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urbana, il 路 third year studio

The Lincoln Square Mall in downtown Urbana has become a run down and scarcely populated shopping location. The objective for Sensorium was to revitalize the mall by implementing a children's museum where children would learn about the world through tactile and sensory experiences. The Sensorium is located on top of the north entrance to the Lincoln Mall and is supported by several columns. Sensorium protrudes into the mall so that mall go-ers can see activities in the museum from inside the mall. The overall form of the Sensorium was determined by a geometric grid The museum exhibition space consists of seven rectilinear spaces, each designated to parts of the world including the desert, the jungle, the ocean,the planets, the mountains, the arctic, and the prairie. The seven rectangular spaces are shifted up and down and back and forth to create and undulating form. When parents drop off their kids at the museum, they could then shop at the mall, increasing revenue and revitalizing historic downtown Urbana.


Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign