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What Equipment Is Needed For a Medical Lab? Medical laboratories have to perform a variety of complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic and bacteriological tests on a routine basis. Test results also have to be evaluated. For performing these day to day applications efficiently and accurately, a medical lab needs a wide range of equipment. Leading distributors of medical laboratory equipment in the US offer sophisticated models of new and recertified lab devices at competitive prices to meet their analytical and diagnostic requirements.

Standard Medical Lab Equipment ensures Consistent Performance The accuracy of medical diagnostic results mainly depends on the kind of laboratory equipment used to carry out the analysis. Devices that work well and are durable allow clinical facilities to complete the diverse research functions within the specified time limit and to deliver accurate evaluation reports. The array of equipment that established medical labs would have include: •


Hematology analyzers

Blood gas analyzers

Autoclaves •


Chemistry analyzers

Differential counters

Histology and cytology equipment

Urinalysis analyzers

DNA analyzers

Gamma counters

Microplate readers/washers


Point of care analyzers

Immunoassay analyzers, and more

Reliability and steadiness in performance are the important factors when it comes to buying medical laboratory equipment. Lab appliances that meet the prescribed standards would be free from flaws, and ensure smooth and consistent performance.

New and Recertified Equipment Medical labs can choose to go in for either brand new or refurbished equipment. The choice would depend on their specific requirements and budget constraints. Though new devices are expensive, they ensure consistent performance and durability. New devices would also help researchers get acquainted with the latest technology. Recertified medical lab equipment is an affordable option for small labs and for facilities facing budget constraints. Though available at prices much lower than new, these devices offer steady performance and deliver accurate test results. Before they are offered for sale, used devices are refurbished and recertified. Factory-trained technicians first inspect the device and if flaws are detected, they are set right following original manufacturer specifications. Once the revamping procedures are complete, these

appliances are retested, and if the performance is satisfactory, they are packed, recertified and put up for sale with proper service contracts and extended warranty.

Online Lab Equipment Stores offer the Best Deals Online stores are a great way to buy quality medical lab equipment. Most experienced distributors of laboratory equipment in the US maintain a large inventory of medical lab devices from leading manufacturers including OBC Diagnostics, Awareness Technology, Medica, LW Scientific, Stanbio, Boekel Scientific, Siemens, and so on. Browsing an established online store makes it easy to assess technical features, specifications, features, brands, warranty options and prices. Once medical labs decide what equipment they need, they need to find a reliable supplier. Besides providing branded appliances at affordable prices, established suppliers also ensure prompt product delivery, professional aftersales support, timely maintenance services, in-house service options, and so on. Contact Details Block Scientific, Inc. 1620 Ocean Avenue Unit 3 Bohemia, NY 11716 USA Ph: 631-589-1118

What Equipment Is Needed For a Medical Lab?  

A medical lab to perform diverse research functions in an efficient manner and needs several types of equipment. Depending on reliable onlin...

What Equipment Is Needed For a Medical Lab?  

A medical lab to perform diverse research functions in an efficient manner and needs several types of equipment. Depending on reliable onlin...