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“Dream the living”

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The Other Room

C H A R L OT T E H A L DA N E J O VA N N A M L A D E N O V I C London



A different archetypal character I have met within my dreams. I wanted to situate these figures within a timeless dreamscape and depict the women equally as beautiful as they are haunting; conveying the mysterious and symbolic nature of the subconscious




have always dreamt of carving a niche within the industry that encompasses both art and fashion, and I aim to create makeup work that could one day hang within a contemporary art gallery.

My name is Charlotte Haldane, I am a 24 year old makeup artist. I oscillate between London and the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds. I graduated from the London College of Fashion last summer, having studied Hair and Makeup for Fashion and since then I have been developing my personal work and assisting other key artists in order to refine my skill-set. Tell us how did you get into Makeup. When did your interest in makeup start? I first took an interest in makeup during my school years.. I went to a very prim and proper boarding school that had extensive uniform policies on hair and makeup. My small act of rebellion each day was to sneak into the art rooms and apply as much makeup as I could get away with. I liked to push the boundaries and I became very playful with it. I even dyed my hair bright orange and was subsequently kicked off the hockey team! As an artist, I have always found the transformative powers of makeup to be truly exciting, and this caused me to pursue a career in makeup artistry. I would say my style is quite classic and clean - I’m also an oil painter, which reflects in my makeup work. I mix all of my mediums and products on a palette and I like to focus on different textures, especially within the skin. I also tend to stick to the colours nude, red, black and white.


My dad always told me to look for something that gets me out of bed in the morning and to stick with it!





I have always been fascinated by psychoanalytic concepts of the self, dreaming and trauma. This project allowed me to begin a personal exploration, which resulting in artwork that expressed intimate and unfiltered traces of the psyche. Each woman within ‘The Other Room’ series represents a different archetypal character I have met within my dreams. I wanted to situate these figures within a timeless dreamscape and depict the women equally as beautiful as they are haunting; conveying the mysterious and symbolic nature of the subconscious. I have always experienced very disturbing dreams and nightmares. I wanted to explore the symbolic content and bring the imagery into a more tangible realm. I kept a dream journal over 6 months and carefully analysed the ‘big dreams’, using any recurring imagery as the focal points of the project. The goal was to shed light and open up a discussion on the subject of sleep disorders. This was my first foray into creative direction and being such a personal project, I relished the opportunity to develop this series based completely on my own imagination. The shoot will always be a memorable one for me as the wonderful photographer Jovana Mladenovic perfectly captured the sense of unease, which dreams and nightmares can create. I will never forget searching for the ideal props, which resulted in the acquisition of some teeth... At the moment I am enjoying developing my makeup artistry and also looking for new, inventive ways to cross the boundaries between my fine-art and fashion work You can see my work on my website : https://www.charlottehaldane.co.uk/ or on my Instagram: @charlotte_haldane and Jovana’s work at jovanamladenovic.com or her insta @jovanaphotography








Photographer : Jovana Mladenovic Hair Styling : Vagabonds of London Stylits: Phoenix-Blue Coyle Assitant Stylits : Maryna Beskorovayna Produtction Assitant : Anya Jane Magee



Mang Mang ga ga ga ga wa wa

E RW I N CA N L AS Manila






y ultimate dream is to have my work on the cover of i-D and/or in Dazed. (ultimate dream haha)

Erwin Canlas, 24 year old, Based in Manila, Mostly self-taught. Since my dad is an artist, I learned the basics from him (film photography) before I went digital. I was part of Status Magazine’s Photographers to watch out for in 2017 and Go Globe’s people to watch out for in 2018. The reason was very petty, to begin with. We were in sightseeing in Bohol, I was using Sony digital camera back then. I was so jealous of the other tourists sporting their SLR’s getting the perfect jump shots while we were there. I wanted an SLR because I wanted to get a jump shot also, that petty. That grew into something else when I did lookbooks in college. That’s where I started loving shooting portraits and people in general. My style of photography, I guess very juvenile and clean. I like experimenting with low angle shots and distortion. The editorial is basically about the blue collar jobs in Manila but in a fashion way. We drew inspiration from the busy day jobs in Manila. This editorial was really a collaboration. We wanted to do an editorial that was not only aesthetically pleasing but it has to have a story behind it. We wanted something about Manila so we thought about workers specifically the normal day jobs Filipinos are in to like security guards, barangay enforcers, butchers, corporate workers etc.

Find your light


This shoot was way beyond my comfort zone. As a photographer, I love the clean lighting and I love minimalism and simplicity when it comes to styling and makeup. With this editorial, I had Matt Panes style it in such a way that his style will come out. Mikki Malonzo did such an incredible job with the makeup. It was an experimental in such a way that we agreed to approach the shoot in a way that we want to show things we haven’t done before in past. The lighting with this shoot was also an experiment, I went with my gut and just lit the shoot how I felt like lighting it. I’m young. I just hit my second year of being a full-time photographer. I guess I’m still in the stage of experimenting, figuring out what kind of style that I would like to pursue. But I would certainly love to get out of Manila and hopefully bloom somewhere else - maybe London or LA. Who knows? You can see my works through Instagram @ erwincanlas or through my website http://erwincanlas.studio mobile: +639178306521




Photographer : Erwin Canlas Model : Julian Flores Stylits: Matt Panes Hair and Makeup : Mikki Malonzo



Dream outer space trip CHANG LIU A.K.A CSKYLARK Chengdu, China




ombine the fashion photography and the documental photography.

My name is Chang Liu, aka cskylarc, born in 1993 and currently living in Chengdu, a southwest city in China. I lived in Spain for 6 years, graduated from Seville University majored in Tourist Organization in 2016. After that, I studied fashion photography in Fotodesign Barcelona for half a year. Since I was 12, I was starting to watch 2-3 films every week, for me, photography is one of the best ways to express our inner moves, all my artist concepts of photography began from those films. When I was 15, I fell in love with documental photography and I’m just so obsessed with Magnum Photos as well. I choose to go to a private photography school to enrich my aesthetic sense, plus living at the most artistic street in Barcelona, there is no reason to let photography passing through our lives without being its part. How will you describe your style in photography? Simple, emotional and original. This editorial is about the connection among humanity, earth, and the universe. The story is based on a young boy who is fascinated with in Astronomy. One normal night in his life, he had a dream that he was able to travel in the outer space. So this editorial is not just about planets but also related to natural elements of the earth like water, sands, flowers, and forest.


Never photograph for photography.







This editorial was inspired by a song named Hospital 01 by Sleeparchive. It was a summer afternoon, I was listening to techno lying on the bed with the extremely terrible (hot) weather, the rhythm and the concept of Hospital 01 made this editorial came up on my mind. Actually, I worked a lot on those planets backgrounds, not only economic but also energetic. I went to NASA official web to make sure that I can use their photos for an editorial (no commercial using). I printed them in a textile factory, which is 40 km away from Barcelona. It was definitely a big mess for me when I was in an exam preparation. Then I was published on Fucking Young Magazine, which is a quite influential Magazine in Europe. My plans for the future is keeping shooting themes that can really inspire me, I am planning to go to London this year and have some different experience with interesting people. Still, have to make various editorials for Magazines. Where can people contact you or see your works? My web: cskylarc.com Instagram: cskylarc


Photographer : CSKYLAR Model : WIlliam of Fifth Avenue Model Management Stylits: Adriana Barr Hair and Makeup : Regina Khanipova




AMA ZONE Ultraviolet Beauty Editorial







Photographer : Rxandy Capinpin Models : Kate at Womens Folio, Mika at Farah Models and Virginia at Elite Manila Makeup: Lei Ponce of Makeup For Ever Hair : Francis Guinto Designer: John Herrera





D AV I D R O D R Í G U E Z L Ó P E Z Spain




y name is David Rodríguez and I am from Spain. From an early age, I have always been attracted to the art world, but my love for photography didn´t start until 2013, the year I bought my first reflex camera, and I began to explore my attraction to art. Shortly afterwards, I began to train myself through several courses, and also in a self-taught way. While I was studying, I discovered new photographers. One day, I discovered Guy Bourdin and a photo that fascinated me enormously. In the picture, there was a girl under the water with her eyes and mouth open. I was enthralled with this image instantly, and this is how I came up with the idea for the “Fresh” series. Then, I did the shooting taking advantage of a summer day in which the sun was at its peak. ARTIST STATEMENT I like to photograph people, I feel very comfortable doing portraits, but I always try to go a little further. That is the reason why I try to look for risky compositions, with a touch of surrealism. Works like those of Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld or Guy Bourdin inspire me immensely. Each person inspires me a different sensation, so before I do the shooting, I imagine how I would like to portray him or her. Then, I create a concept and imagine a story. I do not like to get attached to reality. Instead, I like to transform it, challenging the model with unusual situations. I play with the model, making each session a culture encounter, but also an enriching and surprising experience for both of us. The use of the photography techniques I use, whether high speed, long exposure or others, is determined by the conceptual preconception I had in mind.

A photograph, like a movie, or a novel has to convey some meaning, and that is why I seek to transmit emotions.




I am especially interested in Pop Art. This is why all my works are in square format, as if they were the cover of a vinyl record. In the future, I would like to explore the world of fashion photography. I may sound selfish, but I have a need for the photos I do. First, I believe in my works, so when I think I got something good, the feeling of sharing it with everyone else invades me. I like to transmit emotions with my art and to observe how spectators conceive it. A photograph, like a movie, or a novel has to convey some meaning, and that is why I seek to transmit emotions. Water has always been a source of inspiration for me. Series like “Fresh” or “Drops” are clear examples of this influence. It is possible that because of living in an island, it has always been a very common element in my life. My last proyect is “Bathers” (2018).”Bathers” is inspired by a photograph of Horst P. Horst of the same name and represents on a summer day in which we can see two bathers enjoying the sun and the sea. This series is formed by a series of photographs of minimalist character, in which the simple compositions stand out, where blue and white are the predominant colors. The bathers show sensual and elegant poses under a backdrop of surrealist air. The funds are simple to give greater prominence to the subjects that appear in the photographs.






Canary Yellow Asymmetrical Dress by RON RAMIRO Blue green leggings : FOREVER21, Corset: BERSHKA Gloves: HM


J O A N I L E J AY Manila



Weaved strips sleeves top by HAMU, Ruffled Culloted by RON RAMIRO, Blue green leggings from FOREVER21, Belt from BERSHKA Shoes ZARA, Earings KENZON x HM


o become a great visionary like Jean Paul Goude. Joan Ilejay, 32 years old based in Manila.

First was when I found my Dad’s old Konica camera, I fell in love with it. The sound it makes when you turn the lever, the loud clack when you push the button. It was a different excitement for me. After graduating I had to stop photography because we had to move to the Middle East and photography there wasn’t as welcomed as it was here. Fast forward to 2013, my partner became a photographer an since then we would always work together hand in hand whether he’s shooting or I’m shooting, we’re always together. It made photography so much special for me. How will you describe your style in photography? I’d like to say sensual but feminine. Tell us more about your editorial – what’s the story behind this? Good Omens, is a book by Neil Gaiman. It is a story of an angel and a devil working together to stop the apocalypse. This my attempt in translating what it means to me. I’ve always been a reader of Neil Gaiman and whenever I get the chance, I would always try to push a story into the concept. The jumping shot was really interesting. Basically, she was balancing (on heels) on a cement bench leaning forward trying not to fall on me while Kevin( my partner) is grabbing her arm so she can lean as far as she can while I was lying down on the floor in a sit-ups position taking the shots. We were all at it for a good 10-15 minutes. It was a team effort and It felt like a good exercise! NEXT I’m looking forward to more interpretations of stories that inspire me in the future. You can see my work on instagram: @joanilejay

Work with what you have.


Fuchsia Neocrepe Ruffled Snap-away sleeves Jacket & Fuchsia Pleated Chiffon Uneven Hem Skirt by YVES CAMINGUE


Blue Ruffled Dress by RON RAMIRO


Ruffled Lavender Dress by ERWIN AGUILA

Photographer and Art Direction : Joan Ilejay Styling and Grooming: Carl Pabilona Model: Janett Jager Hair & Makeup: Francheska Josue Assistant: Kevin Brent Sanderson


https://www.behance.net/joanilejay Camo Waterproof Parks by YVES CAMIGUE, Ruffled Neoprene Dress by ERWIN AGUILA



The Figurative Language of Figueras, reinterpreting DalĂ­


Te n e r i f e , S p a i n




eigar is an English philologist, a high school teacher, and a curious photographer. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, details and religious icons. He feels passion for pop culture that shows in his series. He considers himself a travel and street photographer. His aim as an artist is to tell tales with his camera, to capture moments but trying to give them a new frame and perspective. Travelling is his inspiration. However, he tries to show more than mere postcards from his visits, creating a continuous conceptual line story from his trips. The details and subject matters come to his camera once and once again, almost becoming an obsession. His three most ambitious projects so far are his “Plastic People”, a study on anthropology and sociology that focuses on the humanization of the mannequins he finds in the shop windows all over the world, “Response to Ceal Floyer for the Summer Exhibition” a conceptual work that understands art as a form of communication, and his “Tales of a city”, an ongoing photo-narrative project taken in London. He usually covers public events with his camera showing his interest in social documentation. He has participated in several exhibitions, and his works have also been featured in international publications. He writes for The Cultural Magazine (Spain) about photography and for Memoir Mixtapes (Los Angeles) about music.




The Figurative Language of Figueras, reinterpreting Dali by Seigar. I made my foray into Dali’s universe, visiting his Figueras Theatre Museum. His imagination and magnificence inundated my cam and my soul. My visions aspire to represent his craziness from my eyes’ perspective, trying to add my most absolute and humblest adoration “another reading of his works”. This is my tribute to the Figueras genius.




These are the links to my social networks: https://www.facebook.com/jseigar/ IG @jseigar










My ultimate dream is to be a seasoned photographer from Manila and be internationally recognized. I’ve been dreaming that one day, Manila will proudly say that I’ve done enough for it; it’s now time to share Manila to the world. Ed Brendon R. Enclona, 22 years old, Manila-based photographer, Studied Bachelor of Fine Arts major in advertising A Self-taught, colorblind photographer and president and founder of Likha, Awit, Indayog, Abertura an artist collective based in the college of architecture and fine arts in TUP. Photography was introduced back when I was in college as a minor subject. That was the first time I learned to take photos. I enjoyed using my DSLR and I was curious what I can do more with it. at first, I used it to take photos as reference for my painting then I started doing it as a hobby, posting it online and making art out of it. I started to know some friends who’re into photography, I got inspired and I got introduced to fashion photography which I’m doing today. I can’t say it as a style but I treat every photo as a painting, an art; the composition, and the concept, every detail about it- I always look at it as a painting. I have my challenges when I’m painting but those limitations don’t exist when I’m shooting. Sometimes, I like it very proper, sometimes not. Sometimes, I like it clean sometimes, I just don’t care. Whenever I’m shooting or painting, I always look for emotions, concept, and story. That’s what makes my work distinct.

Slow progress is still progress







Tell us more about your editorial – what’s the story behind this? The editorial is about a gender fluid guy trying not to care about anyone or anything. He just wants to do what he wants to do. What makes him happy. What makes him, him. How did you come up with this concept? The shoot happened spontaneously. We just wanted to break free, be fluid. We are not there to please anyone. We just adapted to what we have around here. Anything interesting or memorable about the shoot and did you experiment or had a new approach to this particular shoot? It was raining that day. We almost lost our hopes and was planning to reschedule it. But we decided to push through and adapt and let it happen. It’s rare for me to shoot male models but iI still tried since I want something new. This shoot taught me to adapt and not to be afraid of possibilities. We experiment on what’s around and what we have. We played with smokes, drapery and other stuff we can found. I realized that we should be thankful for what is happening even it’s a hindrance or not. We should adopt and enjoy. For sure it will end with no regrets. What’s next for you? Any exciting plans for the future? A lot of things will happen. More personal shoots. Bigger production. More professional. Experienced. More me. I’ll be trying to explain also what’s the perspective on my condition through a photo series and that will happen for sure. And more projects with my team, The Visual Club! Where can people contact you or see your works? instagram.com/edenclona behance.net/edenclona facebook.com/thecolorblindcreative facebook.com/thevisualclub


Photographer and Art Direction : Ed Eclona Styling and Grooming: Hillary Lee Model: Murillo Ritto Hair : Francis Guinto Clothes: Nordstorm, Zara Men, Dior, Jil Sander, J Crew, Calvin Klein, Mango, Gucci, Next



He Was A Dream 94

THE DREAMING An Illustrations of Dreams by The Drawer Kring



Nightmares 96


bstractions of the mind from daily constructs and also, possibly the future of imagery. It’s wishful thinking but I do hope I’d be able to live the day we can watch our dreams. Like movies. Or virtual realities. And maybe eventually, walk among the creatures of imagination. Intangible to tangible. Dreams to Art. Art to Worlds. Claiming to know an all-embracing role of art in any society would be presumptuous of me. It’s a broad subject, at best-vague. I only think the role of art has always been influenced by the culture that wields it. So, I can only give insight on how art is wielded in the circles I’m involved in. For example, within my peers in illustration in my city, the role of art is to inspire other individuals to create, to tell stories and to explore their creative mind--mostly because we are youthful, hopeful and ambitious. There are more mature artists here whom I know use it to raise awareness, to portray a political stand or represent the voice of the unheard. I’m Kring , a self-taught illustrator based in Cebu City, Philippines. Internet was introduced late growing up, so I read a lot in order to learn my craft. There were no Fine Arts or Illustration courses available where I grew up as well, so I took the next best thing; philosophy. My fling with philosophy contributed to giving and understanding depth in art--it will always be one of my favorite years in school. My fascination with the graphite medium began when I was a child. Even after exploring several media including ink, oil and soft pastels, colored pencils, acrylic and watercolors--nothing best made my ideas alive than the simple pencil sketch. I started imitating book illustrations, paintings, and manga before I actually developed a style. But the magic of line and flow only appeared to me way later. I am yet to take the courage to join and win any competitions given that I have a characteristic insecurity about my own work compared to those who went through formal training. Formal training usually gives an artist’s work a good polish set by academic techniques of drawing. Self-taught techniques, usually born largely out of imitation and amateur guessing, always shows a ‘clunk’ in the work. Those defects and ‘clunks’ show in my work often in my opinion--so, I never had the courage to join a contest. I’m still trying to improve my work until I see that my work is ready to compete with others. However, I have joined curated exhibitions abroad and locally. I also worked in the publishing industry for at least five years. I now fully work as a freelance illustrator making book, editorial and institutional illustrations.





Sleeping Beauty


What originally made you want to become an illustrator? It was to disprove the notion of some of my elders that there’s no career in art or illustration. That was the starting motivation but I no longer base my career plans on that. My mother also encouraged me to never forget drawing when I was a child. My father, who always showed appreciation for my doodles even when they were as good as chicken scratch, always inspired me to do better. They were part of the people I wanted to impress when I was young, I wanted to prove I could achieve something deemed impossible by many. How would you describe your style? How is it different? Symbolist? Figurative Mysticism? Personal Occult? I haven’t really found a name for it. My images are eclectic at best. They’re not always cohesive with my other works but almost everytime, interesting. Like sketches by an anonymous artist from an old forgotten drawer, they will always be enigmatic, a bit dark and strange--romantic sometimes. Take us through your design process, where do you start? The sketching begins with a daydream. Always a daydream. Whether it be from a scene from a book, a poetic idea, a movie still, an emotion--the image starts as a daydream. Like automatic writing, by the time I start sketching it on paper, the whole process spills out but the idea is done and firm. It’s never the same process each time, which can be frustrating as I’m really just guessing how better professionals do it. But there’s always a paper, grained and preferably never white, and a pencil, rather, an army of pencils. Most times, the sketch transforms into a drawing or the final drawing becomes more like a sketch. References are one of the most important tools for drawing, so my drawings always start with a figure drawing. Then I make thumbnails to see a better view of the picture as a whole. Further in thumbnailing, I have to determine where to put dark, medium and light values to emphasize the subject. After that, everything else is automatic--the flow, the lines, the style, the colors. It just like being a printer, really. The image is done in my mind and all I need to do is print.


Who has influenced you to become an illustrator? No one! I guess, there was a little interest when I read all those picture books and novels in my school library before. I wanted to draw fairy tales. Or the labors of Hercules. Or Nancy Drew. In truth, I always thought I’d be a comic artist or a mangaka. My peers were into webcomics then, so I thought I’d just follow suit. So, I did a lot of ink and panels for years. Back then, I thought that proper book illustrations were for the really established artists. But the idea became more attainable when I got into the publishing industry and I started to gain interest in making book illustrations, just like the images I admired throughout the years. Who are the artists you look up to? My current favorite illustrator is Rovina Cai. She can effortlessly make anything romantically gothic, no matter the subject. She has an amazing style and great foundation in drawing. I have a notebook where I study her pieces from artist’s intention and story to more technical aspects of composition and use of color. Another is Marc Scheff, my mentor for drawing fundamentals. He taught me to value practice and muscle memory for drawing. It’s been really helpful and he invigorated my interest in realism. Besides the Old Masters, a lot of Renaissance and Baroque artists--Botticelli, Durer, Dad Vinci, Caravaggio, Gentileschi, I look up the most to Yoshitaka Amano, famous for being the illustrator of the Final Fantasy series in the early 90s. But the work I really admire from him is his drawings for the Vampire Hunter D novels. He is the god of flow and movement for me. I spent years memorizing his work. My favorite local artists are Orly Ypon, Rom Villaseran, Agnes Arellano, Sergio Bumatay III and Mall Licudine! I always check what they’re up to and dream from it what I can to form my next ideas. Tell us more about these illustrations you submitted? They’re all inspired by some form of connection to The Dreaming. Much like The Dreaming from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman where gods and myths live and wither. You may extract some or no meaning from them--they are all dreaming images. “Never forget drawing. You can do whatever you want, but never forget drawing. You’ll regret the day you’ve taken it for granted. It’s beautiful and powerful tool for the future.” Paraphrasing my mother’s advice when I was around six or seven. What is your personal motto “You have a boundless mind, never be afraid to explore its depths.”


www.thedrawerkring.com. IG @thekringles. https://www.facebook.com/thedrawerkring



“A pile of sh*t and a strawberry”





Putting all idealistic, romantic, materialistic and career orientated dreams aside I would love to be a shapeshifter able to teleport in time and space. Dream big or go home. My name is Tintin Jonsson and I’m 32 years old. I’m half Swedish and half Filipino. I grew up in southern Sweden spending most of the time dreaming about going somewhere else and when I finally did I went to Berlin and stayed there for almost a decade. That’s where I started to train as a photographer at the Lette Verein academy and after finishing the 3-year long program I went to London to work for the fashion/beauty photographer Miles Aldridge Now I am still based in London and I’m working for myself. I started to take an interest in photography when I realized its potential as a creative and emotional outlet. It was a way of expressing myself without spelling it out directly, and that was a big security as a young and pretty insecure person. My first encounter with photography was the analog procedure but I wasn’t really interested in the craftsmanship at the time. The game changer came with the digital camera and Photoshop and the possibility to manipulate and build digital images that were anchored in my imagination where I didn’t have to limit myself. It was a way for my imagination to run wild. I would describe it as always changing. I’m scared to death of stagnation and I keep on discovering new layers in photography all the time. It has gone from turning my eye inward to turning it outward, and it keeps on changing with time. At the moment I have gone back to analog photography and I really enjoy the craftsmanship. I am also less focused on implementing my craziest fantasies in my pictures and more interested in giving more attention to the relationship between subject and photographer. My themes are more adjusted to the ruling zeitgeist and I want to contribute to change the flat media landscape and make room for a more diverse picture. Though at some point I’m sure the focus will shift to the next topic and I’m open to everything that comes my way.

Plant seeds. You might not be the one who changes the world but maybe you can inspire someone who will.







Tell us more about your editorial – what’s the story behind this? How did you come up with this concept? When I do a story I like to do mashups of concepts. It can be purely visual or more often it is based on something from my life. This story is set at my house where I live and it’s special with the designer Max Allen and hair stylist Franciska Porsche who are both friends of mine. The casting is mixed and consists of both models and friends (which is how I normally like to cast) The focus is on depicting something that is not conventionally considered to be beautiful with something that traditionally would be described as beautiful. That is also what the title “A pile of shit and a strawberry” is supposed to reflect (in a somewhat crude but honest way). The two contrasting elements can exist and actually enhance each other, and it’s my favorite form of aesthetics as I see it as a way of balancing things. Anything interesting or memorable about the shoot and did you experiment or had a new approach to this particular shoot? This was the first shoot I did in like a year after a long break due to different circumstances, and it felt like I had to rediscover the joy of creating something. It was great though because I really did find that happiness again where you are so excited that you almost feel feverish. After this shoot, I feel like I became more strategic and more conscious of my choices. What’s next for you? Any exciting plans for the future? Generally, my plan is to not race against time. I’m taking my time trying to live in the now and do what I like and produce things that I want. Money and fame might not come but I am seriously sick of being pressured with the cost of my health. This whole industry is deranged and people need to slow down and not conform to the cost of their creativity! More specifically I have two editorials coming up that I’m really stoked about. One is together with a good friend of mine who specializes in SFX makeup and we are shooting a project that I think can combine old elements of my photography with new ones. The second project is a story celebrating female friendship and I’m really looking forward to that because I’m particularly happy with the casting for this.Parallel to this I’m also working on a long-term project that I started last September and will work on for at least one year (probably much longer but that is the minimum time I have set for myself). It’s a giant collection of nudes and it’s a challenge in two ways. Firstly I wanted to do a long-term project because it is such a different way of working than if you only make editorials. The project has time to ripe and evolves in ways it doesn’t when you are short on time, and to slow things down in a fast-paced world and cater for quality. Secondly, I wanted to do nude photography because it’s something I never really did before and it would be challenging. It’s a complex theme with many standpoints but I’m on the side who wants to give the Puritans the finger. Where can people contact you or see your works? My work is available on Instagram or at my website (which is under construction at the moment but hopefully up running in the near future) www.tintinjonsson.com And if someone wants to get in touch you can contact me on my e-mail tintinjonsson@gmail.com





Photographer and Art Direction : Tin Tin Jonsson Styling and Clothes: Max Allen hair: Franziska Presche



paragon the




KAREN DEIDREE M. CANTAY “less is more” - classic, minimal, and modern

This collection is called Midnight Aves-a play between two opposites: twilight colors, and the colors of the Brazil-native tropical bird, Macaw Parrot. Specifically, I was inspired by the bold and vibrant colors of their feathers which is why all the pieces in this collection have Macaws hand-painted in the hues of twilight. The silhouettes are kept simple, chic, and modern to balance out the already striking colors of the hand-painted Macaws. Describe your muse: A woman who is bold and subtle at the same time. She is bold when it comes to pursuing her dreams and aspirations, and does it in such a manner that is subtle with a hint of quiet confidence. Fashion philosophy/quote: “You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland Fashion Dream: I’ve always wanted to have my own hand made crochet swimwear line so I can live off on an island and sell them to beachgoers. True story. Contact Information: Facebook: Karen Deidree Cantay Instagram: @deidreemer Email: kaidreec@gmail.com Mobile: 09232929972



CRIS DIANE E. TY I’m into details and draping.

Short brief about your collection: My collection is about manipulating electric pleated fabric to depict oysterling mushroom lamellae or mushroom gills as detail embellishment for a formal wear collection. I got this as my inspiration because of its natural flow and its characteristics. The form of the mushroom was achieved through pleating and fabric manipulation. Although this was not copied, but the technique used, served to resemble the charateristics of the lamellae. The pieces or the garments were hand pleated , the design structure of the collection was based in different kinds of formal wear silhouettes. The garments are made with different direction in pleating, gradient, monotone and fabric manipulation. Fashion philosophy / quote : Fashion is about freedom and happiness. Doing the things that you want and liking everything you do results to happiness. Fashion dream: I’ve yet a long journey to travel, things to learn and experience. as of now, I want to hone and enhance the skills I have and expand my horizon in learning new things. Contact information: email: dianety8@gmail.com



JAN TIONG Clean lines and silhouettes, cuttings, style lines and patchworks

Brief about collections: LINE DEVELOPMENT COLLECTION My collection inspired by military airplanes which I solely dedicated to the soldiers who fought in battle in Marawi, Philippines. The collection was created during the time the battle for freedom was on going and with all the sacrifices and pain our fellow Filipino citizens and soldiers felt during that troubling time, I felt nothing but hopelessness hence, as a thank you to those who risked their lives to save others, “No. 94: A Collection” was made. THESIS COLLECTION Fashion doesn’t always have to require expensive materials to create eye-catching pieces, sometimes used and recyclable materials can be utilized and revamped to finish off a garment. This collection utilized curtain blinds, a common office and household window covering, as an embellishment for a dragon scale and armor-inspired demi-couture collection. Describe your muse: A confident woman with an eye for simplicity and classic styles but can also be a laissez-faire type of person with a fun and bright style. Fashion Philosophy: “What is done in love and passion is done well” Contact info: Instagram: @jntiong Facebook: facebook.com/jntiong Email: jnctiong@gmail.com Number 09171682605




Short brief about your collection: My collection is a seven-piece evening wear collection inspired by fractals in nature. Composed of six floor-length female dresses and one set male outfit that were of varying colors. In a journal written by Wolfe, Kutchera and Schuetz on 2013, “fractals are never-ending complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales and are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.” Nature is full of fractals. For instance: vegetables like Romanesco Broccoli and plants like Agave Cactus and Ferns are all fractals. I used geometric patterns that were composed of motifs that used single shapes such as lines, circles, and triangles in a consistent and predictable manner to make it look fractal-like in forming the embellishments in my collection. Describe your muse/escort:

The collection is a reflection of a definite return to the natural waistline; the emphasis was on the graceful curves of the woman and masculinity of the man. Fashion Philosophy/quote:

The philosophy of fashion boils down to this: a way of expressing an inner truth or belief about an idea of oneself or the world through the medium of clothing. For me, I believe that all aspects of a garment can speak to a person’s philosophy - from the colors chosen, the textures, the textiles, the drape and flow, the cut and style, and many other details can subjectively point to something deep within that wishes to be expressed. This is why clothing has such importance or significance. When I look at a person, especially in the streets, if we look closely, we can trace back whether a person put any thought and care into what they put on, or if they are meticulous in their presentation. Are their clothes wrinkled, or well ironed? Are they disarrayed? Are their clothes in loud colors, or quiet hues? So much detail is there, so much story and expression. I love it when people come to me and approach clothing from this philosophical background, because then the choices that we come to for their garments are intentional, they have another meaning and a significance that gives them a feeling of validation knowing that the garment that we are making for them will express a truth about themselves. Fashion dream:

I don’t dream big enough to be known in this industry. All I hope for is that I can contribute something valuable and useful when it comes to fashion, trend and style. There are so many potential courses I can cover on this, and I think about what I wear and how it reflects (or doesn’t reflect) the person that I am, and what that tells the world about me. Contact information: fb: Mik Amores Oraya; IG: mixoraya




Feminine, Classic and Romantic

Short brief about your collection: A collection inspired by Koi fish and their rhythmic movement in the water which is seen on the placement of the hand painted Koi on the garments. I also added scales made out of melted drinking straws and cut it into circles that resembles spangles that acts as fish scales to add a 3-dimensional effect. The silhouettes were loose, relax and flowy to create movement while moving. Describe your muse: Any women can wear my designs as long as they’re confident and they feel comfortable wearing it. Fashion philosophy / quote: Comfort and style must go together. Fashion dream: To establish a brand (boutique) and to put my name in the industry. Contact information: FB: Niño Benito Instagram: @n.benito (Personal account) @nbenito_ (Portfolio) Email: theninobenito@gmail.com Number: 09493293547



HANNAH NOEL Athleisure Short brief about your collection: People of today have grown to love active lifestyle, recreation, and sportswear altogether. Sports and athletics have shaped a new trendy style which involves sneakers - specifically, runners, trainers, and retro basketball or tennis shoes. This collection offers a wide array of choices to people who engage in such athletic activity or lifestyle and give them an opportunity to express their enthusiasm for athletic activity even on a casual day by wearing clothes that can give people the impression of being athletic. Describe your muse: One that is confident and powerful. Fashion philosophy / quote: Express rather than impress. Fashion dream: To work in or with great athletic brands which promotes environmental advocacies. Contact information: 09332532218 Ig: @hannahlayenoel Fb: Hannah Noel



Photographer : Matt Pingkian Styling and Art Direction: Josei Cuizon Model: Julia Gurianova of Shutter Models & Talents Management Hair and Makeup: Ella Espejo-Orais Special Thanks: Dino Lloren and USC fashion design






Photographer: Wilmark Jolindon Stylist: Gian Carlo Laxamana Hair: Mycke Arcano using Lynelle Hair Makeup: Laila Al-Harthy for Laura Mercier Nails: Posh Nails, Tomas Morato, QC Motion Graphics: Paulo Larracas Photo assistants: Miguel BroĂąo, Angelica Caparros, and Chris Casas Makeup assistant: Maricar Gregorio Special thanks: Prime Talents Rachel Librado Eizel Nocon Zoomburst Studios Marvin Lorenzo Nicole Pechon


Ruffled denim top: JEROME TAYAO Couture neoprene skirt: MEAN MARQUEDA Silver ankle boots: NEREKU




hian Denise Ramos Howell or well-known as Rhian Ramos who is a Filipina actress, commercial model, and singer. She talks about her journey of being an actress and her stepping stone was a bit surprising!

A Conversation with the Dreamer What are you passionate about? I’m really passionate about acting. I also got into extracurricular things like, car racing or working out. Sometimes I leave for a day every two weeks just because I want to sweat the whole day and to release stress. Recently, I discovered that I’m also passionate about music. I have a habit of writing my thoughts so that I can write songs.

What do you dream about? Was being in show business really your dream? “Not really” it’s kinda unexpected path (couldn’t even speak Tagalog yet) that God seemed to have put me on. And I think, sometimes dreams come true before you even dream them up. It’s called destiny when it happens and it just takes a bit of gratitude to recognize that.” “When I was in high school what I wanted was only to buy a drum set and my parents didn’t want to buy it for me. So I was like ok gonna find a way.” I was just in the mall when I was offered to do a commercial by an agency and then I considered it like ok I should do it so I can I buy a freaking drum set. (laugh) And then I did, my McDonalds commercial ad was aired. By that time Angel had to do Darna and Richard had to do to Captain Barbel. From there I was spotted by someone from GMA and I was asked to audition as Richard’s leading lady.


Worrds by Stephanie Taghap

How did you turn your passion into work? With regard to acting it happened on its own that it became my job when I started acting I wasn’t yet passionate about it. When you are young you get used to pa-cute projects which don’t require a lot of commitment. But like later on, you start looking for something, a little different, difficult or challenging. I discovered my concept of acting pala was I didn’t even know that you could really like lose yourself if you are committed to it. Now I try to leave the business side to other people to handle like, billing or hours so that I can focus on just being believable and trying to keep acting as an art.

Floral crop top: KEITH ANGELO of WEARING MISS KEITH Skirt and leather gloves: UBERFINDS Pleated mesh skirt: PARALUMAN® by BEA SAMSON


Texturized menswear suit jacket: ROSBERT VILLAR Skirt with snap detailing: MEAN MARQUEDA Silver sunglasses: UBERFINDS




Deconstructed suit: IMMA COLARINA


What/Who motivates you to do well in acting? I don’t really have a formal training in acting. I did though start getting an acting coach before with Jay Cruz. I learned that you have to be empathetic or intelligent. You don’t have to be both it’s like an either or kind of thing. I think the intelligence it’s like fake-it-to-make-it route and being empathetic is being really natural ‘cause you just have to be you and feel whatever the scene makes you feel. I used to depend on my relationship scene partner but now I make sure I become more reactive than planning how to feel cause it works for me. How did you overcome challenges throughout your dream journey? My life is no way perfect but I’m grateful for all parts of it even the negative part. There’s nothing I would change even as “imperfect” it may seem. I fully recognize that I’m way more lucky than most people. If you’ve been through of any kind of failure in your life at times like you feel it’s the end of the world. But after you get through a lot of pain nothing can hurt you. Matibay ka! How do you respond to what others say about you? I don’t respond anymore, I think there was a time that I’ll be a little more sensitive about it. Especially when social media was starting out . I used to respond and I would take a troll or a basher as if he/she said it to my face. But now that I have a better understanding of social media and the internet I don’t take it personally anymore. What are your goals this year? I started in showbiz at 15 when I did my first primetime soap and it’s only now that I am 27 that I’m starting to realize that I don’t have adult memories of being a private person. So I think I wanna travel a little more to absorb and remember what it feels like. I’ve never lived away from home and it’s one of my goals this year to try and build a little more independent, like get a condo. For the longest time like I’ve been a heavy drama actress for like 4 to 5 years. It was my goal which I’ve achieved until I got something that I wanted which was the “One That Got Away” and finally did a rom-com role. I was so nervous about it because like maybe people don’t think that’s who I am. Maybe they just feel like they wanna cry at my face ‘cause I have this chronic sad face. (laugh) But yeah it goes well accepted and that was such a giant load on my shoulder. That’s why now I can say I’m really living my dream. I grew up watching things like Saturday nightlife and comedy was like I think my passion which no one really knows. After this makakaipon ako ng hunger again to do something emotionally challenging. Right now, I’m enjoying the mental challenge of comedy and next is I’m going to take an action.


Ruffled neoprene top: MEAN MARQUEDA Silk trench coat: PARALUMAN® by BEA SAMSON



Plaid dress with pleated mesh detail: PARALUMAN® by BEA SAMSON Detachable sleeves: IMMA COLARINA Snakeskin stilettos: UBERFINDS


What is your universal advice for people who wants to reach their dreams? Never give up! You’ll be surprised how much of life you can actually have control of. Have you been to Cebu? Yes. What do you like most about the city? My view about Cebuanos they are very artistic. they are also a business minded. they have a good way of like turning their art into you know their life. so I really have a high respect for the people there and they are also kind of foodies, so I like the food there. haha, but would you believe that I’ve never been to a beach in Cebu, the people there are so lucky to have a city and the beach. it is a 2in1. Is there any memorable moment that you experience there? It was only once my friends and I decided. I need to experience Sinulog. what is Sinulog for everyone? I went and bought one of those masks with like the feathers. and I was just on the street and no one knew and it was so much fun cause once you are there it was like we are a big family and we are going through the same thing. that was the best thing about it.

My life is no way perfect but I’m grateful for all parts of it even the negative part. 149

Peplum zip jacket: JEROME TAYAO


Tartan top and ruffled skirt: PARALUMAN® by BEA SAMSON Cross earrings: UBERFINDS



Neoprene dress: MEAN MARQUEDA, Silk belt: PARALUMAN® by BEA SAMSON


Structured jacket dress: IMMA COLARINA









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