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Building a first home is a significant step in any person's life. There aren't many greater decisions someone will need to make in their lifetime. Perhaps only who to marry and whether to buy the normal or extended version of the Lord of The Rings trilogy on DVD are more important and require more consideration. If you're at this important junction of your life then I can offer the following advice; The extended version is well worth the investment and if he hasn't proposed to you by now then it's time to start looking again girlfriend! If you're also about to build, here are my top 3 tips. Tip 1 - Don't look too far ahead I've seen so many people make this mistake that it just has to be the number one tip. You should build a home that is suited to your needs, right now. Don't think about building the home you intend to retire in. The average person moves home every 7 to 10 years, so why would you be any different? Life circumstances change which may invoke a move of address. Things such as getting a new job, having additional kids, needing to look after your parents/grand parents. You should build a home that is suited to you today. Tip 2 - Don't over extend This goes hand in hand with Tip 1 but is really critical. It's important you don't go too much into debt with your first home. Banks may say they will lend you a certain amount of money but they don't always have your best interests at heart. I'm confident that a significant reason why relationships fail is due to financial stress. Mortgage stress is defined as having to pay 35% or more of your income on your house loan. You want to remain under that amount so you can still afford to do the small things that matter - like getting your hair done, buying a new pair of shoes or going down to the pub with mates and actually being able to afford to buy a round of drinks. Tip 3 - Don't be pushed into signing a building contract First home buyers are often quite young and haven't always established themselves as adults. A lot of sales people know this and are quite pushy with first home buyers. They will use a pushy sales strategy that works on a lot more people than you think. Don't fall into that category. Ask them to leave the paperwork with you while you consider your options. Talk about the contracts with people you trust like your family and friends. Ask someone who has built before and get their advice on building. Ultimately, the final decision will be yours, however there's safety when you have a number of people to help you make the right decision. You're about to enter an exciting phase of your life and something that will bring a huge amount of

satisfaction. Do it properly and chances are you'll be doing it again within a few years with a bigger budget and some more equity to get closer to building your dream home. Starting out small isn't a bad thing, it's actually really smart. Doing it on your terms will also alleviate stress and make your building experience that much more enjoyable.

Steve Fitzpatrick is the Managing Director of Your Building Broker in Perth Western Australia and has over 20 years experience in the residential construction and building industry and over the last 15 years has worked almost exclusively as a custom home builder of fine homes.

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==== ==== Great Tips in my book ,you must see to get a good start. ==== ====

3 Tips for building your first house  

Great tips on building your first house.

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