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d of Governors Parents Liaison Committee


r Cricket

ff of 2007 Headmaster, Headboy & Deputy Headboy

5 eech Night The Headmaster's


ommendation Certificates Special Certificates National Institute of Allied Arts Honours Awards

ss Prizes Subject Prizes

((1 4


r ~

7 Leavers 2007

o lub i d Life

Chairman Board of Governors

Be Chairman College Executive

Chairman Mr S. Sylvester

Committee Mr B. Ndebele

Headmaster Mr M. Mackenzie

Chairman Preparatory School Executive Committee Mr B. Ndebele

Treasurer Mr S. H. Murray

Board Representative Mrs E. Fundira

Gr 5 Fundralslng Committee Chairman Mrs R. Sibanda

Members Mr D. Bain Mr R. Beattie

Secretary Mrs C. Garnett

Mr D. Curtis Mr P. Filer Mrs E. Fundira

Treasurer Mrs L. Gomba

Mrs M. Grobbelaar Mr B Hofmann

Headboy's Mother

Dr A. Jeans

Mrs L. Chadwick

Mr E. Jinda

Deputy Headboys Mothers

Mrs B. Lake Mr P. C. Lloyd

Mrs C. Parirenyatwa Mrs L. Murray

Mr S. E. Mangwengwende Mr E. Mungwariri


Mrs G. Muradzikwa

Mrs C. Butler

Dr M.S. Mushiri

Mr G. Bushby

Mr D. Whatman

Mrs C. Dejong

Mr V. Zireva

Mr T. Harrison Mrs E. Gadzikwa

Patrons Mr G. S. R. Honey Mr M. Masunda

Mr M. Masengere Mr F. Rwodzi

Back Row: Mrs L. Moor, Ms D. Parkinson, Mrs 1. Thompson, Mrs A. Banks, Mrs C. Passaportis, Mr F Dhlamini, Mr B. Chimau, Mrs N Howes, Mrs R. Mackenzie, Mrs C. Young, Mr T Kwaterenga. Middle Row: Mrs K. Tindle, Mrs D. Derry, Mrs L. Mitchell, Mrs A. Ahmid, Mrs D. Campbell, Mrs G. Esslemont, Mrs R. Chirau, Mrs D. Vzjers, Mrs A. Rowe, Mrs H. Goode, Ms M de Bruijn, Mrs A. Dickenson, Ms J Rodgers, Mrs D. Russell, Mrs S. Hood, Mr W Ndimutseyi, Mrs T Ingram, Mr S. Price. Front Row: Mrs J England, Mrs W Scott, Mrs T Wilson, Mr M Mbundire, Mr M. Mackenzie, Mrs S. Ellis, Mrs H. Wallace, Mrs R. Miller, Mrs T Sharp, Mr V. Shenje


T Chadwick (Head Boy), Mr M Mackenzie (Headmaster), J Murray (Deputy Head Boy), T Parirenyatwa (Deputy Head Boy)

Mr & Mrs

have given of their best to our school and your sons and they

Ndebele, Members and Patrons of the Board of Governors,

leave with our sincere thanks and best wishes for their new

Invited guests, staff,


Our Guest of Honour, Mr Munyaradzi


ladies and gentlemen,

old boys and

gentlemen of St John's - it gives me great pleasure to present Finding the right replacements

to you tonight my reflections on 2007.

energy and an inordinate Although the occasion is always somewhat daunting a huge

has taken a great deal of


of time

but I am very

confident that our new teachers are going to fit in well and do

amount of relief comes with this year, principally because it is

us proUd.

a clear indication that this year, 2007, which has to go down

Croukamp - Music, Mandy Tanner (6N), Lucky Mutsago (7E),

We welcome,

Ellen Bredenkamp

(4N) Margorie

m Gillam

as one of the most difficult in our country's history - is nearly

Bhavik Chouhan (Sports) and the next term


Internal moves will see Bobby Field go to 2E and Dominique


Parkinson to 2N. Caroline Young stays with 4E. Has it been fearful at times? Has it been a tough year? Has it been a year in which we have been tested, nearly to the limit? Certainly

it has.




But has it been a year of growth both mentally,










our and

What we have witnessed

in our country

is that the harder

things seem to get the firmer is our resolve to overcome them. Through

sheer grit and determination

members of the community

on behalf of ALL

of St John's, the teachers and

developed beyond all measure - and has our year here at St

admin staff, the parents, the boys and the Board we have not

John's been a success? - a resounding "yes" is the answer to

only maintained

all of these.

It was




surpassed them.


"You gain

by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, " I through this horror.


, ''Yougain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, .. I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along."

strength, courage and confidence


present standards but have in many arenas,

I can

take the next thing that comes along."





with the future of our

school that is going to help us to maintain our position as a beacon of






otherwise pretty dismal scenario. Events that

Eleanor Roosevelt ,


It is this drive


come to mind that

have defied current expectations and the general downward trend


really been on this year. You will all have felt it as, even the

of so many aspects

most organised of companies or businesses has had to cope

Fireworks display, the Guinness Book of Records Pick-up-

with seemingly impossible odds just to keep going, let alone

sticks event, both of which are synonymous with the names

to thrive and advance. spheres.

Key personnel have been lost in all

Owners, managers,


have all suffered,

not only from the obvious loss of expertise but there have also been the exceedingly



losses of close

St John's, whilst we have had a truly remarkable year, have not been exempt from these losses.

The sadest of all were

the losses of Mrs Lesley-Ann Dunn who had to leave us a few years ago because of her cancer and then Mr Barry Lake. They both passed away this year leaving us the richer for having known them - passionate people that they were - but permanent way fortunately,

We are also losing, but in a less 7 members of staff at the end of

this term and one at the end of the first term 08. goodbye to Desna Campbell

are the magnificent

Ian and Sue Foulds and we almost had to give Sandy Jellicoe an







formation ofthe Fisher Avenue Holdings investment scheme, principally


Dave Bain and Spencer



inaugural Barry Lake memorial 10/10 cricket competition and

friends, family and colleagues.

deeply affected non-the-Iess.

of our country



We say

Nicky Howes,

the Super 8 rugby festival; the "thank you" party for the staff, their spouses and all the Grade 5 parents who worked so hard this year, held at the Foulds' house at which Rose and I were made to feel very special.

These are not to mention all the

regular events which the school has held like the Family Fun Days, the Festivals, the school plays, the cake sales, the Galas'










breakfasts, teas and lunches for visiting teams. taken considerably


and events and the catering

5 for

These have

more ingenuity, effort and money than

ever before but if anything the standard

achieved at these

Adele Rowe, Ayesha Ahmid, Tersia Ingram, Stew Price, Jono

functions has surpassed previous years.

Parents have come

Miller and Heather Goode the following term. To a person they

to our rescue on many occasions supplying milk and coffee

These are literally just some of the achievements this year - there are many more. Through the



of the coaches


of our boys

But what of the great

number of personal exploits and achievements

of so many of

teachers here are just some of the major successes of 2007.

our boys who don't necessarily represent our top teams - for

I should like to preface this by saying that the Ministry of

some it has been the creation of a great drawing in art; a few

Education, Sport and Culture has been very supportive of our

runs or a couple of wickets in a match; an invitation to one of

efforts and at the Harare Provincial Awards ceremony we won

the more popular boy's parties; inclusion in a break time team

first prize for Chess, Rugby, Cricket, swimming.

Hockey, Tennis and

On top of this 40 Harare Headmasters


when he normally gets left out; or words of praise from a teacher for some unexpectedly

good piece of work.


Mistresses were shown around our school in a show- casing

cannot go unnoticed for this is what our school is also very


much about - looking for a reason to help each boy to find

Results wise we had two National Prize winners in

the Allied Arts Literary Section, David Whitaker and Desmond Annandale


received honours.


& Tich Mazhude


We won the coveted Inter-Schools' Chess

Trophy, came 1st in the Mashonaland nd


section of the Wildlife

Quiz and 2

in the National finals.

ever done.

In the Public Speaking Competition

something in himself about which he can be proud. of such high expectations and competition,

In a world

it is essential that

we try to get our boys to leave St John's with dignity and self confidence.

That's the best we have we won the

Talking about boys leaving, it may surprise you to know that

overall cup yet again with Michael Sylvester and Eddie Byrom

only 11 boys are leaving our school prematurely at the end of

winning the senior and junior trophies respectively.

this year and so many are desperate to take those places.

Our Triathlon teams so well lead by Debbie & Gavin Rorke

standard in the main and we are sad to see them go.

Having said that, those who are leaving are of a very high cleaned up at the Inter-schools competition

Each one of them is the perfect mix of a great sportsman and a real gentleman in the true sense of the word路 not weak or soft yet no hint of leading through the use of fear or the authority of title.'

and Glynn Rorke and Craig Gabriel have made the Zimbabwe Squad.

Several of our

boys did well in the various Competitions

Dance Sport

particularly Lesley Jellicoe and

St John's came third

in the Inter-schools

competition. The cross country boys excelled and we won the Gateway competition woods


and the daunting 3





outstanding achievement.

Our grade 7 leavers are ~ fortunate to have our own College to go to if they so choose (assuming




citizens of course!) and we owe Mr Vincent hard in these difficult


to keep the

school up to its very high standard.

We wish

our leavers all of the very best in the years ahead

and we trust that what you have

learnt at the Prep will help equip you to deal with life's ups and downs.

You have been a

The monitors

On the swimming side we won the Flippers Gala, the Ruzawi

their duties well and I need to commend

Gala and with Chisipite, the Pisces Gala.

Chadwick and our Deputies,

We won the Inter-


and his staff a debt of gratitude for striving so

great year.



have performed

our Headboy, Tom

Tapiwa Parirenyatwa and Jason

schools "A" division gala for the 13 year running and came 3'"


These three boys have been outstanding

in the "A" division athletics and won the St John's Inter-schools meet.

example that they have been to the rest of the school.

in the Each

one of them is the perfect mix of a great sportsman and a real gentleman in the true sense of the word - not weak or soft yet

With regards to the Rugby, cricket, soccer, hockey, tennis, squash and volleyball.

Do read our "2007 in profile" at the

back of the programme.

The statistics are truly remarkable.

In brief 1st Y0/rugby was unbeaten in full matches and 12 boys made the Harare Schools Interprovincial tournament


no hint of leading title.

through the use of fear or the authority of

Well done boys. I really could go on and on about our

fine school but suffice

it for me to end with some more

specific words ofthanks and a thought for our future.

one of which won the

again this year.

senior matches played we lost only 1.

In fact in all 21

Every 1st XI cricketer

Themba Ndebele and his Board Members and, particularly, the two men so involved in the finances,

made one of the Harare schools' sides plus 2 second team

Spencer Murray with outstanding

boys, whilst

Financial Manager,


Zimbabwe side.

Wells and

Peter Lindsay



You will also see that many of our boys



excelled in other pursuits not offered at school such as BMX,


MotoX and carting.



Dave Bain and

help from Geoff Day, the

Rena Miller and Diane Russell in the done

a great


Thank you to all of you. Committee



The Campus

under Richard Beattie and David

Curtis; the Staff Development


under Beatrice

Lake; the Strategic Planning Committee

under Austin Jeans; whilst Emma

sweat and tears of defeat than to be up in the stands with

have all worked

those poor soles who will never know what it is like to even try."

the Pensions side under Grace Muradzikwa Fundira headed up the bursary committee, with great results this year.

"Better to be in the arena with your face masked by the blood,

It is a pleasure to have Mr Ted

Perepecko doing such a good job as Estates Manager where

Not that I think we are going to fail - because I am convinced

the going gets increasingly tougher with labour difficulties and

that we will once again be a great school in a proud and

the lackofwaterand

prosperous nation.


The P.L.C. so well led by Stu Sylvester and the Grade 5 Fundraising with Rose Sibanda and Ian Foulds at the helm with

an incredibly

hard working

and dedicated

workers have all been outstanding.



The only break that the

Grade 5 workers had was that they remained dry in their tent

MMackenzie Headmaster

where they were serving food and beverages whilst we all got soaked at the Inter-house gala. What a great job they all did. Our two secretaries Alyson Dickinson and Cheryl Passaportis have been the epitome

of control,

dealing with everything

from a frazzled headmaster to want-to-be parents in search of places for their children who won't take no for an answer. They have been a great help. So many of our teams were able to wear incredible smart and expensive kit due to the generous donations from many of our parents and Specialist Hire sacrificed a great deal of potential revenue due to Stu Sylvesters generosity. To our Directors, Heads of Departments, coaches - you have all been remarkable.

teachers and sports You have stuck to

your vital jobs through thick and thin even when you have been so concerned groceries

about where your next lot of essential

is going to come from.

Thank you to you all

especially to Helen Wallace who has done an outstanding job with the Infants Academics.


and Sue Ellis as Director of

This leaves many of you unmentioned

by name

but each one of you is special and vital to the continued success of our school and community. What of the future of our school and of our country. we like it or not, the two are intrinsically linked.


If our school,

and those like it, go then our country will follow soon after and if our country really goes then it would be very difficult for our schools to survive. Those things which we can control essential that we do.

as a community,

it is

My wife and I were really heartened by

the people we saw at the New Parents Tea and felt a real sense of focus and desire in them to become a part of this community and tojoin us in fighting to secure, as best we can, the future of our school and community.

Sadly there may still

be a way to go before we are back on an even keel, but I know that we will all be going forward with one purpose and I leave you with the following words - this time ofTheodore Roosevelt

"Better to be in the arena with your face masked by the blood, sweat and tears of defeat than to be up in the stands with those poor soles who will never know what it is like to even try." Theodore Roosevelt

THOMSON TROPHY (Contribution to Colts Cricket)

Eddie Byrom


Ryan Stableford


WATERS TROPHY (Colts Sportsmanship)

Duncan Johnston

FIELDING CUP (Colts Cricket) PATEL CUP (Colts Batting)

Bradley Evans

BRUNDLE CUP (Colts Bowling)

Mark Hulbert

NORAH LEWIS TROPHY (Most promising colt)

Eddie Byrom Duncan Johnston Michael Rossi

JASON STEED SHIELD (Most Improved Cricketer)

Regan Hutchings

HOUGH TROPHY (Most Promising Pace Bowler)

Barry Vickery

WARWICK OLDS SHIELD (1st XI Best All Round Cricketer)

Tom Ingram


Jason Murray

JARVIS CUP (Fielding)

Rukudzo Gona


Daniel Wells

HICKMAN TROPHY (Junior Squash)

Ryan Murray


Kyran Young

YEATMAN CUP (Squash Sportsmanship)

Jason Murray

CAVANAGH TROPHY (Outstanding Commitment






Taashira Chikosi


Tafadzwa Mugova

HOWARD ARRAND TROPHY (Outstanding service to Choir)



Dean Butchart


David de Jong

ZORORO MAKAMBA (Helpfulness)

Tristan Benzon


Jason Murray Tadiwa Parirenyatwa

(Perseverence, Loyalty, Participation)



to Hockey)

PRICE TROPHY (Hockey Player of the Year)

Rukudzo Gona

LEROY DUBELY CUP (Contributioh to Colts Rugby)


REG NIELD TROPHY (Colts Rugby Player of the Year)

Nick Dunn


KAAGMAN CUP (Vigorously Embracing

James Todd School Life) Russell Easterbrook


Georges Nyahunzwi




James Lawson

Head & Deputies

Gymnastics Swimming Triathlon

KIWI TROPHY (Grit and Determination

Glynn Rorke


Thomas Chadwick Tadiwa Parirenyatwa Jason Murray Daniel Wells Peter Lindsay Justin Swan James Lawson Glynn Rorke Craig Gabriel Bart Zwart


Barry Vickery/ Bart Zwart


Thomas Chadwick Tadiwa Parirenyatwa Jason Murray

to Rugby)


Courtney Lock & Peter Lindsay

BRENDAN GALLAGHER TROPHY (Dux Award - Endeavour, Courage,

THE KAMBARAMI CUP (Tennis Singles)


ROSE SHIELD (Champion House)


James Lawson


Rukudzo Gona

Bart Zwart

Rukudzo Gona

Thomas Chadwick

REG NIELD TROPHY (Senior Rugby Player of the Year)

WRIGHT RUGBY CUP (outstanding contribution


GIBB TROPHY (Good Fellowship)


Thomas Chadwick

Brandon in Sport)

MILNE TROPHY (Outstanding Sportsmanship)

REG NIELD TROPHY Angus Curtis (Junior Rugby Player of the Year) (gr. 4)



JOHN QUINCEY SHIELD (Courage and Perseverance)


in Rugby)


Thomas Chadwick Kindness) GREGORY






( ( ,,---'



Senior Full Colours

Senior Full Colours

Full Colours Re·Award

T. Benzon, C. Mbanje, D. Butchart, K. Chiwara

J. Whitaker, M. Ribeiro, A. Burgess

C. Lock, P. Lindsay


J. Murray, D. Wells

HONOURS TIES T. Chadwick (Head boy) T. Parirenyatwa (Deputy Headboy) J. Murray (Deputy Headboy) D. Wells, P. Lindsay (Cricket) J. Swan (Gymnastics) J. Lawson (Swimming) G. Rorke, C. Gabriel (Triathlon) B. Zwart (BMX)

Full Colours Senior Full Colours· Re-Award D. Wells

R. Tenkrooden

SQUASH Senior Full Colours K. Young

Senior Half Colours E. Snyman, R. Hutchings, B. Fox, J. Spencer, J. Lawson.

Senior Full Colours


T. Chadwick, J. Lawson, G. Nyahunzwi, D. Sheehan, J. Whitaker, T. Mugova, J. Murray, D. Wells, M. Ribeiro, T. Jones, B. Vickery, M. Mbudzi, Takura Tande, J. Manyonga.

Senior Full Colours· Re·Award

P. Bera, E. Nyambayo, A. Burgess, T. Mazhude, K. Mungwariri, T. Nyawayi, S. Allen, N. Taylor, E. Snyman, T. Mawerera, M. Sylvester, T. Chikoto.

Half Colours

Senior Full Colours J. Murray, P. Lindsay, T. Ingram, B. Vickery, T. Matthews, B. Boshi, R. Gona, M. Blake, T. Chadwick.


Grade 6 Half Colours


T. Chadwick, J. Mutukwa

VOLLEYBALL Senior Full Colours J. Mutukwa, R. Kadani, S. Mapeka, J. Lawson, M. Timba, M. Mbudzi, T. Mutizwa, Tapiwa Tande, Takura Tande, J. Todd.

Senior Full Colours

Senior Half Colours

G. Rorke, J. Lawson, K. Chiwara, D. Wells, J. Murray, M. Blaker, T. Ingram, R. Gona, T. Matthews, T. Parirenyatwa.

T. Mugova, D. Sheehan, T. Parirenyatwa, R. Mberi, C. Mbanje

Senior Half Colours J. Todd, B. Fox, T. Mugova.


ATHLETICS Senior Full Colours· Re·Award T. Chadwick, J. Mutukwa, R. Gona, J. Lawson

Senior Full Colours


Senior Full Colours Re-Award

C. Gumbo, T. Mazhude, B. Fox

Senior Full Colours

G. Rorke, B. Zwart.

Senior Half Colours

Senior Full Colours

R. Kadani, C. Sandys-Thomas, P.Gumbo

L. Lane, D. Dejong, J. Manyonga, T. Mutumi, G. Nyahunzwi, T. Smith, T. Chadwick, M. Huyton, T. Zireva, T. Benzon, R. Easterbrook., T. Mutizwa

Seniour Half Colours D. Wells, D. Bichard, J. Swan, R. Stableford.

Grade 6 half colours B. Passaortis, N. Taylor, H. Perry, S. Ross, G. Theunissen, L. Selby, E. Snyman, J. Wright, D. Cruger, R. Deacon, J. Edmondson, P. Bera

PUBLIC SPEAKING Senior Full Colours M. Sylvester, T. Mugova

Senior Half Colours R. Zwart, G. Stangroom,

T. Parirenyatwa, J. Murray, T. Tande, J. Todd, T. Matthews, T. Ingram, B. Vickery, T. Chadwick, T. Tande, J. Mutukwa, R. Kadani, R. Gona, J. Lawson.

Senior Half Colours D. Sheehan, B. Boshi, E. Snyman, R. Hutchings.


Junior Full Colours E. Byrom, R. Marais, S. Acres

Junior Half Colours T. Chikosi, T. Reid

SERVICES Full Colours T. Cochrane, J Lawson, T. Todd, T. Benzon

Half Colours R. Easterbrook, J. Rocha, C. Gabriel

T. Way, M. Sibanda, T. Gumbo

Junior Half Colours D. Johnston, N. Dunn

N. Welch, A. Sithole,

CROSS COUNTRY Senior Full Colours Re·Award J. Lawson, C. Gabriel, R. Gona

Senior Full Colours· Re·Award

Senior Full Colours

J. Lawson

T. Mazhude, M. Blake, J. Spencer

Senior Full Colours

Senior Half Colours

G. Rorke, T. Chadwick, B. Zwart, R. Wilson, J. Todd.

Junior Full Colours

Senior Half Colours N. Taylor

Junior Full Colours

C. Sandys-Thomas,

R. Kadani

D. Johnston, P. Rodger, M. Rossi, N. Welch, A. Curtis, R. Hayter

D. Lee, E. Snyman, K. Gibson, K. Smith, J. Kloppers, B. Fox, R. Zwart

Junior Half Colours

Junior Full Colours Re·Award

M. Eeson, G. Curtis, M. Garnett

E. Byrom

, Junior Full Colours R. Foulds, M. Rossi, N. Dunn, B. Evans, D. Johnston, K. Hopper, J. Strong

Junior Half Colours P. Rennie, M. Balfour, R. Murray, N. Welch, D. Bowl, T. Reid, R. Hounsell, A. Onorati

TRIATHLON Senior Full Colours C. Gabriel, G. Rorke

Senior Half Colours R Wilson

Back Row: A. Burgess, T. Jones, D. Butchart, T. Mugova, M Mbudzi, T. Benzon, R. Kadani, C. Lock, B. Vickery, T. Smith, B. Fox, J Manyonga, J. Whitaker, D. DeJong, T. Mutumi Middle Row: B. Evans, M Sylvester, T. Zireva, M Ribeiro, J. Todd, D. Wells, L. Lane, R. Gona, T. Tande, S. Mapeka, T. Mutizwa, R. Easterbrook, T. Tande, N. Hyton, R. Chiwara, R. Marais 2"d Row: T. Ingram, G. Nyahunzwi, C. Gabriel, T. Mathews, J. Lawson, T. Chadwick, Mr Mackenzie, T. Parirenyatwa, J. Murray, D. Sheehan, G. Rorke, A. Curtis Kneeling: N. Dunn, M Rossi, M Sibanda, P Lindsay, C. Mbanje, T. Mazhude, R. Wilson, P Gumbo, E. Byrom, D. Johnston Front: K. Hopper, N. Welch, R. Foulds, R. Hayter

Standing left to right: D. Wells, J. Lawson, G. Rorke, C. Gabriel, J. Swan, Sitting left to right: P Lindsay, T. Chadwick, Mr Mackenzie, J. Murray, T. Parirenyatwa

Back: V Dube, G. Nyahunzwi, N. Crowley, D. Sheehan, T Matthews, B. Boshi, H. Frank, T Mutumi Middle: M. Mberi, P Clinton, D. Bichard, B. Zwart, J Lawson, R. Gona, 1. Jellicoe, T Mugova, B. Moyo Front: C. Mbanje, R. Hutchings, T Chadwick, Mrs A Ahmid, J Murray, B. Merrick, B. Masekesa

Back: T Cochrane, S. Coles, R. Calton, T Smith, B. Hingeston, M Mbudzi, J Swan, J Rocha Middle: P Simango, R. Kadani, T Tande, T Mazarire, T Mutizwa, B. Chiota, K. Fleiner. S. Mapeka, B. Vickery Front: D. Wijers, D. Shah, M Timba, Mrs W Scott, R. Stableford, J Spencer, M Blake

Back: M. Jivan, A. Patel, C. Brittlebank, D. Butchart, J Bunnett, J Todd, T Jones, D. De Jong Middle: R. Wilson, T Zireva, N Huyton, J Mutukwa, C. Gabriel, T Tande, L. Lane, T Benzon, D. Wells, M. Ribeiro

Front: C. Annandale, K. Chiwara, 1. Karimshah, Mr B Chimhau, T Parirenyatwa, J White, B. Dube

, Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston Churchi'"

The number of boys playing on Monday afternoons fluctuated other commitments in sport and school activities.

from two to twelve depending on their

The Golf Club met every Monday to play nine holes of golf. We set off from St John's by 1.30p.m. and returned between 4.30 and 5.00p.m. Our regular venue was Royal Harare Golf Club but we also played rounds at Wingate, Chapman, Borrowdale Brooke and Country Club. Our sincere appreciation is extended to these clubs for giving St John's boys courtesy of the course.

Bongani Moyo, Travis Smith, Tyrone and Brandon Matthews and Reagan Hutchings have officia handicaps. Our most regular player was Brandon Williams. Initially the boys did not take kindly to my insistence that they abide strictly to the rules and most importantly the etiquette of golf. I am pleased to say they are all able to conduct themselves admirably on the course and keep a score card correctly.

Our wildlife team had a very successful year. The team, captained by Matthew Ribeiro and members Jonathan Whitaker and Andrew Burgess won the Mashonaland finals and came second in the National Finals.

The club members were very enthusiastic and were fortunate to have several experts addressing them on topics such as beetles, snakes, camouflage and butterflies.

The Chess "B" League matches kicked off on the 11th May 2007 the fourth day of the second term!! Our "B" team was one of the two teams to kick off the season in a match held at North Park School. At that time we had not yet organised our teams. However, with the help of Sue Ellis, we were able to organise a team which travelled to North Park for a match against the host team. We won the match. The second week of the second term saw the 'W' team start their winning spree. The team won against Heritage, Courtney Selous, Eaglesvale, Twin Rivers, Gateway, Hartmann House and David Livingstone. The only match that was tough was the one against Alfred Beit. The match in which we hosted Alfred Beit ended in a draw. The "B" team won against North Park, Alexandra Park and Hartmann House. They lost against Sharon, Westridge and Bishopslea. Alfred Beit had no "B' team and Blakiston failed to turn up for the match. The majority of our "A:' team players are Grade 7 pupils. Only one of the ten 'W' team players is in Grade 6. Two of the ten "8" team players are also Grade 7 boys. This means that a lot of practice is required if the remaining players are to win their matches next year. All the same, I am looking forward to a successful chess league season next year.

CHESSB Standing: T. Chiweshe, M Mazambani, N. Ndlovu, T, Chikoto, S. Allen, T. Jakarasi. Sitting: Z. White, K. Annandale, Mr Chimhau, L. Tapi, A. Chivayo. On ground: V. Chitambira, M Chitsinde

The Junior drama group augmented by all the Grade 3's entertained family and friends with their production of ''The Song of Hiawatha". The lads learnt large chunks of longfellows poem and interspersed the choral verse with songs and dances. Every boy had a special moment on stage from Gitche Manito to the trees with their catchy tree rap. Our grateful thanks go to Tracy Wilson for the magnificent scenery and props and Rich Whitaker and Wendy Scott. also go to all those special mums for their help with costuming and make-up.


Every boy from Grade 4 onwards has the chance to enter the Public Speaking. Initial selections are done by the class teachers, who select two representatives, with a reserve to go through to the semi-finals. Then five juniors and seniors are selected for the finals. This year the finalists were:JUNIORS: Shaun Acres, Edward Byrom, Taashira Chikosi, Ross Marais and Thomas Reid. SENIORS: Tafadzwa Mugova, Gareth Stangroom, Sylvester, Nicholas Taylor and Roderick Zwart.



The finals were very highly contested with Ambrose and Gregory being joint winners of the Richard Heap Trophy. Our head-boy, Tom Chadwick did an outstanding job as compere. Edward Byrom won the junior cup with Ross Marais second and Shaun Acres third. In the senior section, Tafadzwa Mugova and Michael Sylvester came tie first with Roderick Zwart third. Many thanks to Mr Mike Mackenzie and Mrs Ruth Rodgers for adjudicating this event and to all the teachers who helped. The impromptus were quite amusing and one participant revealed that there is a teacher at the College who throws books at her pupils when they are not listening and puts all sorts of children in detention! No names mentioned on both accounts!

Back: R. Marais, T Mugova, M. Sylvester, R. Zwart Seated: E. Byrom, Mrs S Ellis, S. Acres

at Gateway Primary School. In the junior section the results were as follows:1st Bishopslea 2nd St John's 3'd Heritage 4th Eaglesvale with Edward Byrom being adjudicated the best junior. impromptu titles included, "My Mother's handbag", "Favourite Days", and "How I would cope without television" .

In the senior section St John's came first with Michael Sylvester winning the senior section and Tafadzwa Mugova giving an excellent impromptu speech on "My favourite Sport". Other titles included "Silence" and "Pets". The junior and senior scores were added together and St John's came out tops with Bishopslea second. It was unfortunate that Sharon School was not competing, due to a Jewish holiday, but the contestants from Bishopslea had improved greatly. Well done to our group of young men, they did exceptionally well and we were proud of them. We can look forward to another successful year, next year.

S. Ellis TIC Public Speaking

Players: D Wells (Capt.), J Murray (V.Capt.), M Blake, T

Rounder, Tom Ingram who won the Batting Award and Peter

Chadwick, R Gona,

Lindsay who again picked up bowler of the tournament!

T Matthews,

Over all the season has been filled with some great cricket

B Boshi, B Vickery, J Spencer, J Lawson, P

Lindsay, E Snyman, T Ingram & B Fox

memories and I hope that the boys have gained from their

This year has been a wonderful year for the 1st XI Cricket at

individual experiences! To the grade 6 boys coming back next year I wish you the very best and am sure you will be

St John's Prep. We have played as a team and worked hard

great ambassadors for St John's Prep. To the 7's that leave

on our cricketing skills. Having only one player back from

us I wish you the very best in your future cricket and I am

last year meant that we were low on experience, but the

sure that you will all remember your time a~ St John's Prep.

boys proved that with hard work and determination achieve anything!

This will be my last report and sadly I will be leaving for

we can South Africa with my family at the end of this year, I would


The 1 XI for the first time won the Lilfordia day/night

like to take this chance to thank every one for their support

festival which was a huge achievement,

and hard work this year. To Mr. Mackenzie and the St

of them and Mr. Mutendera Congratulations

and am very proud

for his work over that weekend!

must go to Tom Ingram who won best

John's staff I will always have the fondest memories of my time here at St John's and I wish you all the very best!

Wicket Keeper and Peter Lindsay who won best bowler of the tournament.

We also won the inaugural St John's

10/10 festival which I leave in loving memory of my good friend and father figure Mr. Barry Lake. We thank you for

1st XI cricket played 12 Games, Won 11 and Lost 1

the many years of commitment

Winners of the Lilfordia Day/Night Festival

and effort you gave, the

boys have gained so much just knowing you and through

Winners of the St John's Prep 10/10


your teaching. Thank you.

S Price Coach

Standing left to right: M Blake, T. Mathews, R. Boshi, B. Fox, E. Snyman, R. Gona, B. Vickery, J. Lawson, T, Chadwick. Sitting left to right: J. Spencer, T. Ingram, D. Wells, Mr. Price, Mr. Mutendera, J. Murray, P Lindsay, R. Hutchings.


The second eleven were unbeaten in 2007. The team was strong all round, averaging 150 runs in 25 overs every game they played and 90% of the time managing to bowl out opposition sides all out. The team was well led by James Wright. Most runs were made by Reagan Hutchings and Michael Sylvester who averaged over 40 runs at the end of the year 2007. Michael Sylvester scored three half centuries in a row in the third term and Reagan Hutchings managed to score two half centuries. The bowling department was outstanding with almost everyone in the team capable of bowling, but the most outstanding bowlers were Brett Fox and Adam Stewart who captured the most wickets.

Overall everyone in the team played very well in contributing to the team being unbeaten the whole season. Good luck to the current Grade 6 for the 2008 season. I know they will do well as they are good cricketers, and to the boys leaving the Prep, keep enjoying your cricket in High School.

Results V Gateway V Lilfordia V Ruzawi V Gateway V Hellenic V Hartmann V Twin Rivers V Gateway V Springvale

D. Mutendera


won won won won won won won won won

by by by by by by by by by

9 wkts 112 runs 5 runs 131 runs 103 runs 50 runs 117 runs 3 wkts 14 runs

Standing: R. Wilson, J Swan, B. Fox, D. Bichard, G. Rorke, D. Butchart, M Sylvester, A. Stewart. Sitting: R. Hutchings, J, Spencer, K. Gibson, Mr. Mutendera, J Wright, D. Cruger, S. Solanki.

uce The team had a fine season playing a number of games against first and second teams of other schools. The boys batting, fielding and bowling were all strong areas. The team was well captained by Brendan Matthews and the results were as follows: V Hartmann House lost by 7 runs V Sharon won by 6 wkts V Eaglesvale won by 8 wkts V Herman Germainer cancelled V Mberi cancelled V Westridge won by 163 runs V Alexander park rained out V Ruzawi won by 4 wkts V Springvale won by 7 wkts V Ariel cancelled

Standing: K. Smith, D. Wijers, J Kloppers, D. Bichard, M Ribeiro, R. Nicholson, K. Young, Z. Omarshah. Sitting: J Swan, C. Lock, B. Mathews, Mr. Ndimutseyi, C. Sandys- Thomas, G. Ellis, S. Solanki.

Many thanks to mums and dads for cakes and eats this season.




Standing: K. Young, A. Burgess, P. Patel, B. Lilford, R. Deacon, T Jones, G. Nyahunzwi. Sitting: M Jivan, R. Tenkrooden, C. Blignaut, Mr Ndimutseyi, C. Sandys-Thomas, S. Coles, N. Madziva. Kneeling: B. Turk

This year saw a highly determined Ruzawi convincingly throughout for the next battle.

and committed

team take to the field with pride.

We managed to beat our main rival

the season, whilst others simply allowed the team to sharpen their swords and prepare them

Our batting line up was very powerfully led from the front by the captain Eddie Byrom. The bowling attack was spearheaded Mark Hulbert and James Gibson. The spin bowling department

was well led by

Kyle Hopper and Ewan Price. We took part at the Peterhouse Chemco 6 Aside Festival where we won convincingly

in the final

beating Ruzawi. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Byroms for sponsoring high quality kit for the boys and all the mums for the eats at all our home fixtures.

I also wish the boys

well as they graduate to a more senior side next year.

Allan Mwayenga Coach

Standing: R. Foulds, D. Johnston, J Gibson, E. Price, R. Murray, B. Young. Sitting: B. Evans, J Waller; E. Byrom, Mr Mwayenga, M Rossi, M Hulbert, K. Hopper.

Standing: S. Hook, T. Way, T. Gumbo, T. Lister; S. Bellini Martin, A. Nyamuda. Sitting: R. Chapman, B. Bichard, Mr Mwayenga, N Dunn, S. Donaldson, B. Mallon Kneeling: J Harrison



Standing: P Naik, F Adam, N. Wilson, 1. Strong, E. Baig, K. Mackenzie Sitting: T. Gowera, W Swan, N. Warren, Mr Mwayenga, N. Graingel; T Lindsay- White, C. Scallan

Standing: T. Mangiza, T. Chikosi, R. Scott-Riddell, F Kasukuwere, 1. Nyabadza, T. Chitambo, L. Beahan, M Bwerinofa, N. Madziva. Sitting: D. Wiseman. B. Nyahunzwi, T, Curle, Mr Mwayenga, M Sibanda, P Mangunda. R. Vyas

2007 has been a year in which the boys had to work hard. Grade 4A team had an enjoyable and successful season. In the first term we played 5 games, won 4 and lost 1 match to Ruzawi, a team they managed to beat convincingly in the return fixture. The 3'd term was difficult to start as we had Ruzawi in the first few weeks and the boys seemed a little out of sorts and struggled to post big enough scores. As the team progressed the boys got stuck into their cricket and produced some fine results. The side was very ably led by Ryan Murray. The fielding was, by the end of the term, very well controlled. The bowling attack was dynamic. T Mackie and N Balfour would open at each end and often crippled the opposition right from the start. N Welch and R Hayter would follow with the same strength, both spinning the ball and leaving the batsmen defenceless. Some fine performances with bat and ball were: R Murray 53* v Gateway N Welch 50* v Twin Rivers L Butler 35* v Twin Rivers P Davis 33* v Eaglesvale

I would like to take this opportunity boys during the season.

to pass on all my sincere thanks to all parents who so whole-heartedly

Tafadzwa Kwatengera Coach

Standing: E. Way, P Davies, T Mackie, L. Butler, N Welch Sitting: A. Curtis, M Balfour, R. Murray, Mr Kwatengera, A. Lake, M Sandys-Thomas R. Hayter

supported their

Results: 1. St John's 154 for 6 (Connor 32*, Sean 28* and Ryan 27) Twin Rivers All Out for 40 (Sean 2 for 0, Dilshard 2 for 4 and Connor 2 for 7) Won by 114 runs. 2. Ruzawi 118 for 5 in their 20 overs St John's 122 for 8 (Connor 35, Pierres 25*, Ryan 18 and Cameron 14 in 3 balls!) Won by 2 wickets with 3 overs to spare 3. St John's 140 for 6 (Ethan 24*, Connor 20, Boshi 16, Pierres 14, Thomas 14) Twin Rivers All Out for 74 ( Darco, Thomas and Pierres each took 2 wickets) Won by 66 runs. 4. St John's 88 for 7 in 13 overs (Ryan 27* and Cameron 23) Eaglesvale Colts C All Out for 30 in 9 overs ( Ethan 3 for 3) Won by 58 runs. One word epitomised this year's Grade Four B team and that was the word "FUN"!! The boys certainly knew how to enjoy themselves and they were tremendously rewarding to coach. They played with much more spirit than one can usually expect at this level and they made an enormous amount of progress. Most of all, they learnt to playas a team. Much of the season was spent trying to get across the idea that cricket is not an individual sport and the boys had to learn to sacrifice their own personal ambitions for the sake of the team. Having said that, it was one of our aims to ensure that everyone "got a chance" and this is why we rotated the batting order and tried to give each fielder a chance at bowling. We even rotated the captaincy. Every boy shone at some stage or other and there were no dominant stars. Another enjoyable aspect of the season was the parents. What a great group! They were always positive and extremely supportive. I hope that we entertained them in return for their time and loyalty. Having met the parents, it was easy to see why I enjoyed their sons so much.

R. Whitaker Coach

Standing: E. Way, C. Harrison, T Reid, R, Housell, J. Thomas, M Enderby Sitting: C. Macmillan, R. Boshi, B. Young, Mr Whitaker, P Rennie, D. Williams, D. Limpic

Back: R. Hunda, 1. Hakulandaba, A. Curtis, M. Eeson, M Rossi, M Sibanda, T. Gumbo, T. Makamure, D. Johnston, A. Rwodzi, S. Madiro, C. Macmillan, D. Ndoro Middle: T. Way, C. Sandys-Thomas, C. Gumbo, M Mbudzi, R. Kadani, B. Fox, J Lawson, T. Chikoto, T. Mahofa, P Gumbo, N Ndlovu, T. Mazhude, P Mangunda, A. Sithole Sitting: N Dunn, H. Silk, T. Chadwick, J. Mutukwa, Mr Mbundire, Mr Ndimutseyi, R. Gona, R. Murray, N Welch, T. Chimbwanda

The athletics season was good as there were no major disruptions because of rain. We hosted a friendly meeting which we won. In the EPSA Mashonaland A Division athletics meeting which was hosted by Hartmann House, we came third and we stayed in this competitive group. In the Interhouse Sports Ambrose came first, Gregory second and Jerome third.

Mr M. Mbundlre Be Mr W. Ndlmutseyl Coaches

Back: C. Lindsay-White,

T Warren, T Reid, D. Johnston, M. Hulbert, M. Blake, M. Rossi, N Dunn, A. Curtis, N Welch, T Gowera, Z. White, D. Brain Middle: R. Hayter, J. Spencer, N Ndlovu, C. Gibson, T Mazhude, C. Sandys-Thomas, B. Lilford, B. Masekesa, S. Coles, R. Murray,路 G. Ellis, T Curle, N, Mukorombindo Sitting: S. Madiro, M. Eeson, H Silk, J. Lawson, Mr W Ndimutseyi, R. Gona, M. Balfour, G. Curtis, M. Garnett

This group of boys enjoyed running and representing their school. three meetings namely Gateway, Ruzawi and Lilfordia. Outstanding performance throughout second in Ruzawi cross country.

1st out 1st out 2nd

of 7 at Gateway of 25 at Lilfordia. out of 11 at Ruzawi.




We had a pleasant cross country team.

We took part in

the season was from Rukudzo Gona coming first in Three Woods and Gateway and

In the blink of an eye, another swimming season has come

boys did exceptionally

and gone.

for the thirteenth

How time flies when you're having such fun!!

well claiming the Division 1 trophy

consecutive year. Only one record was

broken this year and this achievement Congratulations

go to all the swimmers on yet another

most successful season.

As the team consists of a group

of highly motivated and competitive

children, my job as

went to our U13

Butterfly Relay who knocked 10 seconds off the time! well done gentlemen


a fine way to end your Prep School

swimming career.

swimming coach is made that much easier and my thanks go to both the boys and their parents for putting so much

The season ended with the Ruzawi Invitational

time and effort into this activity.

is different for us as it includes individual events.

Gala which Although

rather weary, the boys claimed yet another victory and As usual, our first meeting of the season was the Flippers'

broke five records in the process.

Gala where we entered both an ''/!J:' and a "B" team to compete against Chisipite, Hartmann, Schools.

Hellenic and Sharon

Our ''/!J:' team gained first place with our "B'''s

Thanks to the parents for their amazing support and to the staff of St John's for their help with the Flippers' Gala.

coming in 4th• This was followed by the Pisces Gala hosted by Hartmann House.

In this gala 2 of our boys team up

Senior colours were awarded to Thomas Chadwick, Bart

with Chisipite girls in order to make a relay. The afternoon

Zwart, Glynn Rorke, James Todd and Ryan Wilson with

is always great fun, and this year we excelled with the ''/!J:'

James Lawson receiving are-award.

team gaining first place and the "B" team coming second.

MrsD. Derry The climax of the swimming season is always the Inter


Schools' Gala held at the Les Brown Pool. Once again, our

Back Row: Mr Millar, D. Annandale, K. Hopper, R. Hounsell, B. Evans, B. Fox, J Todd, R. Murray, T Reid, D. Bowl, R. Wilson, C. Stangroom, Mrs Derry. 3rd Row: J Booth, N. Dunn, R. Zwart, K. Smith, J Kloppers, G. Rorke, E. Snyman, J Strong, N. Welch, M. Eeson, A. Onorati. 2nd Row: M Rossi, R. Foulds, D. Lee, K. Gibson, J Lawson, T Chadwick, B. Zwart, C. Onorati, P. Rennie, B. Annandale. Ground: C. Lindsay- White, D. Johnston, G. Curtis, M. Balfour, D. Brain, E. Byrom.

Standing: Mr Miller, D. Cruger, D. Sheehan. T Gapare, J. Strong, B. Gabriel, N. Taylor, Mrs Derry. Sitting: R. Deacon, J. Gibson, K. Mackenzie, K. Gibson, N. Dunn, C. Gabriel, P Rennie, A. Frost

Our First Team was very successful in the A league, losing only one match to Hartmann's first team. It is fortunate that four of our A team players are young and will represent the A team next year too. Full colours were re-awarded to C. Lock and P. Lindsay. J Murray and D Wells were awarded full colours and R Tenkrooden received half colours. In the Doubles Championship J Murray and R Murray lost to the strong combination of C Lock and P Lindsay. A V V V V V V V

Team Results Courtney Selous Vainona Barwick Hartmann II Beatrice Borrowdale Hartmann I

won 8 1 won 9 0 won 9


won 6 3 walk over

won 9


lost 3 6

Our second team consisted of many keen and eager players who participated in the B League. They played really well, often against first team players. B Team Results V Haig Park V Gateway V Alex Park V David Livingstone V Norton V Twin Rivers V Hatcliffe

Standing: D. Wells, J Murray, R. Murray Sitting: C. Lock, Mrs Esslemont, P. Lindsay Front: R. Tenkrooden

won 6 3 lost 2 7 won 8 1 won 9 walk over lost 4 5 walk over


Unfortunately two matches were walk overs due to transport problems. Many thanks to our wonderful mums who provided delicious cakes for our teas. Congratulations to Ryan Stableford for being awarded the Tennis Cup for Sportsmanship. It is a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic players at Tuesday aftemoon Team Tennis practices. We wish those boys that are leaving us success in their tennis in Form One.


Standing: K. Franklin, B. Naude, R. Stableford, M Mazambani.

Sitting: T, Chiweshe, Mrs Ellis, S. Solanki, Front: A. Chikanda

The 2007 volleyball side was full of talent and determination. However, all this did not yield to anything spectacular as the team was let down by opposition teams who cancelled the fixtures due to shortage of fuel or other unspecified reasons. The team played 3 games, won 2 and lost 1.

F. Dhlamlnl Coach

Standing: T. Tande, T. Mutizwa, T. Tande, M Timba, S. Mapeka. Sitting: J. Lawson, R. Kadani, Mr Dhlamini, J. Mutukwa, M. Mbudzi

Standing: K. Chiwara, S. Sheehan, T. Mugova Sitting: C. Mbanje, J. Todd, Mr Dhlamini, T. Parirenyatwa, M. Mberi

What an outstanding year this has been for our 1stY01. The season began in triumphant style beating the much favoured Gateway team which had toured South Africa 39O. This proved to be one of our best games only surpassed by the final game of the season against Ruzawi. In this game we saw the culmination of all that we had worked so hard to achieve all term. The forwards were in no mood for compromise and fed vast quantities of "go forward" ball to our hungry backs. This was as good a display of power rugby as you will see anywhere. Apart from good, solid rugby, this game contained some pin point accurate kicking by Jabulani Mutukwa to the wings. This great game ended with us triumphing 45-0 with no kicks having been converted, mainly due to the fact that the tries were all scored in corners. The kicks throughout the season were superbly executed by Rukudzo Gona and Jabu Mutukwa. There were some fine games mid-season between these two matches and our boys played with great spirit and purpose. Bart Zwart and Glynn Rorke are two of the most natural forwards that we have had in a long time, but they were very ably supported by Tadi Parirenyatwa, Takura Tande and Jason Murray while Ely Snyman shows great promise for next year. Sadly Dustin Sheehan, who is a fine rugby player, had a very short-lived season as he broke his collar-bone badly in the second game. The loose trio of Tyrone Matthews (8), James Todd and James Lawson were great scavengers of the ball. Our three-quarters were as talented as ever and turned much 50/50 ball into points. Young Tom Ingram has a natural ability to read the game and should be a dynamic serum half next year. He serviced fly half, Barry Vickery efficiently and this enabled our centres, Jabu and Tapuwa Tande to move with reasonable freedom. Tom Chadwick

had a great season on the wing and Raymond Kadani showed flashes of class. Rukudzo Gona was outstandi with his deceptive, penetrating runs either getting him the try-line or taking us deep into our opponents half. It was comforting to have reserve backs.of the caliber of the diminutive but fearless Regan Hutchings and Brandon Boshi who would certainly have been regulars for any other school's 1stY01's. All in all it was a great season which also saw our boys win the coveted Super 8 Trophy yet again and I have-to say that I thoroughly enjoyed coaching this group of young men. The follOWing boys were chosen to represent the Harare North team:Tom Chadwick, Glynn Rorke, Bart Zwart, Tadiwa Parirenyatwa, James Todd, Tom Ingram, Jabulani Mutukwa, Rukudzo Gona and James Lawson.

Bear in mind that some of our boys were not eligible for selection. As the team was unbeaten throughout the season and only narrowly lost a festival game, all the regulars received their full colours whilst the luckless reserves and Dustin Sheehan received half-colours.

M. N. Mackenzie


Back: B. Vickery, R. Kadani, T. Tande, R. Gona, J. Mutukwa, T. Matthews. Middle: R. Boshi, J. Lawson, B. Zwart, T. Parirenyatwa, T. Tande, E. Snyman, J. Sheehan Front: R. Hutchings, G. Rorke, T. Chadwick, Mr Mackenzie, J. Todd, J. Murray, T. Ingram

Results. 24.05 vs 31.05 vs 02.06 vs 19.07 vs 12.07 vs

Gateway Haartman House Ruzawi Highlands Haartman House

vs Heritage 1st YN vs Selbourne Rutledge 1st YN This year's second fifteen certainly had a very successful season. They made substantial and were playing very effective, clinical rugby by the end.

progress as the season rlrogressed

The tight five (Z. Mayeka, R. Wilson, B. Matthews, C. Gabriel and C. Lock) provided a very stable platform in the set pieces. Their ball retention was excellent and their picking and driving disrupted the defence of the opposition whilst providing the backs with plenty of "go-forward" ball. The loose forwards (D. Cruger, R. Zwart and E. Snyman) hunted as a pack. They were hungry for tackles and mobile. They also looked good with ball in hand and enjoyed a number of excellent breaks. Eli was very effective off the base of the scrum, especially close to the try line. The half-back combination of J. Spencer and R. Boshi got better and better as the season developed. Ryan was a bit static to begin with but when Jason started to pass in front of him, so that he took the ball on the move, he got the line moving very effectively. The centres (J. Swan and B. Fox) and wings (R. Hutchings and S. Coles) were quick onto the opposition in defence and we experienced very few line-breaks against us. On the other hand, in attaCk, they ran good lines and their speed resulted in numerous tries. T. Mazhude, at Full Back, was solid in defence and his ability to strike in the counter attack meant that the oppositions were invariably punished if they tried to kick over our defensive lines.

We started off the season with a well-deserved victory against Gateway. Although we looked a bit raw at times, the potential was evident and the tone was set. The first game against Haartman House was not fun! They fielded an over-age player who did all the damage. Having played for Harare Schools the previous season, he was simply too big and strong for us. It was therefore highly satisfying that we gave them such a drubbing when he was excluded from the return fixture. The 31 to nil result was a true reflection of the ran kings. Ruzawi had an excellent side and they gave us a hard time with their very quick rucking over. They had the majority of possession but they found it almost impossible to penetrate our line. We leant a lot from them, however, and the quality of our own rucking over improved from then on. The second half of the season was awesome! The forwards learnt to do their job with clinical efficiency. They destroyed the opponents' defensive patterns and then fed the line making it easy for the backs to score tries. They also scored many a try through eight-man teamwork which was always a great pleasure to watch. The best way I can describe the team's style of play in these latter parts of the season is to say that they were ruthlessly clinical and efficient.

Back: D. Cruger, M Mbudzi, Z. Mayeka, C. Lock, R. Zwart. Middle: R. Wilson, K. Gibson, M Timba, C. Gabriel, E. Snyman, B. Matthews, T Mazhude Seated: S. Coles, R. Hutchings, R. Boshi, Mr Mbundire, J. Swan, B. Fox, J. Spencer

In this team a hardworking pack of forwards ensured a generous supply of ball which the backs put to good use. The team was well led by Daniel Wells. The team played cohesive and nd unselfish rugby. It played several 2 st x:v sides and even the odd 1 X:V, remaining unbeaten all se~son, although some matches were close indeed!




Back: G. Ellis, M. Mazambani, R. Mberi, M. Mbudzi, T. Chiweshe Middle: K. Chiwara, C. Gumbo, R. Deacon, M. Timba, J. Kloppers, T. Jakarasi, P Gumbo. Seated: K. Gibson, K. Smith, M. Sylvester, Mr Ndimutseyi, D. Wells, B. Moyo

Back: C. Sandys- Thoms, M. Sylvester, P Clinton. D. DeJong, M. Chitsinde Middle: T. Shara, T. Mugova, T. Mutizwa, S. Mapeka, T. Gapare, T. Smith, S.Masenda Seated: B. Turk, H. Perry, C. Bond, Mr Ndimutseyi, B. Masekesa, J. Zimuto, K. Young

Back: G. Theunissen, T Mutumi, N Crowley, B. Passaportis, N Ndlovu, N Madziva, 1. Edmondson, D. Campbell Middle: 1. Harris, T Mahola, B. Williams, R. Calton, L. Jellicoe, C. Blignaut, P Chiketsani, B. Dube Front: B. Naude, P Clinton, T Cochrane, A. Mwayenga. V Dube, Z. Anderson, N Taylor

The team played with a lot of courage and on many occasions they managed to bruise their opposition with ease. We opened the season playing Gateway on a Wednesday and our test was on the same weekend when we played our perennial rivals Ruzawi who we managed to beat 21-16. Team captain Michael Rossi and Nick Dunn played some very attractive rugby and managed to get very good support from the other players in the back line, including unstoppable Tafara Gowera. The only two defeats we suffered were against a strong Lilfordia side and Ruzawi where the scores were very close. Well done to all the boys for their hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure coaching you. A big thank you must go to the mums for providing teas and to the fathers for their continued support. Statistics Played 10 Won 8 Lost 2 Well done boys and keep it up.

W. Ndlmutseyl


Back: T Gowera, M. Sibanda, J Strong, A. Nyamuda, P, Rodger Seated: D. Johnston, W Swan, M Hulbert, Mr Ndimutseyi, M. Rossi, B. Evans, N Dunn

This team played with a lot of courage and on many occasions managed to brush the opposition aside with ease. At one stage or another most of the players either played in Colts A side or benched for that team. There are some very fine rugby payers in the making in this side.

Mr W. Ndlmutseyl


Back: T Chikosi, T Parewa, J Waller, K. Van Ruiten, T Gumbo Seated: J Harrison, T Lister, J Gibson, Mr Mbundire, E. Byrom, P Rodger, T Lindsay-White, P Mangunda, B. Mallon

Continued _~--'-~

-'--_=- .J

Back: T Parewa, R. Scott-Riddell, 1. Baig, K. Kasukuwere, M. Bwerinofa, S. Bellini-Martin Middle: T Mangiza, T Lister, R. Foulds, Mr A Mwayenga, B. Young, R. Chapman, S. Donaldson Ground: P Manguna, B. Nyahunzwi

Back: T Way, B. Chirombo, T Madziva, 1. Beahan, E. Price, C. Scallan. J. Nyabadza Front: D. Mackinnon, T Chigaru, K. Mackenzie, Mr A Mwayenga, S. Bellini-Martin, T Makombe, S. Hook

Back: K. Mutendadzamera. T. Curle, T. Chitamba, B. fflatswayo, T. Makamure Front: R. Tavaguta, D. Mackinnon, R. Machingauta, Mr A Mwayenga, T. Madziva, 1. Collins, D. Goredema

What a thoroughly enjoyable season!! I really appreciated taking the Grade Four A team this season and I look back at it with many fond memories. What was it that made the experience such an enjoyable one? Firstly! I enjoyed getting to know the boys. They really are a fantastic group and I look forward to watching their progress up the system. They were hugely enthusiastic, extremely responsive and they all had a tremendous hunger for the game. As far as they were concerned, the games were all too short and there weren't enough of them. Secondly, I really appreciated the support of the parents. It was such a pleasure to watch a group of parents who were always positive and encouraging in their support. I really struggle when parents shout negative comments at their children thereby destroying their confidence and self-esteem. This particular set of parents did a fine job of "lifting" the players with their great support. The parents of various other groups could learn a lot from them! Thirdly, it was a great privilege to have Mr Ewan Mcmillan and Mr David Curtis helping with the coaching. I really appreciated their reliability as well as the enormous amount of knowledge that they brought to the practices. Both have a rare ability to communicate effectively with children and they were a great inspiration to the boys. On top of this, I learnt a great deal from them which I will appreciate in future years. Fourthly, I really enjoyed the way the boys played. They were talented, of that there was no doubt. However, what really made them a great team was the fact that they enjoyed themselves so much. They epitomised what, to me, is the most important aspect of sport they played for fun! We beat most of our opponents easily. However, Ruzawi were definitely a better team than us. We managed to scrape a win against them in the first encounter and it has to be said that we were lucky to do so. They thoroughly outclassed us in the away fixture. They made quicker decisions and were more organised in second and third phase play. The final encounter, at the Grade Four Festival, was a fitting end to the contest. We spent the entire game fiercely defending our line and it was only the courage and determination of our whole team that managed to keep them out. The nil all draw was deserved. The only part of the season that I did not enjoy was trying to decide who should be awarded the cup for being the best Grade Four Player. The strength of the team was in the fact that they played as a team. It seemed unfair, therefore, to try and separate out one individual. Everyone did their job and they did it well. However, these things have to be done and there were four main contenders for the award. Angus Curtis, Peter Davis, Connor Macmillan and Ryan Murray were undoubtedly the foundation blocks of the team. After considering the rankings of each of them in four categories, there was nothing to choose between them. I looked at 1) Talent and skill, 2) their ability to "lift" the performance of the team, 3) enthusiasm and example and 4) sportsmanship and attitude. In the end I had to invent a fifth category to separate them. Angus Curtis was given the award simply because he appeared to enjoy himself the most. Isn't this what sport is about? He and another team member were both going for a tackle once when they collided and missed the tackle. Angus ended up in a giggling heap thinking that the collision was just as much fun as the successful tackle would have been. However, having said all that, I know that he would be the first to accept the award on behalf of the whole team. As far as I am concerned Connor Macmillan, Angus Curtis, Peter Davis, Nicholas Balfour, Andile Sithole, Ryan Murray, Ross Hayter, Sebastian Sheehan, Cameron Harrison, Tanya Chambati, Travis Mackie and Hayden Silk were all stars and all deserved an award. They thoroughly entertained the spectators, they played their hearts out, they played with an excellent attitude and they had fun. No wonder I enjoyed myself so much!

R. Whitaker Coach

Standing: S. Sheehan, R. Hayter, C. Harrison, T Chambati, N. Balfour, A. Sithole Seated: A. Curtis, P Davis, T Mackie, R. Murray, H. Silk, C. MacMillan

Standing: R. Boshi, K. Pollen, M Shonhiwa, T. Reid, T. Chambati, A. Onorati Sitting: J Thomas, R. Hounsel, Mr R. Whitaker, A. Lake, P Rennie, S. Mandizodza

Back: D. Limpic, S. Brown, 0. Harvey, R. Spencer, A. Hartman Front: D. Williams, M Enderby, M Mpisaunga, Mr A Mwayenga, S. Young, I. Hakulandaba, B. Perry

Full Games in the season Vs Hartmann (H) we won 5 0 Vs Lilfordia we Won 5 1 Vs Twin Rivers (A) we Won 4 2 Vs Heritage we Won 12 0 Vs Gateway we Won 6 3

Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs

Twin Rivers (H) we Lost 2 1 Hellenic we Won 8 0 Hartmann (A) we Won 3 1 Alex Park we Won 10 1 Ruzawi we Won 3 0

ut13 E.P.S.A Hockey Festival Played 5, Won 4 & Drew 1 Team members 2007: Grade 7' s: J. Mutukwa (Capt.), T. Chadwick (V.Cpt), J Murray, G Rorke, J Lawson, D. Wells, T. Pari renyatwa , M. Blake, T. Matthews, R. Gona, K. Chiwara J. Todd & T. Mugova

The boys have played some outstanding hockey with the most goals scored in a season I have witnessed, the season has been a great pleasure to take and those going to the college I wish the best and the 2 grade 6's staying behind I hope that you are good ambassadors to the 1st XI next year! The numbers these boys have put up are amazing in any form of the game and scored 60 goals in the season only letting through 11 goals, this stat is through hard work, practice and a huge team spirit! I would like to thank my Captain and Vice Captain for their hard work this term they have done their jobs with passion. To my Captains mom, Mrs. Mutukwa thank you for all the hard work and the time that you have given towards all the games. To our sponsor this year, the Mutukwa's, Chadwick's and Matthew's families thank you for an amazing kit. We are truly great full for your support. _ To Mrs. Macmillan a big thank you for your time and patience with all us men! I would like to finish with a big thank you to the boys of 1st XI. Hockey 2007, you have played some great hockey and shared some wonderful memories.

Mr. 5 Price 1st XI Hockey Coach

Back: K. Chiwara, T Matthews, J Lawson, R. Gona, J Todd, B. Fox, T Ingram Front: M. Blake, D. Wells, J Mutukwa, Mr S Price, T Chadwick, J Murray, T Mugova Seated: G. Rorke, T Parirenyatwa

H( •

Full Games in the season Vs Hartmann (H) we Drew 1 1 Vs Lilfordia we Won 9 6 Vs Twin Rivers (A) we Lost 3 0 Vs Heritage we Won 7 0 Vs Gateway we Won 5 0 Vs Twin Rivers (H) we Won 2 0 Vs Hartmann (A) we Won 3 0 Vs Alex Park we Won 12 0 Vs Ruzawi we Won 3 0

Team members 2007: Grade 7' s: T Parirenyatwa (Capt.), T Mugova (V.Capt), J Todd, D Butchart, C Gabriel & J Spencer

B Moyo,

Grade 6' s: B Fox, J Wright, E Snyman, T Chiweshe, P Lindsay, T Chikoto & C Sandys-Thomas The boys have played some fine hockey this term with some fine victories. The team has taken some time to play together, but finished the term well with 7 wins in a row. Mrs. Macmillan has done some outstanding work with the guys and motivated them well! I hope that you take all the lessons that you have learnt this season and use them in your seasons to come. To the grade 7 boys I thank you for your hard work and effort in your last year and to the grade 6 boys I hope that you will be ready for a hard 2008 season I wish you all the best and you will be in my thoughts, thank you 2007 2nd XI Hockey.

Mr. 5 Price 2nd XI Hockey Coach

Back: D. Butchart, T. Chikoto, J. Todd, T. Mazhude Middle: B. Fox, E. Snyman, T. Mugova, Mr S Price, C. Gabriel, B. Mayo, J. Wright Goalkeeper: T. Parirenyatwa


Standing: C. Mbanje, K. Smith, R. Kadani, Miss Parkinson, P Bera, C. Sandys-Thomas, Sitting: M. Jivan, J. Bennett, J. Kloppers, J. Spencer, M. Mberi T. Cochrane

Back: A. Stewart, L. Jellicoe, Miss Parkinson, D. Lee, R. Tenkrooden Seated: D. Wijers, K. Annandale, N Ndlovu, K. Smith, T. Jones, J. Duthie G. Nyahunzwi

T. Mazhude

Back: K. Franklin, R. Stableford, 1. Whitaker, M. Mazambani Seated: B. Naude, Z. Anderson, B. Williams, Mr T Kwatengera, D. Campbell, S. Solanki

Vs Hartmann House we Won 5 0 Vs Heritage we Won 3 0 Vs Hellenic we Won 5 1 Vs Lilfordia we Lost 2 5 Vs Twin Rivers we Won 2 0 Vs Hartmann we Won 4 0 Vs Gateway we Won 2 1 Vs Ruzawi we Lost 2 - 4 Vs Westridge we Won 3 0 Vs Twin Rivers we Drew 0 0

U/l1 E.P.S.A Hockey Festival @ Hartmann House Played 5, Won 4, Lost 1 & Drew 0 Team members for Colts A (at least 2 Games or more): M Rossi, E Byrom, BEvans, A Nyamuda, J Strong, E Price, D Johnston, J Gibson, M Hulbert, J Waller, T Way & B Young Well done boys for a great season, it has been a pleasure to watch you play and learn this term, I hope that you take forward what you have learnt this year and make good teams next year. To Mrs. Hay thank you very much for all the time you put into the colts A & B hockey this year the parents and I really appreciated you being there for the boys! To all the mom's thank you for all the help this term I would not have been able to do it with out you! This has been a challenging year with a lot of good players and more boys than last years U/11 Hockey which gave us more depth. I hope that the boy's have learnt lessons this term and are ready for next year's hockey! Congratulations Colts A hockey of 2007!

Mr. 5 Price Coach

( d( •


Back: J. Gibson, J. Waller, B. Young Seated: M Hulbert, Mr S Price, M Rossi BEvans

U( •

Vs Hartmann House we Won 4 1 Vs Heritage we Won 2 -1 Vs Hellenic we Won 16 - 0 Vs Lilfordia we Drew 5 5 Vs Twin Rivers we Drew 0 0 Vs Hartmann we Won 1 0 Vs Gateway we Won 5 1 Vs Ruzawi we Lost 2 4 Vs Westridge we Won 6 0 Vs Twin Rivers we Lost 2 1

Team members for Colts B (At least 2 games or more): R Foulds, SHook, J Strong, E Byrom, S Bellini-Martin, D Johnston and A Nyamuda

E Price,

Well done to the boys of Colts B they have been an important part of the A group and they have played some fine hockey this season and they have kept the Colts A team on their heals and worked them over on many occasions, many of these boys would have filled the place of the A team and done the job well! Scoring 43 goals and conceding 13 goals. I would like to thank Mrs. Hay for all her help with the A & B teams she helped me so much, thanks also to all the Moms for their time and hard work . The boys will be playing in some tough groups next year but I urge them to keep playing hockey as it will get easier when they are in their senior year, enjoy your hockey next year even if you play 3"' or 4th team, some of my best players have come out of this group and represented the 1st XI with colours!

Mr. S. Price Coach

Back: R. Foulds, E. Price, J. Strong, S. Bellini-Martin, E. Byrom Seated: D. Johnston, Mr S Price, S. Hook A. Nyamuda


Back: D. Whitaker, M. Sibanda, N. Nyabadza. K. Mackenzie Seated: T Makamure, Mr S Price, M. Bwerinofa Floor: C. Scallan, W Swan

MrsDDerry T Gowera, K. Van Ruitten, P Naik, P Gumbo Seated: J. Harrison, Mr T Kwaterenga, B. Bichard M. Nyabereka, T Lindsay- White

80th teams were unbeaten this season. The 8 team played 8 matches, won 6, drew 2, scored 21 goals and conceded only 2. The A side also played 8 matches, won 7, drew 1, scored 19 goals and conceded only 3.

the front row were equally good. The standard of play improved with each outing and all the games were played in good spirit. The boys played with passion and won their matches in style. I was impressed.

The mid-fielders showed a lot of character and put in a lot of effort into their running, marking and creating a lot of goal scoring opportunities for the strikers. The defence and

F Dhlamlni Coach

Back: A. Frost, A. Adam, S. Madziro, M Garnett, B. Mazivanhanga Front: D. Brain, T Nyabadza, M Esson, Mr F Dhlamini, M Lindsay, A. Rwodzi, G. Curtis P Mbanje

Back: W Hunda, L. Mavhima. D. Ndoro, P Chiyangwa, T Masekesa Front: R. Hunda, M Nichole, Mr F Dhlamini, B. Annandale, K. Chiwara, A. Blignaut T Beattie

Standing: N Mazhande, A. Silo, J Booth, M. Msipa, C. Nyamhunga Seated: P Mwamuka, Z. White, R. Smith, B. Burger, P Tucci, T Mpoju

Standing: A. Chivayo, C. Onorati, D. Annandale, M Brown, T Chimbwanda, F Chinamo Seated: B. Watson, A. Griffiths, P Murape, M. Brown, C. Lindsay-White, S. Harrison, D. Trivedy

Back: C. Young, T. Warren, A. Nyawayi, K. Anderson, A. Van Breda Seated: C. Kwaramba, G. Vlahakis, A. AI-Khalil, Mr B Chimhau, T. Gomba, R. Spagnuolo, P Bhagat K. Robinson

Back: W Annesley, K. Smith, S. Azad, C. Van Gend, M Kambarami, K. Detering Seated: C. Macquire, J Layard, B. Leipe, Mr B Bhimhau, C. King, A. Adams, G. Bissett T. Maphosa


My best friend's name is Michael. he plays tricks.


He makes me laugh and

At school I like doing sums. I also like break. playtime because I like working.

I hate

My best friend's name is Tanashe. We play tab and run around together. Uzaur chases us.

At school I like homework and sums. someone talks when I do my sums.

My best friend's name is Peter. We play together. a snake skin and pet fish.

At school I like sums. I also like cake sale. I also like soccer. I hate broken things like when my tower gets bashed. .

He has

My best friend's name is Travis. I like him because we play tag and he is in Grade Five.

My best friend is Seth. I like him becowse we make bows and arrows and jump on the trampoline.

My best friend is Kumbo. I like him because he is funny. He makes faces and makes antlers out of bananas. Stanley Manokore My best friend is my brother and Asante. I like them. I play darts with my brother and see who can stand on one foot the longest.

My best friend's name is Tynan. I like him because he makes me laugh when he falls down. He is also very kind. Alijah Asante My best friend's name is Ian. We lay stuck in the mud and red rover.

My best friend is Rory. He trades stickers and gives me motorbike stickers.

~ I_-路~J\V~; Tan



I hate it when

Literary Contributions

I came first in backstroke and I came last and I jumped the pool and I went to the pizza.


When we pray it comes true. We love God and he gives us nice things too and we want to worship him. He loves us so much.

God loves everyone and he makes rain fall from the sky into everyones gardens!

God loves us. He made us good and we love him very much. I love God for what he does for us. Munashe Deketeke God loves me lots. He probably looks like a person. Maybe he smiles a lot.

I like God because he created us and he made us and I love him.

I love God so much and I like him. He makes rain for the flowers and trees. He is big and shining.

He is powerful. I love him. He makes the rain for the trees and the flowers and he likes you!

We did a play to show God we loved him. He also got too bored of the dinosaurs so he made his son! Kgomotso Hamadziripi I think God is the best friend in the world. world for us.

He makes the

If you are bad he won't give you what you want. I love God. He is the king of the world and he loves us.

Santa wears a red coat and black boots and he has red trousers and he says ho-ho-ho and he rings a bell and he gives presents to children if they be good and if you be bad Santa won't give you presents. Santa has a gold buckle. He says Merry Christmas. He has a gold sleigh and Rudolph pulls the sleigh. When Rudoph pulls the sleigh Santa says Merry Christmas.

He has a golden sleigh and has Rudolph who pulls the sleigh and he brings presents to children and he has a red coat and he has a big sack with toys.

Santa wears gloves and he wears black boots. He rides a sleigh. The reindeer pull Santa in the sky. Kundai Kashangura Santa brings presents to people who be good and if you be naughty Santa will give you coal and Santa wears a red coat and he has black shoes and Santa has a black belt and he has gold buttons and Santa has a gold sleigh to and a red hat and he ha a white pompom and Santa does say ho-ho-ho!

I went to my friends house and I played tag and I went on a quad bike and I went to swim and I swung on the swing and I climbed on the tree and I watched Sponge Bob and I went to the lion and cheetah park.

On the weekend I went to a farm and my friends were there and we played soccer and then we went to the pigs place and we saw them then we slept over then we went to church.

God made us that is why we need to love him. He made all the animals too and he likes us so much that we like him too!

I like to play football and I like to play soccer and I like number and words best.

At my gala I came last on backstroke and I came second in brestroke and I got a light green ribbon and I got a had lots of fun and I have got strong gala every day.

and I got dark and

I had three green I wish

lots of fun ribbons and one and I it was the

My friend came to play at my house and he swam and we played with my toys and my dad went to Zambia. Jamie Cawood

iterary Contributions

Once upon a time in the rain forest there was a wise Indian. He lived on the edge of the rain forest. His name was Maugli. The wise Indian had a wife. Her name was Clara. Soon they had a baby. The babies name was Simba. He liked to play with their animals. The baby wanted to be like his father. The wise Indian was a chief. When Simba grew up his dream came true. He became a chief. He lived in his own wig-wam. Days later his father died in the war. That night he wanted to be in the war. He joined the army. 6 years later he was a wise Indian so he returned from the war and lived happily in the rain forest.

My name is Captain Ruby and one horrid winters night when the sea was rough I went on the richest boat on the sea. I found rubies, gold and silver rings and the best thing I found was a treasure chest. There was gold in it and I smiled a greedy smile. I have stolen 20 treasure chests and I found the 20 treasures on a very rich ship. I found some food to eat. I found fish and meat too. Ropa Masengere I am a pirate. My name is Jake the pirate. I was getting up and I heard the horn blow. It was an emergency so we went into battle mode. Soon the battle was over. The next noon we sailed to the shore and stole the sailor treasure. Then we went back to the sea. Next day we had crab for lunch. At noon we stole some more treasure and this time there was gold.

Ahoy me lad my name is Captain Spike. I like to steal gold and silver from my friend Captain Cane. Sometimes we even fight over treasure. I have a patch. I also like to steal from other big ships with rubies. Me and my squad eat fish and prawns.

There was once a little rabbit called Little Ears. He was a good little bunny and he must stay in the burrow for the fox will get him. One day he was very bad. He went out of the burrow and the clever old fox got him and put him in a sack. Bunny was sad for all that he had done so he started kicking the fox. The fox dropped the sack and Little Ears tried to get away but the sack rope was too hard to undo. Then Little Ears started to cry for a long time then he had an idea. He nibbled a hole in the bottom of the sack so he could get out of the sack. He jumped out of the sack and luckily he had vegetables and put them in the

sack. to his cross there

When the fox got home he untied the sack and said wife I have a rabbit for tea and his wife was very there were vegetables and Little Ears never went again.

One hot sunny day I found a squirrel and I named him Chitter Chatter. He loved his cage but one day he got out of his cage. When I found out that he had gone I started to cry and then my mum said we'll find him. But we did not find him. Chitter Chatter was all alone in the dark. Then the sun came up. I woke up and I went looking for Chitter Chatter. Chitter Chatter had found a new friend named Robert. They played hide and seek. Joshua Allardice

This is a Gentle Giant. His name is Jorj. He lives in a very very very big house on a clowd. He wears a red T shert and a green T shert on top of it he has black shoes a green hat and a mustache. He eats froots and vegetables. He drinks milk and froot joos. If somebody is falling from a building he will catch us. He can make a ride for us. He is my best friend. He takes me to school if my toy is stuck in a tree he well get it for me. Mduduzi Mhlanga This is a Gentle Giant. He lives in the moon. He has twenty-one arms like branches. He has fingers like sausage. His eyes are like balls. His legs are like trees and his head is like a metior. He helps us to jump to get to South-Africa. because he protects me from lions.

This summer I was walking down when I saw a huge man who was double the size of my home. And his legs boy oh boy oh boy they were 90 times as big as my dad. And he could use Prada's for rollerskates and his name was Jason. And he could use 1000 sheets for clothes. And he saves us by catching us when we fall from buildings. His eyes are as big as craters. I like him because when ever I want to go some were he could take me on his back. Nick Freemantle

I like him

rary Contributions

the snow.

If you are buried in the snow it can sniff you out

and get some food for you. ears.

It has thick bushy legs and two

If I could spend the day with the husky I would have

icecream with the hUsky.

We are going in a USA rocket to the moon.

I am going with

Simba, Mdu, Darrel, Nicholas and Anotida. We are wearing special gloves and helmets and oxygen tanks so that we can breathe on the moon.

We are taking

moonrock to earth to show other people. This is a husky. He is a dog. He lives in the snow. It looks

Our food is packed in little black cubes so that the food

cute but not as cute as me!! He pulled us out of ice. I would play with it. He has a big

does not float in space. To eat the food we open the top of it. Our drink is packed in a special fridge by the corner of

nose. He has thick black and white fur.

the rocket. Matthew De Sousa

Now that we are on the moon we are looking

for moon aliens who suddenly roar!!!

What's that? Said

Mdu, the pilot of the ship. Wait said Darrel the smart one, it's a moon monster! This is a Huskie.

has big bright eyes and it is soft. And its got nails to grip the snow. Its got a long tail. He helps us by pulling people out of the cracks in the snow. If I spent a day with it I would walk with him.

Sorry I scared you said the moon monster. I am a friendly moon monster not a bad moon monster. The bad moon monsters are on the dark side of the moon. Nonsense said Darrel.

He is part of the dog family.

It lives in

Come let me

show you where I live. I don't know about this said Nick. said Simba.

This is a huskie.

Yes said Simba.

He is a dog. He lives in the snow. He

Let's just follow the moon monster

Are you coming said the moon monster.


Yes! We are said Darrell.

Antartica with lots of snow and it lives in the North Pole. It looks like a fox. He helps us when we are lost he helps us

The moon monster went along while Simba, Mdu, Darrell,

by digging us up from the snow. I would ask if I could go for a ride on the sledge.

Nicholas and Ano followed the moon monster. My house is just behind the hill of moon rock said the moon monster. When they got to the moon monster's house they had moon tea.

This is a dog. He lives in cold places and in snow. He looks like this.

He has razor sharp teeth and sharp claws

to grip in the snow so he can save people and he has thick fur and it is soft to keep him warm. husky I would go snow surfing.

If I spent a day with a

This is a Husky. It is a snow dog and his name is Bradford. The husky lives in the North Pole and Antartica.

It has blue

eyes and it also has long legs and it has a big furry body. It has sharp teeth and a big head a black nose and a pink tongue and big ears and sharp claws and a long tail.


helps us if we are stuck in the snow. He sniffs us and then digs us out. If I spent a day with a husky I would feed it and play with it.

This is a husky. It lives in snow. It's face looks like a fox's face. A husky helps by digging us out of the snow. A husky is a dog. It has thick bushy fur to keep it warm in




C1 1

Literary Contributions -----~~----

Me name be Black Jack the greatest traveler in the sea. live in me island which I got by fighting for it. I have five

Thousands of years ago there was a carpenter called

scars on me face and a white shirt and a black shirt on top

Joseph and a woman called Mary. They were engaged.

and black trousers and black boots.

Then one day an angel said to Joseph Mary is having a

When I hear about

ships traveling I go with my crew and fire their ship with our

baby. A a baby!!! That's insane said Joseph.

canons and throw ropes at their ships and get on and then

marrying that woman.

I am not

It's all rite said the angel, this baby

start fighting and take their treasure chest and get back to

is from God. We will have to travel to Bethlehem on a

our ship and the other pirates go on the rope and then we

donkey to pay taxes.

cut off the rope! Then we go to our island and hide in our

in. At last they found a stable.

houses until they go away.

and the three wise men came to visit the baby and they

But they did not find a room to stay

followed the bright star. frankinsense

Then the baQY was born

They brought gold and myrrh and

for the baby. The shepherds also came. N Freemantle

Hundreds of years ago there was a man called Joseph and

A long long time ago lived a man called Joseph and a

he was a carpenter.

woman called Mary. One day an angel came to me and

she was a young woman.

said you are going to have a baby. Mary said oh no! I can't have a baby. But then I will be pregnant. will we find a place for the night.


Also where

marry Mary. And later on Mary and Joseph were on the

We will have to go to

donkey and they went to Bethlehem. said that the baby's name is Jesus.

It took us five days. Stop looking we've looked in Sorry but

said I will go. And after that there were three wise men and one night there was a star and it could move

take it. At that moment the three wise men came with It was myrrh, gold and frankincense.

They went into the six

inns and the last inn said that there was a stable and Mary

we have none, but we have a stable if you want it. We will treasure.

When they got to

Bethlehem there was an inn and from that time the angel

I'm not sure about that, why don't we go by

every one. Wait we haven't looked in this one.

Then an angel came and said to

Joseph you have to be married to Mary. Joseph said I can't

Bethlehem to find an inn. But how are we going to get to Bethlehem.

There was a woman called Mary and


Follow that star said one of the wise men so they got onto

At that

their donkeys and went on following the star. When they

moment the baby kind was born. The shepherds came to

got to where Jesus was born the wise men gave Jesus

see the baby king.

some treasure and it was gold, myrrh and frankincense. Everyone came to see Jesus and everyone celebrated.

~*/~ I




D. Muzerengi

Uterary Contributions

Most of the time I feel happy because I have a switch deep down in my heart which stops me from being mean. Abiyas Chivayo

Lonely when I get left at home on a Saturday morning. Marcus Nichole Sad when my mum says she will take me somewhere but she doesn't.

Worried when my sister nearly fainted but my mum caught her. I also feel worried because I think my sister has malaria.

mud to roll in. So he got ready for a long journey. He found another sand bank after an hour of swimming. Suddenly he heard a big rip. He looked behind and saw a metal circle round his leg. He pulled as hard as he could but is just got tighter. The poor old hippo had been caught by a snear. Then he heard a click his bone had broken. He started bleeding on his right leg. Then he felt a crack on his right leg. His right leg had broken off and the poor old hippo lost his balance and fell. The next day there were maggots in his broken off, leg. There were also vultures eating his leg. There were also flys on his broken leg. The next day the poor old hippo crawled into the river with all his might. After two hours the poor old hippo realized he was lost in the mighty Zambezi river for ever and ever. He was a very sad old hippo.

Worried because I do not know if my dad ha got to Johannesburg safely.

Worried when my mum goes to work where there is a lift and I will be worried that she gets stuck inside. Panashe Mbanji Worried because I hear on the news children are getting raped and getting kid happed and that maybe I might get kidnapped if I go to South Africa.

Hungry when there is no food in the shops or at home. Connor King

Furious when the lights go out and I can't do my homework.

Once upon a time a man lived in a gloomy cave. He got there by pirates! They captured him off Island Hawaii and threw him on the island. It was called Skeleton Island. So he found the cave and the door was an arch shape and in it there were nuggets and hairy ugly spiders and bats with the bones half sticking out of their bodies and old old! skins of people and crunchy scales with worms in. Tom lived a sad life because he had to eat worms dried and to drink nuggets fresh from the ground so Tom did also not have a bed to sleep on. Well he got really sick from malaria but he still had to find worms and nuggets so he found a witch so he said please cast a spell to help me get better so she said I will. He got caved in but he knew another way out but that was also caved in so he went back to the witch and he said will you cast a spell to get me back and she did. Alexander Griffiths

One morning at the Zambezi river there was a hippo fight. Two big hippos were fighting for their own territory. Suddenly the old hippo retreated leaving his territory behind. He didn't just leave his territory, he also left his friends so he was all alone in the mighty Zambezi river. So he was in a lot of danger by himself. All the crocodiles saw him and followed him. Suddenly he heard a big chomp. He looked behind him. He noticed he had no tail. He also noticed there were crocodiles following him. The next day he was even more sad. He had lost one of his big teeth. He starved for two weeks because he had lost his other big tooth. He was also sad because he had no mud to roll in. The other sad thing was that he didn't make any new friends even though he tried.

iterary Contri butions

My favourite animal is a cheetah because the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world and they are also very beautiful.

Imagine a horse As big as a golf course. Imagine a hen As big as ten men. Imagine a cow Talking to a sow. Imagine a fly Waving goodbye. Imagine a house Kissing a mouse.

My favourite African animal is the Springbuk because they play rugby, but I also like the Springbuk because they jump very high and they run very fast. Kai Detering

My favourite African animal is the baboon because it is like a person.

Imagine the sky Eating strawberry pie. Imagine Ammaar Steeling Mr Mackenzie's car!

I love going to my granny's house. She lives in Gutu. Her name is Granny G. She is one hundred years old. My granny has fifteen rooms in her house. She owns a school called Guni School. She once let me teach in her class. The house has a verandah. My granny's bed is comfortable. I like sleeping on my granny's bed. My granny has a swimming pool between the first and second house. She is very kind. My favourite room in my gran's house is the kitchen. My gran's house smells like poo because of the toilet. Her bathroom has nice hot water. At my gran's house we feed the cows and goats for eight hours. I like jumping on my gran's bed. I like to eat in my gran's bedroom. I like going to visit my gran's house because it is different from my home. A long time ago there was a man who owned by gran's house and he had the same name as me!

LIZzy'S LION Once there was an old lady called Lizzy and she had a pet lion with a big bad roar. One night a rotten robber snuck in through the bedroom window. He brought candy to make friends with the lion. The lion awoke and sniffed and said "pooh candy pooh". He took a big bite of the robber and every time the robber shooed the lion, he just took another chew. The lion had a secret name to stop him doing bad things and it was "Lion". The robber tried every name he knew to stop the lion biting him. Lizzy heard the rumble and the fight. She put on her slippers and turned on the light. But Lizzy was not angry, she just said "enough". They took the toes and head and tum and put it in the garbage and then they went back to bed.

My father told me to sell his cow. I got the cow and went to sell it. I went to the pathway and an old man said "hey boy, do you have a cow there?". some magic beans" he said.

"Yes I do".

gave him the cow. I went home to my dad. for magic beans.

"I'll give you

I took the magic beans and I sold the cow

My dad said "magic beans these are

rubbish" and threw them out the window.

I went to bed.

Over night the magic beans grew. In the morning I woke up and looked outside.

There was a big beanstalk.

outside and started to climb the beanstalk. climbed and soon I got to the top. clouds.

I ran

I climbed and

I saw a castle in the

I went in the castle and there I saw a gigantic

giant counting piles and piles of money. Soon the giant fell asleep. the money.

I hit under a table.

I climbed on the table and took

I jumped on the ground and I dropped a coin.

The giant woke up and chased me out the castle. climbed down the beanstalk. down.


The giant was following me

I got to the ground and went to get an axe and I

chopped the beanstalk down. The giant fell and died.

G. Curtis

r.w GRANNY'S HOUSE My grallny lives by the side of town. Her name is Rosa de She works for St. Martin's Preparatory School. She is a good cook like Aunty B. I like going to her house.


granny's house looks big outside but it is small inside.


has a lot of plants. room

My bed is in her room.

because we can play there.


We eat in the lounge.

My mom and dad sleep in

the spare room in my gran's house.


bath and toilet in one room.

I like the spare

She has a small She has a together

She has a library with lots of

We woke up early on the 21st August and drove to the


When I go to my gran's house I play with Gilbert my



My gran's house smells like food.


We boarded a Boeing 737 and took off at After a stop in Bulawayo to let off passengers,

middle size garden.

She has a

I will be visiting her this weekend.

G. Vlahakis

we finally got to Victoria Falls. We took a shuttle bus to our hotel which had a water hole out the front. We saw some vultures, guinea fowl and marabou storks. There were a lot of warthogs and monkeys wondering around the hotel. When we went to see the waterfalls we got soaking wet in the rain forest.

We also went to the crocodile farm where I

held a baby crocodile but my brothers were too scared to. Before coming back to Harare we stayed with our Granny and Grandpa in Bulawayo for the day. We had great fun playing games and doing puzzles with granny. R. Spagnuolo

Today I am going to tell you how I became rich. One month ago when I came out of my mother's shop I was holding a packet of crisps. A street kid came to me and said "I will give you these singing beans for those crisps". took a minute to think about it. He begged me to do it. So I said yes. I got home and took them to my mother. She looked at them and said "these are not singing beans. The boy tricked you. moving".

He was singing without his lips

She threw them out the window.

morning I heard someone singing. window and I saw a beanstalk. it and to my amazement door with a stick.

At 6a.m. in the

I looked out of the

I went outside and climbed

I saw a castle.

I knocked on the

I peeped in the door and I saw a giant

Agent Ali ate Ammaar's apples, apricots and asteroids.

who was counting a lot of money.

Ali Ammaar acted as an auditor and assisted Ali.

a table.

I went in and hid under

I waited for five minutes and then the giant fell

Angry Anesu acted as an anaconda.

asleep .. I climbed the table and took about five coins.

Cheeky Chase chewed Connor's cardboard car causing

filed my pockets with money and ran away. I slammed the

constant chaos.

door and the giant woke up and started to chase me.

Grumpy George grabbed gorgeous Graham's girlfriend!

down the beanstalk and fetched my cricket bat. the beanstalk and chopped it down.

Gallant Gavin galloped Glitter gallantly.

and died.

Jealous Jeremy juggled James' jolly jade jellies.

never had to work again.

Miles made Mrs Mitchell mighty, mighty miserable. Pinicity P.J. painted Pontius Pilate' picture Rabbity Reon raced really rapidly round rainy Rome rescuing rats.

Seven slithering snakes saw Scott sleeping so soundly. Wicked Wayne whalloped Willy Wonker.

Clever Curtis couldn't catch cute Christine. Georgeous Graham's grumpy granny gobbled Gavin's golf

glove. Magic Mark made many monkeys mighty mad. Rich Ryan ran races round red robots. Tough Tyran took Takunda to town. Twenty taps for tough Tafara. Ten terrible tigers tricked Tadiwa today. Twenty tired travelers tried to trip tricky Tyran. Takudzwa was tricked by ten tigers

I I slid

I went to

The giant fell down

My family and I were very happy and we have

My granny lives in Glen Lome.

My granny's house is a big

house with a lot of trees and bushes. My granny's house is my favourite place. It is a triplestorey house and looks very good on the outside. I like her garden. It is big and I can play anything I like in it. My most favourite room is the attic. I like it because I am high. The stairs are very narrow and I always slide down them. Her house smells like a lot of perfume. My worst room is the garage because it has spiders. I love going to my granny's house because she buys me chocolate. My bedroom is huge. It has a balcony. I always like to read there. My granny's favourite is the reading room because she always sews there. My grandpas favourite room is the television room. I have counted how many times I have gone there and now is for the hundredth time.

My granny lives in a farmhouse and it is very big and it smells like a pig. I like going there a lot because it has wings and a pool. My favourite room is the TV room because it has a TV and a soft couch. My worst room is the kitchen because it ha cats begging for food. When I go to the piggy place I pick up the baby pigs by the leg and then when you want to put them back you do the same thng. At the house my Granny Pat likes the kitchen because she likes cooking. She has two cats and one dog and lots of guinea fowls.

My granny lives in Pakistan. She has a big house. I like her house because she is kind to me. Her house smells like trees because at her house there are lots of trees. Her favourite room is the kitchen because she likes to cook. She likes her house because her house is 3 storeys. She has five bedrooms and three TV rooms. She has a big garden. It also smells like trees. Her house is happy.


room is her bedroom because it has a TV and video player. My granny's house is scary because there is a ghost in one room. My granny's favourite room is the kitchen because she likes to bake.

I like going to stay at granny's house

because she gives me sweets.

My granny lives in London. My granny's house ,is big and spooky from the outside. But inside it is dark and smelly but cool. My favourite room is my room because it is dark and has bats and spiders. My granny's favourite room is the lounge because she loves to watch television. The garden is huge and beautiful. The stairs are tall and creaky and I love sliding down them.

My granny lives in Harare.

Outside is untidy and has lots of

flowers. Inside is very dusty. Her house is small and creepy. She has a shed full of trash. It seems like dust because she does not clean up. Her favourite room is the kitchen because she likes to cook. I like to go to my granny's house because she spoils me so much.

My favourite room is the bedroom because her bed

is spring loaded. She has a vegetable garden at the back. My grandpa's favourite room is the lounge because he likes to watch TV. My uncle lives there too.

My granny lives in Honde Valley. She has a shop. sells sweets, cigars and bubble gum.


Her house is big.

Outside there is a game table. Inside there's a bar and a game called snooker. My granny's house is behind the shop.

My granny lives in Zimbabwe and it is a normal house but she has a secret garden and my favourite room is the lounge because it has a radio. My granny's favourite room is the kitchen because she likes cooking. She has a big garden and her house has four rooms and lots of flowers. She has a tennis court and a swimming pool. My granny and granddad have one dog called Perdy. I love going to my granny's house because she loves me very much. They have chickens and I sometimes go and collect the eggs. My granny also grows lots of vegetables. I think my granny is the best.

My granny's house

looks abandoned and dark but in the inside of the house it is beautiful. It smells like fresh air and cakes. My favourite

At the left there is the kitchen.

there's a cottage.

Behind her house

At the left there are hens, geese and

chicks. I like going to my granny's house because she spoils me. My favourite room is the lounge. It has a IV. My worst room is the room we sleep in because there are green bombers but luckily there's a net to keep them away. I often see my granny in the holidays.

My granny lives in Harare.

Her house is big on the outside

and inside. The garden has vegetables. Our family eats them all the time. My granny's house smells like perfumes. I like going to my granny's house because she plays with

My granny lives in Ireland. My granny looks pretty. She has short brown hair and big blue eyes. My granny comes to visit me once a year. My granny's house is a two storey house. My granny's house is a cream colour. Her kitchen has a range in it. This keeps the house warm and you can cook on it. I like to slide down the stairs.

me and she buys me things. My favourite room in her house is the passage because I always slide on it. My worst room in her house is the kitchen because there is so much noise. My granny's best room in her house is the kitchen because she likes cooking. Her worst room in her house is her bedroom because the windows flap up and down.

Literary Contributiorls --=~~

Once upon a time there lived a hippo called Hiko. He was such an adventurous hippo. Then one day when he was exploring the waterfall he fell. He shouted as loud as he could till someone heard him. His father came running as fast as he could. He helped his son to the bank but then suddenly a pack of poachers arrived. They threw things at Hiko's dad. Hiko ran to call his mum. When they got back they were caught in a net. Hiko's mum bit the net but it was too strong for her. She told Hiko to run away. Run away and never return. Hiko ran as fast as he could. He ran away from his lovely home. Then Hiko found a place to stay where all the rich hippos lived. Hiko found enough money to afford to go to school. It was not very nice because every one teased him for being different. Well he was a very poor hippo.

""",-=r ~

Fearless many spots in the bush

• •

eats lots of meat cheetah Mustapha Msipa

D. Trivedy

Main characters Aiden, Tracey (Aiden's mom), a wizard, a friendly giant, the giant's maid. Takes place in an enormous castle. Once,upon a time there was a boy named Aiden who lived in an old house. Aiden went out every day with a cow to the shops and every day he would say "I can give you milk for free". Aiden was wealthy and always liked to help people who were poor. Then Aiden found some seeds on his way home. Aiden said to his mom "these seeds could lead us into another dimension". Aiden's mom said alright we will plant them tonight and we will see what the plant is. So the next morning Aiden woke up early. Aiden could not believe his eyes. He saw a beanstalk! Aiden climbed the beanstalk and found a giant sitting in his chair counting coins. He said to himself "I am so poor". Aiden came out and said "Can I help?" The giant asked "But how can you help?" "I am rich. I can give you gold coins".

fierce green scaly lives in water hides in watery caves crocodile Keegan Anderson


big long little in the sea eats lots of fish dolphin

Aiden gave the giant the coins and they made a promise not to cut the beanstalk down. The giant got a maid and she always said lovely things about him. Aiden also got something he got grounded. The end

fat angry it moves carefully eats lots of seeds hen little

Enormous tall fat slowly and calmly it eats acacia leaves Elephant

Ryan, because I look up to him and he is always there. Thank you Ryan.

Shane, because he is always there for me. and fun. Thank you Shane. Mr Lake died because he was a really good coach. He used to come and watch our athletics. He was always helping.

He is smart

Lebo, because he is a helping hand whenever you need it he makes me laugh when I am sad.

Innocent, because he is very, very, very, very, funny and kind.

Dear Lord We'd like to pray for A sea of tranquility A stream of Harmony A fountain of wisdom Rain-drops of foregiveness A flood of peace A river of truth A storm of faith Amen

Beat the egg.

What do you get if you cross ,----....... a butterfly and a snake?



Ryan Murray



Monkey Mafly.


Literary Contributions

ANIMAL NONSENSE My favourite wild animal is the cheetah because it is very

One hungry happy hyena hunted happily

swift and, like the leopard, is a very good predator.

Two crazy cheetahs chomped chocolate

I also

like the cheetah because their fur is very smooth. Andile Sitho/e


Three enormous electronic elephants eat easily Four foolish flamingos flapped fluffy feathers Five mischievous monkeys made Mr Mackenzie mad! Mike Balfour

Shooting colours in the sky Brightly colours passing by. Shining really bright.

The night was still and calm,

In the middle of the night.

The moon was pale and dull.

Having so much fun alone

The bands began to play,

All the people moan

The pets got locked away.

What a wonderful sight! Even though at a height.

The sparks lit up the sky, The birds began to fly.

Look how much fun we had

The noise roared across the land,

With all the people going mad!

Still no one seems to understand. Then it happened, they made bright sparks, Even throughout the dark. And as the noise rang All around it went BANG! BANG!!


If I were sixteen I would go at full speed I would be a limo driver in a black limousine Everything would be a blur But first I must learn That speed can kill! The police would make me pay a bill. But I am only nine! That's fine Just seven years to go! That's a long time though!

Bang, bang in the night Bang bang you'll get such a fright! Fireworks come all shapes and sizes, After the bang it rises. Squibs called bangers brightly glared, Making dogs and cats very scared! Bang, bank, fizz, fizz! Crackle, crackle, whiz, whiz! All the colours red, blue, green,

Slowly my poem begins to rhyme

Then silver and gold are seen.

Slowly Earth spins to the end of time.

When all the fireworks are done,

Slowly the leopard stalks it's prey, Slowly my hair starts to turn grey.

The parents will say to their son Let's go home to sleep, It was a wonderful sight.

Slowly the tortoise crosses the land,

That was a magic night!

Slowly the sun melts the sand. Slowly the boy to bed I'll send, Slowly the poem comes to an end. Stars exploding, sparkling, fizzing Rockets banging, soaring, whizzing. Flowers twirling at night, Spider on the wall

Triangles popping in sight.

At the mall and in the hall.

Grape-like silver bombs whirling high

All so black and all so small,

Making little girls cry.

I call my mom to smack them all. Slap slap slap slap look at them fall!

Rectangular shaped rockets shooting up in the sky,

What a beautiful sight is it all! Black and scary but it can't roar,

As other rockets sparkle and then die. But greatest of all

Lying crying on the cold, cold floor.

Is when the Chinese fireworks fall!

Rreworks are something that can whizz in the sky . You would like to see one but you better not cry! There are all the colours you can imagine There are orange, blue and red even some playing dead. On fireworks night there were lots and lots of people Some were playing cricket, some were kicking wickets Some children were selling beers They got a drink and said cheers!! At 8 o'clock with the dark black sky The first fireworks lit up the sky Oh with just one of those sparks I think I must cry.

Darkness looming, wind whispering Anticipation, tension and excitement fill the air The crowd eager for the show to get underway Before the summer storms bring an end to this delightful display. Uke a shockwave through the air The fireworks are displayed in full flair Pattems of various shades of greens and blues Shower the sky, filling the heavens with hues Raindrops of pure gold floating to the ground Screams of delight are all around.

The sky was dark Everyone silent, until the first spark. Bright yellow flashes in the sky Celebrating Mr Fawks, known as "Guy" With each brilliant explosion There was more commotion As the fireworks above shimmered From the sky, the glimmered. On it was so much fun Until the evening was done.


R ed, blue, yellow and green flames falling down Excited

little children can never frown

W onderous sounds can be heard Outstanding bangs and deafening cracks Rain will not stop this amazing sight K ids almost die of fright 5 pectacular fireworks all night.

Fantastic Watching mesmerized the patterned sky As sparks floated down and settled nearby Like an old western movie the sounds that are made The earth shaking with booms and the crackling symphony played Gun smoke choking the sweetness of the air Clouding the minds of the people there.

sparks exploding in the air

I ncredible views everywhere


I mpossible not to see R ed, green and yellow Extravagant colours Wonderful noises fill the sky Opposite Radiant

number 22 Piers Road colours all over the sky

K eanu is scared 5 0 many people all amazed.

After a while the crowd fades away With the show now over we wait for another day. Michael Jellicoe

SPORT Sport is a physical activity done for exercise and pleasure. By being a physical activity sport improves fitness and reduces obesity. It improves eating habits and reduces chances of diseases. Sport gives pleasure, peace of mind and no stress. With a lot of sport, a person stays healthy. Rodney Tavaguta

MY GRANDMOTHER My grandmother has to be the best looking woman I've ever seen. She is wonderful and I'm sure you would like to read all about her. Well back when she was a teenager she would always go to the race track. At the race track they always had a competition to see who would be best dressed. Of course

she won every one she went to. Back when she was a teenager all the boys went after her. I think you know why. As she has grown up to be my grandmother she has always supported me throughout the years. Every single blustery moming my grandmother gets out of her cozy bed at 6 o'clock in the moming just to look how her beautiful flowers are doing. She lives in a little cottage right next to us. Now every Sunday morning she goes to play golf with my one-eyed grandfather! I'm sure she'd give you a run for your money she's brilliant. My grandmother plays golf with her friends Jill and Tom. I even would bet Tiger Woods would not be able to beat her! But my grandmother can be a real numbskull she even chased my grandpa to the airport in her dressing gown because my grandpa got on a flight to London when he was supposed to be going to Johannesburg. She even made a complaint to a manager of a restaurant for not getting 6 prawns she only got 5 king prawns. But she's the grandmother world.

I always dreamed of having.

She can be really strict sometimes

but none the less I love her all the

When it is a furiously hot day the hippo turns pink. Although it may seem like its sunburned, the hippo actually produces pink oil from its body. The pink oil acts like a sunscreen to shield the hippo from the treacherous sun. The hippo's skin is very tough and prevents major injuries. The same pink oil disinfects any injuries. If a human or another animal gets between a hippo and the water, the hippo will open it's mouth and charge at the human or animal penetrating his or its skin with its tusk like teeth. With stumpy, short legs the hippo can run surprisingly fast, reaching a speed of 20 kmph.

Breaktime is a wonderful time for playing and eating. Breaktime is also fun because you can have fun with your friends. As disappointing as it is that break is thirty minutes it is still a good time to relax and get us prepared to come back and work harder because we would be refreshed and ready to come back with everything we have. I think break is important to keep us energized and most of all to let our teachers have a few laughs and to keep them away from the noise that goes on in the classroom.

Break time at St John's Prep starts at 10.30. The bell rings, yeah!!!! Time to play cricket, rugby or soccer. We play on the gigantic field. I play soccer almost every break-time. Oh what fun it is shooting, scoring, but most important is having fun, making new friends and being kind to one another. Break-time is such a fun time to play with your friends. I wish break-time was longer than half an hour, but I suppose it takes up time of education. Break-time is not only about playing, but getting a full stomach and having laughs with your colleagues.

'terary Contributions

One day when I was having breakfast I noticed a crack in the wall. When I had finished my meal and brushed my teeth, went to look once more at the crack.

It seemed to be longer than it was when I first saw it. I was now very excited.

my very eyes the crack had formed a rectangle.

SUddenly it collapsed and I just managed to dodge a huge brick.

the dust settled and there appeared a door in the wall.




For some reason I wasn't at all surprised.

I opened the door and found myself staring at a thick jungle with a path leading through it. I followed the path and suddenly I was caught in a pit trap.

I tried to climb out but the walls were too smooth.

trap because there was a huge sleeping lion. towards the lion and jumped off his head. snatch a root and scramble out. Phew!

I took a deep breath.

I also found out that I wasn't the only one in the

He did not wake up. I was beginning to form a plan of how to get out.

I jumped high but not high enough to grab the pit edge.

I ran

Luckily I m~naged to

I bolted along the path and through the door. I slammed it shut behind me.

Then I turned round to look at the door. It wasn't there!

There was just the same little crack

with a cross looking spider near it.

There was a horse called Ben Who liked to use a pen. There was once a horse named Jed Who never used his head. He gave his manger

He sat and wrote A very kind note And sent it to Tweety, the wren.

To a total stranger And now he cannot be fed!

There was a horse called Mark Who spent the day in the park.

There was a big horse from Brazil Who ate carrots until he was ill. He went to his stable

He had not a care And enjoyed the fresh air But went home when evening got dark.

And there he was able To lie down and swallow a pill.

There was a good horse called Ben

Mother is shopping,

Whose friend was a funny old hen.

She keeps on stopping.

They loved to play sport

Her basket is filling,

Like squash on a court

Voices are shrilling.

And volley-ball now and again. My sister is nagging, And I am lagging. There was an attractive young filly

There's more stuff Mum's taking,

Who was known to be awfully silly.

But MY legs are aching.

She'd buck and dance And kick and prance,

Babies are crying,

In fact she was downright dilly!

And the time is flying. Trolleys are banging My stomach is panging.

There was a horse called Kyle Who lived on the banks of the Nile.

The cash till is opening,

His friend was a croc

And I am hopening

So they'd sit on a rock

That when I get to the car

And have a chat for a while.

I'll get a Mars Bar!


Literary Contributions

Beautiful is Mutare; Ugly is Blood Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

is the King of Beasts. is the town of Mutare. is my mother. is a great big smile.

Ugly is a thick pool Ugly is the emotion Ugly is my granny's Ugly is litter left on Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Ugly Ugly Ugly Ugly

is is is is

of blood. of hate. latest wig. the ground.

is the feeling of joy. is a colourful rainbow. is the great Serengeti. are the words, "You may".

the snorting of a big, fat pig. the sport of boxing. feeling of pain. a drunken fool.

Hot is the Sun; Cold is Ice Cold Cold Cold Cold Hot Hot Hot Hot

are the chillies that burn my tongue. is a jersey in summer. is the sun as it scorches the Earth. are the coals on a braai.

Cold Cold Cold Cold Hot Hot Hot Hot

is ice straight from the freezer. are my dog's wet paws. is the hail that rattles the roof. is a glass window pane.

is the is the is the is the

Atlantic Ocean. morning dew. rain when it stings my cheeks. carrot on a snowman's face.

is lava as it crawls down the hill. is my head when I have a fever. is metal as it lies in the sun. is the soup boiled on the stove.

Hot is the Desert; Cold is Antarctica Hot Hot Hot Hot Cold Cold Cold Cold

as a kettle steaming along. is a chilli burning my tongue. is the sun baking the Earth. is the oven baking chop-chip cookies. is the frozen ground of Antarctica. is the ice in my cool drink. is ice cream melting in my mouth. as I dive into the pool.

Hot are the coals burning in the fire. Hot is the water bottle on my feet. Hot is bread warming in the toaster.

Cold Cold Cold Cold

is is is is

the the the the

snow settling on my nose. rain falling from the sky. wind blowing on my skin. blast when I open the freezer.

Up is an Aeroplane; Hole Up Up Up Up

goes the aeroplane as it takes off. goes the splash as I jump into the pool. is the bird as it soars through the sky. is the switch when the light is off.

Down Down Down Down Up Up Up Up

Down is a

are my feet as they hit the ground. goes the hole as they drill for water. is the soccer ball as we kick for glory. my heart sinks when I'm in trouble.

rises the steam from the kettle. goes the cricket ball for a six. go my spirits as Christmas draws near. lifts the hot air balloon.

Down Down Down Down

is the feeling when something goes wrong. droops the plant as it dies. Table Mountain goes the Cable Car. goes the off button on my alarm clock. Munya Bwerinofa

Old is a Granny; New is a Baby Old Old Old Old

is granny on her 80th birthday. is the smell of moth balls. is a black and white film. are shoes three times too small.

New is a baby on its day of birth. New is the smell of a freshly baked cake. The latest 3D movie is new. New is the breaking news. Old Old Old Old

are the carts pulled by donkeys. is the name Zaire. are the rocks at Stonehenge. is my faithful dog, Kerry.

New is the smell of a car out the box. New is the dawn of the day. The buds on the flowers are fresh and new. New is a Grade One's uniform.

Big is Russia; Small is a Nut Big Big Big Big

is is is is

Russia, the largest of all. a lion hunting its prey. the mighty blue whale. an elephant eating away.

Literary Contributions

Small Small Small Small

is the chicken clucking along. is a baby crying all day. is the temper of an angry man. is the germ causing awful illness.

Big Big Big Big

Mount Everest so grand and majestic. the sturdy baobab. the beautiful mansion. a truck coughing out smoke.

is is is is

Small Small Small Small,

Steam trains Are like sloths Big and strong But awfully slow.

B Chirombo


is a nut that's tough to crack. is the button on my school shirt. is a coin that we don't use these days. yet so beautiful, is a butterfly. Munashe Sibanda


M Rossi

School desks Are like brains Storing information For when it is needed

R Marais

Are like red wine Their spills Leave stains

S Bellini-Martin


Candles Are like ice creams Melting When hot. PNaik

Are like colourful tunnels Painted across The sky. T Lindsay-White

The Sun

Beaches Are like embraces Warm, welcoming And food for the soul.

A Nyamuda

Is like a sponge Soaking up The small puddles. N Warren

Soldiers Are like ants Marching through the bush Wreaking havoc.

J Waller

The Bible Is the book of answers Solving Every problem in life M Bwerinofa

Hippos Are like huge rocks Extremely dangerous To unsuspecting sailors. TGumbo

Leaves Are like little fingers Beckoning the birds To build their nests.

B Hlatshwayo


Are like temper tantrums Hot and angry Then cool and calm.

NIGHT NOISES Tick tack Goes the clock Owls hooting Horns tooting Stairs creaking Mice squeaking Tick tack Goes the clock Wind blowing Curtains glowing Sires wailing Skies hailing Tick tack Goes the clock Eyelids drooping Sandman's snooping Tick tack Goes the clock Tick tock Tick tack Tick ....... Tock ...... Tristan Way

Literary Contributions --~~--

Frogs legs Chicken eggs Shin guards Birthday cards Fishing rods Tripods Toy cars Brown cigars Garden seeds Big hair beads Window frames Video games. Loo rolls And cream shoe sales Breakfast cereals T.V. aerials Hair dyes Cottage pies Woolen socks Chinese woks Yo yo strings Chess board kings Straw hats Cricket bats. The list is endless I have to stop I can't afford to shop and shop So from the window I move away I'll return to shop another day.

Happiness is yellow It tastes like chocolate And smells like a brand new toy. Happiness looks like Victoria Falls The sound of freedom Happiness is the key to success.

Fear if brown It tastes like rotten milk And smells like skunks Fear looks like wooden statues The sound of a roaring engine Fear scares the life out of me.

Joy is yellow It tastes like chocolate pudding And smells sweet Joy look like a beautiful field The sound of a dove Joy brings love.

Love is pink It tastes like strawberry ice-cream And smells like roses Love looks like kittens and puppies The sound of birds singing Love refreshes me.

Love is pink It tastes like sweet strawberries And smells like perfume Love looks like a beautiful picture The sound of soft, sweet voices Love makes me feel special.

Love is pink It tastes like thick chocolate And smells like a new, white daisy Love looks like a beautiful sunset The sound of laughter Love feels soft.

Anger is red It tastes like boiled water And smells like rice cakes Anger looks like a wild fire The sound of warthogs grunting Anger feels like a dry mouth.

Boredom is brown It tastes like rice cakes And smells like boiled potatoes Boredom looks like a goat eating grass The sound of a pencil snapping Boredom makes me feel like yawning.

Joy is a rainbow It tastes like candy floss And smells like perfume Joy looks like a bird soaring through the sky The sound of a waterfall flowing Joy makes me feel I can float.

BOREDOM Boredom is white It tastes like warm tap water And smells like garlic Boredom looks like an empty room The sound of someone sleeping Boredom makes me feel lonely.

This year seventy-five grade sixes went in May to the Tree of Life Camp in Ruwa.

The abseiling because I had never abseiled before and I was scared but I overcame my fear,

Emmanuel Nyambayo The pamper pole because it seemed like an individual activity but you needed your team to encourage you.

Jacob's Ladder, because it taught me to trust others and face my fear of heights.

Takunda Tavaguta When we went to sleep, because we had an exciting, tiring day and I needed my sleep!

The low ropes because many people got hurt on them.

Johan Kloppers The obstacle course because I could not walk across the pole on the reservoir!

Shayar Solanki The tree identification because if I get lost in the bush, I will know which fruits are edible!

Nyasha Madziva The pamper pole, because I achieved my goal and everyone was cheering me on!

Mordecai Chitsinde

Farai Lioga The low ropes because I fell off the steps and got bruises!

Kuda Mungwariri Sleeping, because the other dorms made too much noise!

Shingai Masenda

The canoeing because we had a race and it was a big challenge.

Rod Zwart The obstacle course because it had many different challenges.

Johan Kloppers The high wall because we could not succeed individually, we had to work as a team.

Ayanda Dube The low ropes because they taught me to have faith and trust one another.

Courtney Lock The gladiator fight because it was the only time we could play altogether.

Farai Lioga The rest time and activities. I enjoyed the rest time because you could relax and the activities made people brave!

Campbell Duncan The paper pole because it made me face my fear, especially when it wobbled!

Cole Bond Having a jovial time with friends and learning about team work!

Panashe Bera When I faced my fears and I got along with people I don't usually get along with!

Bryn Turk The food because after a long day of obstacles we could sit down and eat a lovely meal!

Tinashe Shara The morning jog because it was tiring and blackjacks and mud would get all over your clothes!

Shayar Solanki The rest time. I would have preferred to play volleyball or soccer!

Cole Bond

They should be more involved because they should become fit and not get fat! I thought the meals would be disgusting but they turned out to be the best meals!

Kuda Mungwariri They should be less involved so we can have a rest from them!

Courtney Lock

fohan Kloppers

All the meals were excellent. My favourites were the mealie meal porridge in the morning. the vegetable soup at lunch time and the roast beef at dinner!

Daniel Cruger I thought the food wasn't going to be that good but when I tasted it I kept going back for more and more!

Tinashe Shara By having more hot water, as some of the boys who showered late had a cold shower.

Zain Anderson because he acted differently at camp and was really nice to me and we became friends!

Cole Bond Ishun Zavery because he was able to communicate with the instructors at the beginning of the week.

fohan Kloppers Yes. because I did not want to get into a fight with anyone.

Takunda Tavaguta Yes, because I was too occupied to fight with anyone.

Tichadei Mazhude

Brendon Gabriel because he managed all the obstacles!

Ishaan Zavery Emmanuel Nyambayo because I thought he would be giggling all the time but for once he managed to keep quiet! Yes I would love to go again because camp taught me new things.

Bryn Turk Ayande Dube Mr Whitaker because it was his first day and he was on camp.

fohan Kloppers I surprised myself because I never thought I would be able to go up a twelve foot wall!

I would like to go again with my family so that they can also experience the fun and learn new things.

Panashe Bera Yes because my fear of snakes never really crossed my mind because we were kept so busy and the instructors were safety conscious!

Andrew Burgess I would go again because we cannot do the activities at home!

Cole Bond Yes I would go again, but I would like to take my dog, Maximus! Storm Allen because he was very confident and had faith in himself.

Nyasha Madziva Bryn Turk because of the way he overcame his fear of heights.

Shingai Masenda Tom Ingram because he found all the activities easy.

Ishaan Zavery Storm Allen because he thought he could not do some of the obstacles but when we supported him, he grew in confidence and succeeded!

Tichadei Mazhude Mr Whitaker because it was his first time at St John's and he gave the children a good impression.

They should be more involved as they are also there for fun!

Rod Zwart

\'- fames Edmondson "Yf ~

----- Literary Contributions It was the 21 July, Saturday morning. I work up in my bed very excited for our big day ahead. My brother and I were part of a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest game of pick up sticks. We arrived at St John's School and walked in the gate with tremendous excitement. We walked onto the field past a tent and saw the nine metre long aluminum pipes that were going to be used as sticks in the game, all standing vertically up ready for the start. But next to the start was a line of about fifty-five boys waiting to register to get a Tshirt and to see which team they were in. There were four colourful teams, blue, yellow, green and last but not least red. I was in the blue team so my team would have to lift up the blue pipes. In my team there were only two people I knew and they were Tinashe Shara and Mordecai Chitsinde. I also had to wait in the agony of boredom line right from the back and slowly moved to the front, but I talked to some people I never knew before. After most people had waited in the line and collected their T-shirt, I messed around for a good forty-five minutes doing the other activities such a shooting, hair dye and fearfactor. Then they announced the event was about to start. All the pipes stood up straight and the time had come for them to all fall down so the record would start. Mr Foulds, the organizer of the pick up sticks, went with a worker and they burnt the top rope which held the sticks together and a few seconds later the rope melted and the poles came down with great force. The worker ran to safety, but Mr Foulds tripped and was like a prisoner! The pipes came down with force, but luckily not one pipe hurt Mr Foulds or hit him, he was a very lucky man. All four teams succeeded and so did we, but the last pole Mr Mackenzie and his wife carried off. I heard the crowd clapping, shouting and horns blowing. We had done it, we had broken a Guinness World Record for the largest game of pick up sticks. I felt tremendously happy and so did everyone else from breaking a world record.

I go to join my loving family since it is the close of day. I close my eyes. In my dream I see a cluster of beautiful stars. I wake up in glee only to see I am behind bars. I see people walking past. No one helps me. My family is nowhere in sight. Children look at me with a twinkle in their eyes, excited and full of so much energy. As I wonder I begin to get anxious and scared. I start to run around my cell in fear, then suddenly a peanut is thrown in the air and hits my head with tremendous force. More peanuts are thrown. I look up confused who could be throwing these peanuts. Do they have no shame? I see who it is, a child not older than five years holding a packet full of freshly roasted peanuts and throwing even more. The day passes

and I am exhausted. The day is nearly over and still no answers for why I am still sitting here. Soon after darkness falls all over the green fields that once were flattered by the burning sun and the humans move into their colourful caravans for the night and to lay on their beds for a very comfortable slumber. The night is long and I stay awake. I will not rest until I find my way out of this dreadful cage. I look around the perimeter. Other animals, other breeds in a deep sleep in the cages around mine. Morning comes and the animals wake up. Even humans start to come out of their bright caravans. Some groundsmen trot to my cage sharing a few laughs and then unlock the chained door. Finally I am free. Then suddenly they chain my legs together at once. The workers take me to a brilliant tent with posters all around and inside I can hear chants and echoes of loud noise coming from within the tent. I enter it with the groundsmen whipping constantly with a branch and laughing at the same time. Glooming lights all around the stands and many anxious spectators filling the seats. I gaze around the tent and I see amazing routines being performed. These activities, I have heard of them before, but I just don't know where? It only clicks to me now. I heard of this place when I was back in my herd once you get captured you're never getting out. Once you get captured, you spend the rest of your life as an elephant in a circus. Tichadei Mazhude Honours in Allied Arts

It was a foggy Friday night and the rain was pouring. My bedroom door was creaking because of the rusted hinges. I woke up slOWly to go close the old, rusted door and there on the floor were wet, muddy footprints. I followed them out the kitchen door and the footprints came to a halt at the end of the forest on the other side of the street. When I realized that I was at the end of the forest, I was terrified. I was blinded by the thick fog and a chill crept down my spine. The sound of the owls and crows echoed through the forest. Suddenly I heard rustling in the bushes. Frightened I hesitated and ran, rampaging through a mound of twigs. Once I was clear of the bush I calmed down and tried to relax. I started walking, aware of anything that could surprise me, but still with a bit of shock from the bushes. A few moments later I sat down and looked above me and saw the dark blackboard we call the sky, with gleaming stars scattered all over it. The beautiful, shining moon was like a pearl being unleashed from an oyster shell. It was so peaceful. I stood up and just when I began walking I smelt smoke. I followed the foul smell of the smoke and it led straight to a campsite. Around the bright camp fire sat young campers probably teenagers a few years older than me. They were all enjoying themselves until I interrupted them. I asked them if they would generously assist me by

Literary Contributions

showing me the direction back home. They showed me the way home and that was the route I took. As I was walking, a bit relieved, I was distracted by all the sounds of the animals and all of a sudden I tripped over a rock and there in front of me was a deep trench. When I stood up I wondered how I was going to get over this tremendous trench. For almost half an hour I was thinking of a way of getting over the trench and finally I thought of an idea. I was going to construct a bridge out of a small log which was laying on the damp ground. Exhausted I rolled the log over the trench and it fitted perfectly. Excited by my accomplishment I rushed to the beginning of the log and walked as fast as possible. Suddenly I slipped but qUickly grabbed hold of the log and I was extremely startled but I carefUlly continued. When I reached the end of the log, I jumped off and hurried, still on the same route. The bright sun was rising and I could see the opening of the forest. Surprised by my progress and filled with excitement I began to run faster. When I arrived home to the kitchen door and ran upstairs totally undetected and went to sleep.

An elephant trod on my homework I promise!

No word of a lie!

He trampled

it, then he blew it

To a fish eagle flying by. That eagle was so disappointed He thought it would be a bream. So over the lake he carried it And dropped it on a croc mean and lean. Old croc shredded the map (He's no sense of etiquette) He spat the remains right onto the shore Where by a hippo pod it was met. Now I really can't say, Mrs Rowe

Hours later I woke up. My mind still with the story that I call lost. But one thing is still a mystery. To whom did those muddy foot prints belong to? Were they my footprints from school mixed with the campers? We will never know. Panashe Bera Honours in Allied Arts

What the hippos did to the map It's much too rude to describe And you might give me a slap! All I can say is 'sorry' That the map was destroyed on my break PLEASE may I have another copy And this one the wildlife won't take! Yours sincerely

Ready to play And to start the day.

Michael Sylvester

Blazing backhand Fiery forehand. Stunning serve.

Gently floating down SlOWly falling from the sky

Victorious volleys No opponents!

Landing softly on the peaceful town So calmly it wouldn't hurt a fly.



t. 5 ,or I / wo"t

<; O/Tle~!:.

fhobile Moworero's on Oliver f wist



Stealthily drifting down and down Swiftly landing on the town I step into the winter air I see kids playing everywhere. A snow flake landed on my nose A stone cold shudder went down my spine The shiver ran to my toes I love the chill of winter time! Snow in piles across the land Blocking the streets at every turn We tried to go to school but we were banned The snow froze our chance to learn!

Literary Contributions

With his crooked nose and big eyes, the stray cat drags his big feet when he walks. dressing makes him look like a snake shedding its skin.

He's chubby and short and his scruffy

His high soprano voice echoes through the air.

The angry looking caveman's clothes are squeezed in and he almost waves his eyebrows. you like he wants to bite your arm off!

He grinds his teeth and glares at

His hair is up to his shoulders and his beard is a delight to lice.

If he shaved his head

he would probably find a family.

When you do things always think of the consequences.

For if you do bad deeds you must realise what will happen in future

years to you. If you rob someone, someone with rob you.

If you do good deeds, good things shall happen to you.

Life is like

a football match: you foul someone, they foul you for payback, but if you leave them alone, they say at the end of the match "you're a good sportsman.

Thank goodness for people like you."


He was probably a gift for me He loves climbing our oak tree

Some things are harder for other people and we must help

I give him some wool


That I got from the mill

We must encourage each other and not laugh at each

He goes to bed


After he's been fed.

People are sometimes

not as good as you so support

them. Most of your team is counting on you so don't leave them behind, help them and encourage them.

I was walking through the door When I saw a kitten on the floor I took him inside and gave him food He was definitely not in a good mood

I was plodding lazily along the narrow sidewalk when I noticed a creamy brown handbag behind a dustbin. glance at the bag and then continued on my journey assuming someone had left it there deliberately.

I took a quick

Only on my way back from school did I stop to think that maybe my assumption might have been wrong for I saw the same bag in the exact same position it was on my way to school. I waited patiently to see if anybody was coming to claim it, but I soon gave up when I discovered that I was standing there for two straight hours. So I took the leather Gucci bag and examined it until I realised that it would not do any good. I hesitantly opened the bag because opening womens' handbags gives me an awkward feeling. After minutes of searching through lipstick and facial cream I found her ID and shortly after that found her business card. When I realised the name on her ID and on the business card matched, I took out my phone and gave her a ring. The kind lady told me she lived a few blocks away so I walked there and returned her bag. When I arrived at Miss Winfrey's home she rewarded me handsomely and ever since then we've been good friends.

Tafadwza Mugova

It was a cold morning when I arrived at my school at about seven o'clock. and screams of my fellow school mates. I couldn't believe what I saw.

I stepped out of the school, it was to the gasps

The school was surrounded in flames. The orange and yellow streaks of fire were licking against the tall brick walls. I saw students running out of classrooms. There were teachers attempting in vain to calm down panic-stricken kids. I could hear the wail of the fire trucks. A red truck came past me and men jumped out of it and started spraying water at the flaming building. I could feel me cough. there came my parents

the heat pressing in around me. The smoke was clouding up around the school. It got into my nose and made People were running in all directions. There was nothing I could do so I turned around to go. From behind me an almighty "crash". I spun around to see the school in a blackened heap. I had seen enough so I ran back to to tell them what happened.

It wasn't my fault Jeff's bag was lost. After all taking it into the zoo was just asking for it. Yes, Jeff's bag would certainly attract the attention of any thief. It was made of crocodile skin with silver trimmings and any number of ornamental gold buckles. It had many pockets, each with an opal attached to the zip. He had received it on his birthday from a rich uncle in Texas. And now it was gone! We decided it must have been a clever robbery. We searched everywhere we could think of but had to accept that we wouldn't see it again. As we walked out of the zoo we stopped to use the toilet. And there it was! The burglar must have needed it badly.

I have been on this boat from dawn and it's now almost two o'clock on this hot summer's day. I have caught plenty of fish, but we forgot to load the cooler boxes of cokes and snacks and now we are all thirsty, tired and hungry. I ask my father to take us to shore, but none of us really wanting to go because the fish are really biting now, but if we stay out in this heat with nothing to quench our thirsts then we will all dehydrate.

breeze is so cool, that I feel a little bit better. I'm not sweating now, but my mouth is dry and my throat is sore. We hit a wave and the water splashes over me. It feels fantastic. I feel so much cooler now, but I am still thirsty. We finally reach our camp. I spring out of the boat and run up the back. There sitting under a big msasa tree is our cooler box. I can just imagine the prize in there waiting for me. The cokes have been covered in ice the whole morning and when I crack one open it will be really cold and I'll get tears in my eyes when I try to down it. I open the cooler box and, just as I predicted, the cokes are cold and when I crack one open and try and down it, tears come to my eyes. It takes me a while to finish the coke, because it is so cold, but now I feel refreshed.

She looked so elegant as she walked down the aisle. Her face was covered by a white veil. She was wearing a beautiful white tailor-made gown. She was wearing white shoes that matched her gown and gloves. Her hair was black, silky and long. It was longer than her veil. She approached the platform and the ceremony began. As he lifted the veil it revealed her golden-brown skin. Her lips were tender and beautiful. Her glittering hazel eyes stared into his and she kissed him.

It had not rained in Zimbabwe for a very long time, and the farmers were not happy, because their crops did not have enough water. The people were starving and everyone was praying that it would rain heavily so that the crops would grow and so that people could get food. Then people saw huge black clouds suddenly appear from the south and everyone was hoping that the clouds bring rain for the first time. It started with tiny drops of rain and everyone ran outside to enjoy the first rain of the season. The farmers were overjoyed because they knew that their crops would grow and produce food for the people. The rain became heavier and heavier during the day, and the reservoirs filled up with water and people had electricity during the day! When people saw that it was still raining the next day, they were still very happy, even though there was water everywhere, and the swimming pools were over-flowing. On the third day it was raining so hard that there was a flood and everyone started to panic because the water was rushing and flowing into houses and also destroying them. The flood was destroying everything in its path, and people were taken down stream and never seen again. The rain finally stopped, but there was still a flood that was very dangerous, flowing into houses and taking cars with the flood. On the fifth day, the water flowed out of Zimbabwe and into Mozambique, where the water flowed into the sea, almost as quickly as it flowed into Mozambique.

As I walked down a narrow street in London I saw a shriveled, sun-burned old man. He was fairly dirty with skinny legs. He wore tattered torn clothes and some old worn out leather boots. He had a wizened old face with thick grey hair. He had a hoarse voice and cracked lips. He had a long pointy nose and very bloodshot eyes. He looked rather depressed. I felt sorry for him. Brandon Boshi

The old wrinkly man plodded along the beach side. He was a lanky and tanned gentleman gripping three brightly coloured fish. He was very muscular with broad, strong shoulders and his long matted hair blew in the wind freely. He looked very weary and delicate after a long hard day of fishing and he was badly sunburnt around his flashing hazel eyes. His ripped, worn out clothes looked like pieces of cloth covered with dirt and salt water. He had a goaty beard with a wide smile and lips that were very dry and rough. The old man walked up the soft, sandy beach into his house and started preparing a delicious dinner. Thomas Chadwick

"terary Contribution

It's time to go to Cape Town We are in the aeroplane now The night journey starts right now The whistling of the engine The flashing lights on the wing We are taxiing to the runway The engines are on full blast We are racing down the runway We lift into the air I hear the gear going up The dark clouds far below The lights in the city are shining like torches Here comes my food soup, chicken and ice-cream In one hours' time we will land in Cape Town. Hoorah Damien Wijers

Orange is the colour of an old sports car Hear the tyres screech as they slide on the tar Feel the vibration as you accelerate off the line Now you taste the smoke, for power that's a sure sign Next your eyes catch the stretched orange bonnet As you look through the windscreen down on it It wears it's badge so proud When everyone looks in a crowd Finally you tuck it away to bed And all night you dream about it in your head

As the skies darkened and the clouds rolled in, the grass and the trees rejoiced at the sound of rain. The animals of the desert ~ed to higher ground thinking that the rain would soon come. The winds reached speeds people would be blown away in. Vulnerable animals like tortoises bounced and rolled across the desert sand dunes. Then the rain came. At first it came lightly and gradually got harder and harder until it felt like a hundred men were beating you to the ground with sticks. Younger animals were being left behind and trampled on by older, stronger animals. The water is now rushing down the desert plains, sweeping up the corpses of long-dead animals. The crocodiles are devouring the floating bodies of animals. The rushing waters ripped the trees out of the ground adding more force to the raging torent. Finally the rains subsided and the remaining animals returned from their hiding spots to enjoy the new plants and vegetation. The new offspring chased each other around, unaware of the destruction that they had missed.

Orange is the It's the colour Orange is the Or the colour

colour of a sparkling fire in a fireplace, of a fanta during lunch. colour of a raging face, of a bloody punch.

Orange is the It's the colour Orange is the Or the colour

colour of a bouncy ball, of fun in my pencilcase. colour of an illuminated hall, of a spraypainted face.

Orange is the colour of a basketball, As it bounces up and down. It's the colour of a gum at the mall, When eaten there is never a frown. Orange is a wonderful colour, As you can see. It's unlike any other As genuine as can be.

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