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When aiming to build muscle without weights, we must keep in mind a few things. We need to ask ourselves certain questions, so that we can answer them effectively with regards to our weightless, or calisthenics training. Why without weights? What is the motivation behind not wanting to pump iron, instead opting for the calisthenics route? To build muscle without weights holds an advantage in that you can work out (almost) where ever you may be. When using calisthenics to train, it is not necessary to make the journey to a gym, pay expensive gym fees, and thus may be a better option for you both financially and time-wise. Perhaps it's because you've heard building muscle without weights can be safer than pumping iron. While this can be true in some regards, it is usually the case simply because people tend to perform many more reps in a set than they would when lifting iron. To do such an amount of reps can only mean one thing; the amount of weight lifted (in this case, your body), is drastically less than what your muscles are actually capable of lifting. Obviously, this means that there is less risk of using improper form, as the weight is easily handled, and less chance of overtraining. This isn't a problem in the gym while lifting weights, if you pay special attention to your health and safety. Another question to ask yourself is what you're training for. Are you training primarily for strength, muscular growth (hypertrophy), or muscular endurance? Keep in mind the ideal rep ranges for resistance training: • 5 reps and below will increase your strength. • 6-12, (though I'd prefer to say 8-10) reps and you will see incredibly fast muscular gains. • Above 12 reps and you're training for endurance, and will see much slower progress in regards to hypertrophy. So if you wish to build muscle without weights by simply doing pushups, it might not be too effective an idea - many of us can already do 12, and those that can't can adapt and will reach this goal very quickly. Every rep you're banging out after that, be it up to 20, 50 or even 100, will be helping your endurance - but won't be doing much for growth. Thankfully, there are variations of the standard pushup that can more effectively target the chest or triceps, allowing for specifically targeted heavier resistance. Keep in mind, as a beginner - that is, with little to no muscle on your frame - any resistance

training will have you putting on muscle at a fast rate! Just remember to recognize when it's time to graduate to a new, more effective training regime. That's not to say that all resistance exercises are easily performed. The dead hang pull up and it's variations (specifically the wide grip pull up) are extremely intense calisthenics exercises. Using these to build muscle without weights can be extremely effective. So decide on what you wish to primarily improve in - strength, endurance or muscular mass? Don't try to achieve all in a single workout - focusing on one will reap much more benefits. When thinking about a calisthenics program, it might also be beneficial to mix it up with free weights. As mentioned previously, wide grip pull ups can find a home within any bodybuilder's hypertrophy routine. Also be sure to remember, when performing calisthenics, extra resistance can be added in the form of weight vests and weight belts. Doing this can be extremely effective, and many a bodybuilder will add extra weight to multiple sets of dips as part of their program. To build muscle without weights, we must be sure to be smart about our training. Know why you wish to do so, whether it be for convenience or financial reasons, and be sure to observe the effects of the ideal rep ranges, in order to be most effective in your calisthenics routine.

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Learn How To Build Muscle 100% Faster ==== ====

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