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Meredith College Student Private Studio Internship Evaluation

Name: Marianna Blizzard For: Modern Level 1

When: April 8, 2013

By: Dr. Shapiro Planning Clear concept of alignment for the class. Your activities are noted in progression. You could note what in each section what specific alignment you will be asking them to focus on. For example, in the plies be sure to notice your knee alignment especially in second position. You do note this in your combination section of the plan. Clearly noted outcomes for students with verification through observation. You can also have students check themselves and each other for alignment. Good full body warmup with appropriate level of challenge for this group. Is their combination components introduced earlier in class? A picture of the alignment of the body would be very helpful for students.

Teaching Good focused beginning with clarity of what the focus of the class will be providing them with a map for the class. Clear visual and verbal instructions. Good asking them to think about alignment while

moving through space. You can also let students work through the across the floor combination before they go as a group. I know as a guest teacher this is hard to do, but with your own classes you can before demanding in the mechanics of their technique as well as the quality in their movement. Good reminding them in activities to think about alignment and their muscles and spine. Evaluation of students Good noting that as they warmup you may be moving around providing individual feedback. Much more interaction with corrections in alignment. You are a good visual observer. As they go across the floor in groups this is a good time to provide specific feedback about what they need to learn or perform better. Nice positive feedback provided to students after across the floor battements.

Other You have the structure, allow yourself to open the class a little more at times with some fun or really challenging movement changing the tempo from 4/4. Keep your class structure, and allow yourself to put more responsibility on students in terms of helping them develop a sense of constantly challenging themselves to do better developing their technical and performance skills. Have fun- do some fun and challenging things in class for a break for the students. For example, "take 8 counts and move any way you want in the combination." Or "after the last battement run to another spot in the room and begin the combination again." Try this before you stop your internship if possible- just create one "fun" combination.

Dr. Shapiro's Observation #4  

These are notes from Dr. Shapiro's last time observing me teach at the North Carolina Dance Institute.

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