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Important Factors to Consider While Buying Centrifuges Online Centrifuges are among the most important equipment in medical laboratories. Many types of tests and analyses conducted in modern laboratories are virtually impossible without a centrifuge. Therefore it is highly advisable for medical labs to invest in automated, user-friendly and space efficient medical laboratory centrifuges that can provide accurate results in minimal time. Many online lab equipment stores offer various models of centrifuges, both new and recertified. In fact, there are so many suppliers that you could get confused about which supplier to choose to get maximum value for your money. Before buying any type of lab equipment, make sure you do some thorough research of the product and the various models available. Here are important factors you should keep in mind while buying new and recertified centrifuges online.

Type: There are many types of centrifuges available such as plasma, micro-centrifuge, PCR, benchtop, and more. Choose the device can best serve your lab requirements.


Accuracy: Accuracy and promptness in providing results are very important factors to consider. Buy quality products from top suppliers to ensure accurate results in quick turnaround time. Reliable manufacturers of centrifuges such as Beckman, Clay Adams, Drucker and Block Scientific offer premium quality models.



A modern laboratory centrifuge comes with several distinct features. Technical specifications to consider when buying one include speed (rpm), refrigerated or nonrefrigerated, applications and capability, sample volume and throughput, dimension of the tubes, safety features, motor and noise levels and centrifugation protocols.

Budget: Budget can be an important factor that can affect your choice of equipment. If new products are beyond your reach there is always the option of going in for recertified models that cost less but work flawlessly.

Service and Repair: Make sure that the supplier can provide you with prompt in-house services such as installation, maintenance and repair by trained technicians and other after-sale services.

Choose the Right Supplier Finding a right supplier, especially while buying online, is as vital as the laboratory centrifuge model you choose. A good supplier with established


credentials is what you should look for. Online blogs, articles, forums and customer reviews can help find trustworthy suppliers. You can visit their websites and examine the prices of the various models of centrifuges and their technical features. A reliable supplier will also offer refurbished equipment that is refurbished to meet original manufacturer specifications. Buying the right laboratory centrifuge from the right supplier would definitely make it a worthwhile investment.

About Author Based in New York, Block Scientific is a worldwide lab equipment supplier, offering quality and reliable products required for your laboratory applications. We have an extensive selection of laboratory centrifuges from the industry's most respected manufacturers.

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Important Factors to Consider While Buying Centrifuges Online  

Centrifuges are vital for medical laboratories. Buying the equipment online is an easy and effective option. However, some important points...

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