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Popular Automated Hematology Analyzer Models Hematology analyzers are essential for many clinical lab operations. They are used to determine the presence of different types of cellular and non-cellular elements in blood and body fluids. Before the introduction of advanced automated hematology analyzer models, body fluid cell analysis was a lengthy manual process. Currently, modern laboratories use automated analyzers that ensure higher accuracy in test results for accurate diagnosis and enhanced patient care. There are several models of analyzers available in the market and it is essential to choose the product that fits your lab’s needs and budget.

Benefits of Using Automated Hematology Analyzers

To obtain a complete and detailed blood count and body fluid results, the hematology testing process must be accurate. A hematology analyzer model with advanced functions can help achieve this. With conventional manually operated analyzers, accuracy was always compromised. Automated hematology analyzers, on the other hand, provide reliable indications. Integration of multiple technologies in a single analyzer offers various benefits


 Accurate test results in quick time  Enhanced detection capabilities  Automated quality assurance functions  Superior data management functions  Automatic sample handling  User-friendly software interface  Multitasking facility  Color screens with color printouts  Reduced manual intervention  Automatic cleaning  Automated quality control evaluation

Top Models of Hematology Analyzers

Even though, there are different models of hematology analyzers available in the market there are certain brands which deliver superior functionality and reliable results which leads to enhanced lab efficiency. Popular automated analyzer models include the Abbott Cell Dyn 1800, the Beckman Coulter AcT5 Diff, the ABX Micros 60, the QBC Autoread plus Hematology System and the Mindray BC-3200 Hematology Analyzer


Choose a dependable dealer for medical lab equipment purchase

It is important for laboratory owners to buy hematology analyzers from a reliable and experienced supplier. With the right lab equipment store, you can select products from all leading brands at an affordable price. On the other hand, those laboratory owners who cannot afford to buy new equipment models can find recertified products from reputable dealers. Those who have a budget constraint can opt for a reagent rental plan which allows them to acquire latest analyzer models without having to pay for it up front. Reputable medical laboratory equipment dealers also provides related accessories along with efficient and on time repair and maintenance services.

About the Author Block Scientific is a leading medical laboratory equipment supplier based on New York. Hematology Analyzers are new and recertified hematology analyzers for the analysis of blood cells and count, platelet enumerations.

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Popular Automated Hematology Analyzer Models  

Automated hematology analyzers ensure accurate test results in quick turnaround time. Reliable suppliers offer top quality analyzer models c...

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