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New and Refurbished Point of Care Analyzers Leading lab equipment suppliers offer new and refurbished point-of-care analyzers along with customer-friendly options for purchase. Portable benchtop analyzers facilitate near patient testing (NPT) and point-of-care testing (POCT) in many medical environments. These clinical chemistry systems can perform routine multi-chemistry of plasma, serum, or whole blood using simple touch screen commands. POC tests have the capability to improve the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases at the primary care level and in remote settings. Efficient use of a point-ofcare system facilitates clinical testing with the instant availability of accurate results for timely disease management, thereby helping to improve health outcomes. To meet the rising demand for on-site testing, leading lab equipment suppliers offer both new and refurbished point of care analyzers. Laboratories with budget limitations can opt for a refurbished system which works as well as new, but costs much less. On the other hand, laboratories that want to purchase a new, advanced point-of-care clinical chemistry


analyzer can opt for a reagent rental purchase plan that allows them to pay for the equipment in convenient monthly installments based on reagent use and costs per tests (CPT).

New Point of Care Analyzers – Advantage of the Latest Technology New point of care devices could be more expensive, but offer the latest technology for greater efficiency, speed accuracy and timeliness in testing. Another benefit of choosing a new branded item is that spare parts would be easily accessible. These devices come with a proper warranty and could be relied for their durability.

Refurbished Point of Care Analyzers – Cost Effective Solution This is a cost effective solution especially for small and medium-size labs and those facing budget constraints. However, recertified point of care analyzers from a reliable lab equipment store would not compromise on quality. Such dealers take care to see that the equipment is refurbished to meet original manufacturer specifications before it is put up for sale. They would also offer the systems with at least 90 days parts warranty.


Popular Point of Care Analyzer Models  Cholestech LDX is known for its ease of use and delivery of immediate test results from a single drop of blood. The specific features of this model include CHD risk assessment, easy 3-step procedure, immediate feedback and economical software upgrades for novel tests.  Abbott i-STAT 1 is a revolutionary, handheld blood gas analyzer which offers accurate test results in jerks of minutes by making use of two drops of blood and a test cartridge. Accurate and speedy test results and small sample are its key features  Abaxis Piccolo Xpress is a handy and solid clinical chemistry system for on-site testing. This user-friendly system delivers quick and accurate on-the-spot results for multi-chemistry and electrolyte tests. The results can be transferred to a printer, LIS/EMR, or computer, allowing medical personnel to get vital diagnostic details quickly at the point of care. This low maintenance, easy operation system does not need any special training to operate.

Purchase from a Reliable Dealer Regardless of whether you are looking for new or refurbished point of care analyzers, it’s important to find a reliable dealer. This will ensure a premium


quality point of care system at a competitive price. The benefits of purchase from the right online lab equipment supplier include the following:  Choice of quality clinical chemistry systems by leading brands  Budget-friendly pricing  Option of reagent rental plan  Standard service contracts  At least 90 day parts warranty for recertified products and more for new  Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available  On time delivery  Material service visits

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New and refurbished point of care analyzers  

Leading lab equipment suppliers offer new and refurbished point-of-care analyzers along with customer-friendly options for purchase.