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Thomas Jefferson University

EM Clinical Research Volume I, Issue III

May 2014

Jefferson at the SAEM Meeting Inside this issue: Hollander


Soremekun and Rising


Leadership Appointments


RA Program




SAEM Regional Meeting


Study Updates


Matt Fields Gives Lecture

The Society of Academic Emergency Medicine had its annual meeting in Dallas, TX from May 13-17.

dyspnea. Judd Hollander gave a lecture on NIH post-doc institutional training grants.

On Tuesday, Bernie Lopez gave a lecture on diversity. Matt Fields gave an ultrasound course lecture on EFAST. Matt Fields and Arthur Au served as faculty members for the ultrasound competition.

On Thursday, Kaitlin McCarter presented a poster abstract on health beliefs of frequent users. Nicole Piela presented a poster abstract on patient connectedness to a usual source of care impacting frequent ED use. Kristin Rising presented a poster abstract on return visits to the ED. Nara Shin presented an oral abstract on the residency application process. Judd Hollander gave didactic presentations on generating scholarship through industry partnerships, making research associates programs better, PCORI grants, and cop-

On Wednesday, Nicole Piela presented a poster abstract on the delay in care caused by the inability to obtain IV access. Kaitlin McCarter presented a poster abstract on patient anxiety levels in the ED. Dimitri Papanagnou presented a poster abstract on bedside ultrasound in improving diagnostic accuracy in patients presenting with acute

ing with rejection in research. He also ran a “shark tank” for research proposals and Matt Fields and Kristin Rising participated. Linda DavisMoon presented on Succession Planning at the Association of Academic Administrators On Friday, Bernie Lopez and Judd Hollander spoke on a panel about being research directors. Jefferson celebrated their success with dinner for 27 attendees at Mesomaya, in Dallas!

Residents at Mesomaya Dinner

Dimitri Papanagnou Presents His Poster

Nicole Piela Presents Her Poster

Jeff Chien Wins EMRA Grant Jeff Chien was awarded a grant by the Emergency Medicine Residents'’ Association (EMRA). The grant is to fund his work on the utility of routine pelvic examinations in women with lower abdominal pain without

vaginal complaints. He received his grant at the EMRA awards ceremony at the SAEM meeting in Dallas on May 15. Congratulations, Jeff!

Jeff Chien Receives Grant




New Clinical Research Staff We welcome the following new clinical research members to the Department of Emergency Medicine:

Judd Hollander, MD; Olan Soremekun, MD, MBA; Kristin Rising, MD; Dimitri Papanagnou, MD, MPH; Katie O’Conor; Danica Stone; Phil Watts. Dr. Hollander is a highlyaccomplished clinical researcher in Emergency Medicine. He brings to our department an exceptionally productive clinical research operation. Dr. Hollander is Associate Dean for Strategic Health Initiatives and Vice Chair for Finance and Healthcare Enterprises at the Jefferson Medical College and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Dr. Soremekun is our new Vice Chair

of Clinical Operations and New Business Development at the Jefferson Medical College and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and has a research interest in the area of clinical operations and patient flow. Dr. Rising is currently finishing her Health Policy Fellowship at Penn and will join us in July as the Director of Transitions in Acute Care. Dr. Papanagnou will serve as Director of Simulation Education in the Department. He will also serve as an Assistant Dean for Faculty Development in the Dean’s Office of Jefferson Medical College. Katie O’Conor, Danica Stone, and Phil Watts1ZA1020V1340075097 come to us as research coordina-

tors in Dr. HolJudd Hollander

Kirstin Rising

Olan Soremekun

Dimitri Papanagnou

New Studies Trinity ACS and Normals1: Validate the clinical performance of Trinity’s troponin 1 test. Chest Pain Choice1: Assess the utility of a shared decision-making tool for evaluation of low risk chest pain patients Stone1: Examine whether tamsulosin (Flowmax) can reduce the time a person experiences pain with kidney stones as well as help the kidney stones to pass. D-Dimer1: Validate a previously derived cut-off value for using D-Dimer as a tool for patients suspected of DVT or PE. DVT Retrospective2: The current study plans to determine if demographic and clinical variables can help predict which patients with a deep vein thrombosis will have the clot isolated to the femoral vein. BEAP2: Bedside evaluation of abdominal pain using ultrasound and impact on management and differential diagnosis Simulation Debriefings3: The debriefs of weekly simulation sessions will be recorded, transcribed, and coded to look for areas of improvement within residency education and administration. Physician Attire and Patient Satisfaction3: Determine if physician attire impacts patient satisfaction scores. Radiometer4: Evaluate new laboratory instrument that measures substances in blood of patients having MI PIs: 1=Judd Hollander, 2=Matt Fields, 3=Dimitri Papanagnou, 4=Olan Soremekun

Jefferson Leadership Appointments at SAEM Elections occurred for new leadership positions at SAEM. Three Jeffersonians, Linda Davis-Moon, Bernie Lopez, and Matt Fields, won elections. Linda Davis-Moon was elected President of the Association of Academic Administrators in Emergency Medi-

cine. Bernie Lopez is now President-elect of the Academy of Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Medicine. He is also co-chair of the ACEP/ SAEM GME Grant Funding Workshop.

Matt Fields was elected President of the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound. Congratulations on the elections and good luck in your new roles!




Research Associates Program Spring 2014 The Research Associates Program concluded its sixth semester on April 27. The program was the largest it has ever been and enrolled a record number of patients in studies. At Jefferson, there were 69 RAs. They were led by chiefs Mike Jen, Brice Morey, Amanda Nemecz, EJ Okolo, Amanda Radisic, Katy Rooney, and Darlene Smith. At Methodist, there were 18 RAs. They were led by chiefs Shannon Doyle, Burton Hendrickson, Spencer McCaffrey, Nina Rizk, and Zac Wunrow.

Patients were enrolled in studies on breast and cervical cancer screening compliance, how patient anxiety levels change throughout a patient’s ED stay, CTRP enzyme levels following acute congestive heart failure, geriatric pain following musculoskeletal injuries, and two versions of a study on adverse childhood events and adult ED utilization. RAs at Methodist also enrolled patients in a study on multiple needlesticks and difficult venous access. RAs at Jefferson also completed a chart review on direct referrals to pulmonology and a study on SPRIX for patients with acute musculoskeletal pain who will be discharged.

RAs represented ten universities. They were evaluated on their understanding of study protocol, quality of survey administration, and ability to form rapport with patients. The summer program will commence on May 27 and orientation will be May 28. There will be 38 RAs covering shifts Monday-Sunday from 7am-12am until mid-August. They will be enrolling patients in studies on syncope and Trinity biomarker studies. Additional studies will be added as they are approved by the IRB.

Jefferson at PaACEP The Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians had their regional meeting April 7-9 in Harrisburg. Jeff Chien and Kaitlin McCarter participated in the poster competition. Jeff presented a poster on the utility of pelvic examinations. Kaitlin presented a poster on patient anxiety levels in the ED.

Kaitlin was also selected to participate in the Spivey Research Abstract Competition. For this, she presented on understanding health beliefs of frequent users of the ED. She came in second place for her oral presentation.

Kaitlin McCarter Accepts Award

SAEM Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting a Success On February 22, Jefferson hosted the SAEM Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting. 194 people attended the meeting from as far as Boston, Atlanta, and Stanford. Matt Fields, Wayne Bond Lau, and Ron Hall were the event co-chairs. Six plenary and 142 lightning oral

abstracts were presented by 118 presenters. Jefferson had 14 abstracts.

versity Residency Program won the Jeopardy-style ultrasound competition.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Charles Pollack from Pennsylvania Hospital. Bernie Lopez presented on the future of medical education. The Virginia Commonwealth Uni-

The best presentations won awards. From Jefferson, Yajing Wang won for Best Basic Science Presentation. Jeff Chien won for best resident presentation.

A Tribute

Help Enroll Patients! Do you have any patients who are 60 years of age or older and have syncope or near syncope? Please call the research department at (215) 684-9391.

Looking for Volunteers! We will be starting a study to evaluate a biomarker called troponin. We are look for healthy volunteers. Volunteers cannot have any chest pain, heart failure, or any other heart conditions. We will be taking a sample of your blood and you will be compensated. If you are interested in participating, please email

Kaitlin McCarter, our senior chief research associate, finished her term with us on May 30. She played a key role in our clinical research successes in this past academic year. She supervised and led 12 chief research associates and over 100 research associates that allowed hundreds of patients to be enrolled in a large number of faculty-sponsored research. As importantly, Kaitlin interacted closely with our clinical research faculty in every step of their research to ensure the success of their studies. Kaitlin played a major leadership role in changing and enhancing our research program. Kaitlin had a most productive academic year. She was deeply involved in a number of projects, participating in the development, conduction, and analysis of studies. She presented oral abstracts at the Mid-Atlantic and New England regional SAEM meetings and PaACEP (and won an award for best presentation!) and presented two posters at the national SAEM meeting in Dallas. Kaitlin will return to Jefferson in August as a first year medical student. JMC and the medical profession is most fortunate to have this intelligent and vibrant person as part of the community. We all look forward to hearing of her future successes in her career and expect great things. We thank you for all that you did to advance clinical research in our department. Bernie Lopez

Study Enrollment Updates Adverse Childhood Events and Adult ED Utilization 1: Bon Ku is the co-I on this study and is collaborating with Family Medicine. 250 patients were enrolled in the study. Adverse Childhood Events and Adult ED Utilization 2: In the second version of the study, Bon Ku is the PI and is used the CDC questions to determine traumatic stress during childhood. 191 patients were enrolled. CTRP: Wayne Bond Lau is the PI on this study that aims to see CTRP enzyme levels over the course of 24 hours following acute congestive heart failure. 13 patients were enrolled this semester. Referral to Pulmonary Specialty Care: Priya Mammen is the PI on this chart review study of patients presenting to the ED for asthma/COPD and gives direct referrals to the Pulmonary Clinic for follow-up and outpatient care. 235 charts were reviewed. Prediction of Propofol-Induced Blood Pressure Reduction using Ultrasound Measurements of IVC: Arthur Au is the PI of this study to see if IVC collapse greater than 50% can predict a reduction in blood pressure in patients that receive Propofol. 51 patients were enrolled and 40 met inclusion criteria. Multiple Needlesticks and Patient Satisfaction: Matt Fields is the PI on this study that gathers quantitative data about needlesticks and difficult venous access. 267 Patients were enrolled. Temporal Relationships: Wayne Bond Lau is the PI and Jeff Chien is the Co-I of this study that examines the relationship between phases of the moon and holidays with psychiatric admissions. 923 charts were reviewed. Patient Anxiety Levels: Bernie Lopez is the PI and Nicole Piela is the co-I for this follow-up study on how patient anxiety levels change after tests and treatment. 794 patients were enrolled. Syncope Study: Judd Hollander is the PI on this biomarker study on patients age 60 or older presenting with syncope. 4 patients have been enrolled.

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