP RUN 2013 A fundraising event to help clean up Manila Bay, this year thousands of runners convereged along Roxas Blvd on July 14, 2013 to take part and once again support this noble race. Photo Credits: John Dizon, Pinoy Fitness





70.3 CEBU The most well attended Half Ironman event in the Country. The Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines harbored more than 2000 local and international athletes. The 1.9KM Swim, 90KM Bike and 21KM Run race took took place in Shangrila Mactan and went around the magnificent city of Cebu. Photo Credit: Sunrise Events, Inc., Ado Yap and Pinoy Fitness






SUB 1 10K

The first ever Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge was held last September 22, 2013 in BGC in partnership with Pep Squad Events where runners battled it out to finish a 10KM race course in 1 hour. Thanks to everyone who supported the event, especially to our sponsors Reebok, Enervon Activ, Enervon HP, SUUNTO, Pocari Sweat and to everyone who made this event possible.



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