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Why is it so difficult to learn how to build arm muscles? You would think that your arms, being exercised normally throughout the day, would be the least likely areas to store excess body fat, yet fat seems to hide there nonetheless. This characteristic of the human body makes it more difficult to build up arm muscles. Building muscles requires time and persistence. As with any muscle building effort, a proper balance of exercise and diet is the key to success. Eating a proper diet is crucial. Good nutrition requires that you eat a balanced diet that includes both whole grains and lean protein from fish and chicken. It also requires that you drink lots of water. You cannot build up arm muscle, or any muscle for that matter, without being adequately hydrated. Some people, once they set their mind to something, want to get it done right away. While this attitude is a good one in terms of enthusiasm and urgency, it is not the best method for building muscles. Building arm muscle takes time. If you attempt to do too much at one workout, you can tire your arm to the point where it could cause injury. That's not really what you want, so take your time and do it correctly. Your arms have three major muscle group areas: forearms, biceps, and triceps. Each muscle group requires special exercises. Those exercises that are known historically to be the most effective are described below. Triceps Your triceps are located under the back half of each arm. It's a large arm muscle, taking up almost one-half of your arm's entire size. It's formidable size makes it easy to see how important it is to build up this muscle. An excellent exercise for building up muscles is the Tricep Dip. Other beneficial exercises include lying barbell extensions, close-grip bench presses, triceps dumbbell extensions, triceps push down, and triceps dumbbells. Biceps Sometimes referred to as the arm's "vanity muscle" because it is a noticeable attention getter when it is enlarged, the bicep is the muscle that every man wants to develop straightaway. Great exercises for accomplishing this goal are: dumbbell concentration curls, preacher curls, incline dumbbell curls, dumbbell hammer curls, and standing dumbbell curls. Forearm The forearms will automatically benefit from all of your other exercises for the biceps and triceps.

Despite this automatic benefit of non-directed exercise, there are exercises that can be performed to treat the forearms specifically such as dumbbell reverse wrist curls, barbell reverse wrists curls, dumbbell wrist curls, barbell wrist curls, and reverse curls. In general, pushups and push downs are beneficial to all arm muscles. They are especially good exercises for building arm muscle because they can be done almost anywhere with no equipment, not that you cannot also perform them in a gym. You can't say now that you don't know how to build arm muscle. By performing these exercises, and the ones described above, you can build up your muscles to increase both your strength and attractiveness.

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==== ==== Learn How To Build Muscle 100% Faster ==== ====

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