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ChemWell-T Ideal forAnalyzer Lower Throughput Labs

Medical laboratories and research facilities need quality chemistry analyzers. This piece of laboratory equipment is used to measure the presence of chemicals in biological samples. ChemWell-T from Awareness Technology is a fully automated, random access analyzer for biochemistry and Immuno-Turbidimetric assays and is specially designed for lower throughput labs. The ChemWell-T 4610 PC controlled chemistry + turbidimetric analyzer is not a “junior” or “mini” version of a high throughput analyzer. Rather, it is a PC-controlled random access open system optimized in speed, quality, dependability and economy.

It can also serve as a

dependable backup analyzer. It allows you to select up to 5 from an assortment of interchangeable, removable rack sectors to customize the reagent/sample platform for your workload.

ChemWell-T Analyzer – Impressive Features

 User-programmable open system  Starter quantity supplied  Self-monitoring mechanicals and optics  Reusable after washing  Retracts safely if probe contacts an obstacle  Reflex testing  Full QC package provides tracking options for calibrators and controls.  Reaction Volume <250uL  Oscillates to mix  Washes automatically  Measures remaining volume  Liquid sensing probe tip  Detects liquid surface  Delivers 5mL to 450mL with typical precision of 2% CV or better  Complete QC package  Biochemistry & Turbidimetric assays  100 tests per hour throughput

The chemistry analyzer has the capability to use pediatric samples, serum vials, primary tubes, calibrators and controls and reagents from your own containers. The device provides the option to add more samples, STAT samples or additional reagents (as needed). This analyzer offers great value through daily operation and throughout its life cycle.

Purchase from a Reliable Laboratory Equipment Supplier Buy ChemWell-T Analyzer from a reliable and established laboratory equipment supplier. To ensure prompt and efficient service, a reliable supplier will carry the necessary parts and accessories for this analyzer. Locate an established and top laboratory equipment supplier through an online search.

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ChemWell-T Analyzer - Ideal for Lower Throughput Labs  
ChemWell-T Analyzer - Ideal for Lower Throughput Labs  

ChemWell-T is a fully automated, random access analyzer model specially designed for lower throughput labs.