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zurich, switzerland 路 third year studio

Catch and Release is an Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque located in Zurich, Switzerland, which is a city where Muslims are a definite minority. In November 2009, the people of Switzerland voted to prohibit the construction of new minaret towers on mosques. In order to retain the integrity of the religious symbolism of the minaret and to please the Swiss people by not constructing a new minaret, I implemented methods of mirage to blend the minaret into the fa莽ade of Catch and Release. The minaret essentially becomes an elevator that transports users of the building to the sixth level, where the mosque prayer hall is located. Even though in Switzerland the minaret is not used to call Muslims to prayer like in many traditional mosques around the world, it is still a symbolic element of a mosque which I felt should be retained. Aside from the Mosque, the Islamic Cultural Center also houses programs such as a lecture hall, student lounges, classrooms, offices, a library, a cafeteria, merchandise kiosks, exhibition space, and a rooftop garden. Catch and Release provides a calm space of refuge for daily gatherings, shopping, prayer, and meditation for Muslims, non-Muslims, and the people of Switzerland alike. The coming together of Muslims and non-Muslims begins to blur the strict line that has been drawn in Switzerland between the two cultures.


Top: Charcoal conceptual form and space drawing Middle: Rockite conceptual form and space model Bottom: Polyurethane rubber and string conceptual form and space model

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  
Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

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