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Stat Fax 4500

– A Compact, Economical Chemistry Analyzer

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Chemistry analyzers are essential for various scientific and research applications. Of the systems available today, the Stat Fax 4500 Chemistry Analyzer from Awareness Technology, a compact, economical, standalone model is much appreciated for its impressive technical specifications and features which ensure quick and accurate results for quality diagnostics. This article looks into the factors that make this analyzer stand out in a crowd.

Chemistry Analyzer with Advanced Features The Stat Fax 4500 comes with features that blend safety, efficiency and convenience. The product has a streamlined design and a user-friendly touch screen interface. It offers superb optics and includes on-board curve-fitting software. Results can be printed on the built-in printer or displayed in customized format on a computer.

Stat Fax 4500

Stat Fax 4500 Chemistry Analyzers With Impressive Features

Some of the main features of this advanced analyzer model

Touchscreen interface

Accommodates 12mm tubes or cuvettes

Read cell is temperature controlled to 37째C.

Turbidimetric assay capability

Large non-volatile memory

Flowcell included

Long-life IAD filters

Interactive touch-screen LCD with USB mouse option

Bichromatic and Monochromatic reading

On board curve fitting calculations

Includes a handy lab timer plus pen

Single point calibration

The product pack includes an optional Flowcell that accommodates 12mm tubes or cuvettes, six filters - 340, 405, 505, 545, 580, and 630nm - in the standard model and a handy lab timer plus pen.

Advantages of the Stat Fax 4550

Reduces complexity of testing Helps labs boost operational efficiency Streamlines workflow in low-volume laboratories


Consolidate testing, or automate steps

Is intuitive and easy to use Economical – reduces the cost of lab operations

Purchase from a Reliable Supplier The advanced Stat Fax 4500 Chemistry Analyzer can be purchased online from a leading lab equipment store. Reliable dealers offer this analyzer at a competitive rate. They also make available the necessary reagents and consumables. Technical experts help in installation and also provide assistance on use and operation. With the right store, you would be ensured of on time delivery and timely and efficient maintenance services.

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Stat Fax 4500 - A Compact, Economical Chemistry Analyzer  

Stat Fax 4500 is a compact, economical and efficient standalone chemistry analyzer with impressive features that can meet the demands of mod...