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3 Most Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself to do Exercise Daily It’s pretty easy to make up a billion reasons why you should skip your next workout meanwhile, there is a part of you that still wants to exercise. Have you ever caught yourself making up crazy excuses like; I’m tired and lazy moreover, I can’t miss this TV show. I don’t have sufficient time, I’m busy with other things/activities. It takes a long time to see the results of workouts. I’ll start tomorrow/next week/next month. I just showered and I don’t want to shower again (the most ridiculous of them all) We’ve all been there so you’re not alone. The only thing we need is a little motivation in times like this. According to research, regular exercise has many benefits, which are; lowers heart disease and stroke risk, helps combat stress and anxiety, regulate weight gain, build courage, stamina and strength, increases productivity, improves mood and maintains proper functioning of the brain. During several interview sessions with numerous successful entrepreneurs, majority of them laid emphasizes on workout as an important thing to incorporate into your everyday life. Josh Steimle, an entrepreneur and author who prioritizes exercise over work activities said: If exercise stops, then my health goes downhill. With the loss of physical health, my productivity reduces. I lose the motivation to do the things that makes my business successful. It’s one thing to know the benefits of regular exercise and it’s another thing to find the right motivation to push yourself to stay on track.

In this post, you’ll discover 3 effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise daily.


It’s one thing to make up your mind to exercise and it’s another thing to stick to your workout routines and plans. Workout routines are overwhelming, daunting and challenging when you do it solo.

Have you ever realized that your chances of reaching your goals are doubled when you share them with friends, family members or colleagues? Do you know why this is possible? It is because they tend to hold you accountable for your goals and plans. Therefore, having a fitness partner to hold you accountable for your fitness goals will increase your chances of reaching your fitness goals.

You can find someone who is committed to seeing you beat all odds to reach your goals. Someone who is never going to listen to any of those crazy excuses you make up when you just don’t feel like exercising or someone who shares similar fitness goals with you (You’ll end up being accountable for each other).

Your accountability partner could be your friend (definitely not a friend who’ll consistently and purposely make you skip your workout), a family member, a fitness trainer or someone in your gym class.

Fitness trainers or gym classes will cost your money but the investment is worth it. WHY THIS WORKS:

You’ll find more motivation and support than you need therefore, you’ll never lose enthusiasm

It becomes pretty easy to push yourself to reach your fitness goals

You’ll find extra workout boost

There will be so much fun to combat the boredom that comes with exercising


Irrespective of the fact that exercising for a longer period is quiet challenging, there are still people who just love to exercise. However, what about those people who want to exercise but can’t find the right motivation to push themselves? Well, these set of people definitely need to try the reward system.

What’s a reward system? It is a way of giving yourself a pat on the back for your hard work, effort and achievement.

Before you dive in head first into a pool looking for reward ideas, you need to set your fitness goals; to lose 5 pounds, build strength, etc. You also need to make plans on how these goals would be achieved; 30 seconds plank every day, 50 push-ups, 50 meters walk every day, etc. After all that, the reward system comes in.

Choose your reward system for each milestone wisely. It should be something you look forward to, something within your budget if you are going to spend money and it has to be something that can motivate you to overcome every failure, setbacks, and challenges and of course plateau.

How often you want to reward yourself depends on you and your fitness plans. It could be weekly or monthly. There is no perfect reward system. You just need to figure out what works best for you. Few reward Ideas you might like;

Give yourself gift cards

Travel solo or with friends to a special place

Use stickers you love

Plant or buy flowers

Add new shoes or outfits to your closet

Get yourself new accessories

Go see a movie


Sign a contract with your friends or fitness partners. Each day skip, you’ll have to give your friends or fitness partners a certain amount of money as negotiated. No breaching of agreement is allowed. You should also consider using this app called PACT (

How the PACT works: Each member makes a weekly pact to exercise more or eat healthier and you’ll decide how much you’ll pay other members if you fail to reach your goals. You’re also given the opportunity to track your progress with the app. The best part of it is that you’ll earn real cash from members who don’t reach their goals.

BONUS TIPS: Read fitness blogs, magazines, books, success stories and motivational quotes. If possible, get motivational wallpapers for yourself.


3 Most Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself to do Exercise Daily  

Read the document by Blitz Barz to know how to motivate yourself to do exercise daily.

3 Most Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself to do Exercise Daily  

Read the document by Blitz Barz to know how to motivate yourself to do exercise daily.